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Mangoapps is an intranet platform that facilitates online collaboration and internal social networking for enterprises and corporations. It provides many advanced team collaboration and messaging tools to allow employees and teams to access any information anytime from one interface. Mangoapps offers multiple deployment options, including shared cloud, private cloud hosting and on-premise installation. It is a perfect tool for healthy communications between teams and company employees over a secure and reliable network.

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  • Hub
  • iGloo
  • Liferay
  • Blink
  • Telligent
  • eXo Platform
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  • Papyrs
  • Claromentis
  • Intranet Connections
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  • Intranet DASHBOARD
  • HighQ Collaborate
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Top MangoApps Alternatives and Overview



Honey is a social intranet platform for companies and teams...

By: Front & Main, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


The Hub is an intelligent intranet software and client portal providing big businesses with a secure platform to collaborate and share information in one digital workspace.

By: Pancentric Digital From UK
Based on 3 Votes


Igloo is a modern intranet platform that makes it easy for people to collect and manage all their content and conversations from one interface and work in collaboration with other people.

By: Igloo Inc. From Canada
Based on 2 Votes


Liferay intranet software provides a modern interface for people and systems to connect online to share and collaborate for a specific task.

By: Liferay Inc. From USA


Nowadays, businesses need to use a frontline employee management app that can help them reach out to their workforce at a moment’s notice.

By: Blink From UK
Based on 6 Votes


Telligent specializes in social networking platform to help businesses create customer and employee communities.

By: Telligent, Inc. From USA

eXo Platform

It provides various features, including social networking, employee collaboration, content management, data sharing, productivity boosts...

By: eXo Platform SAS From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It helps companies create a single accurate, secure and up-to-date source for information and connection...

By: OpenRoad Communications Ltd. From Canada
Based on 31 Votes

Interact Intranet

It delivers a powerful collaboration platform to allow information storage and sharing, connections between people...

By: Odyssey Interactive Limited From UK


It allows users to easily create their own customized online intranet within seconds and give...

By: Stunf From Netherlands
Based on 2 Votes


It features a powerful intranet platform bundled with many social business applications for information management...

By: Claromentis Limited From UK
Based on 22 Votes

Intranet Connections

The software allows companies to automate their business processes and increase employee engagement by implementing...

By: SQBox Solutions Ltd. From Canada

Confluence Intranet

The software offers a centralized solution to capture the knowledge and access and use it...

By: Atlassian Pty Ltd From Australia


The software comes bundled with several content tools and social and business apps like Search...

By: Adweb From Australia

HighQ Collaborate

The platform is designed such that it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and from...

By: HighQ Solutions Limited From UK

MangoApps Review and Overview

Over a decade ago, internal communication was really complicated particularly when your firm has enormous employees and has various branches across the globe. However, with the advancement of technologies, it has become a lot simpler. In this day and age, almost every firm has started using various online tools to engage their employees better. In the midst of many online platforms, MangoApps is found to be preferred choice for many corporate firms to get all the work-related online services at an affordable price regardless of their size.

Why MangoApps is much concerned about internal communication?

The reason behind this is if an employee doesn’t get a message properly then they won’t work effectively towards it. Eventually, the lack of liaison will not only affect a particular individual’s output but also the whole synergy of the firm. Hence regardless of the size of your firm, if there is a lack of liaison in your firm then it will surely affect your company’s turnover as a corollary.

Therefore, MangoApps facilitate you in overcoming the hurdles that exist in your firm’s internal communication and help your employees work efficiently and effectively towards the key objectives of your firm in order to get the desired outcome.

Are you running a start-up or mid-market business?

Now, there are some online platforms that facilitate the communication in your firm a lot easier with several astounding tools but not all of them are easily affordable particularly for start-up businesses. On the other hand, there are some tools that are readily available on an online platform for internal communication at a cheaper price as well. However, the quality of those tools is not up to the mark. So, what if you are offered a platform that provides you with some excellent tools for work-related communication at a reasonable price? Wouldn’t that be great? And that’s why the platform, MangoApps, is an ideal choice to get your employees’ communication up to par.

One Platform Many Tools

MangoApps not only provide your firm with communication tools but also with intranet, messaging tools, engagement tools and work management tools. With the intranet service that can be established in no time, you can customise it based on your requirements. Nowadays, lots of firms are having a two-way communication method rather than merely having a top-down communication approach as they firmly believe the success of firm relies on the former one.

So to facilitate that MangoApps has messaging tools through which an employee can have one on one chat with their peers and their managers pertaining to their work and also they can join a group chat at anytime if some important forum is happening. It comprises some tools to help your employees get updated with some engaging content related to work. In a nutshell, with the help of this platform, you can create a wonderful website for your firm where your employees both desk and non-desk workers can use it for any purpose with regard to work.

Company Information

Company Name: MangoApps Inc.

Company Address: 1495 11th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • Company Site
  • Sharing Information & Resources
  • Company Departments
  • Assign Department Admins
  • Company Calendar
  • Events & People Syncing
  • Web Forms Sharing
  • Groups Creation & Management
  • Managing Documents
  • Documents Access Permissions
  • Media Gallery
  • Asking Question & Answers
  • Employee Polls Creation
  • HashTags Supported
  • Sharing Blog Posts
  • Employee Birthdays Reminders
  • Office Fun
  • Bookmark App
  • RSS Reader
  • Universal Compose
  • Advanced Search Tool
  • Seamless Business Integrations
  • Mobile Access
  • Administration Portal
  • Managing User & Domains
  • Data Protection & Retention
  • Detailed Analytics & Reporting
Marketing Automation
  • Web Forms Creation
Core Features
  • Employee Directory
  • Exporting Data
Employee Alignment
  • Employee Recognition
Engagement & ROI Measurement
  • Dashboard Personalization
Mobile App
  • Company Branding