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Natural Insight is a workforce management tool that enables organizations to better manage their workforce by offering various features. The extensive feature list offered by the tool includes attendance and payroll management, work assigning and scheduling options, and analytics options.

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  • Activiti
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Top Natural Insight Alternatives and Overview


Process Street

Process Street is a checklist and standard operating procedure software that can create and manage recurring checklists and procedures for businesses.

By: Goodwinds Inc From USA
Based on 45 Votes


Activiti is a workflow and business process management (bpm) application that allows business people and developers to automate their workflow and business processes.

By: Alfresco Software, Inc. From UK


Calamari is an innovative and modern leave and attendance management software for small and medium organizations.

By: Chrobrus
Based on 30 Votes


UiPath lets businesses define and manage their processes through a computer based robotic environment.

By: UiPath From Romania


Intellect is a cloud based BPM tool designed to connect people, apps and processes.

By: Intellect From USA
Based on 40 Votes


Appian BPM software is designed to fulfill the need of businesses for a workflow automation platform to design, execute, automate and manage various business processes and operations.

By: Appian Corporation From USA
Based on 10 Votes


The tool offers various automation options that make it easy for users to manage a...

By: Quinyx
Based on 12 Votes


WorkflowMax business process management software is suitable for all types of businesses and professions including...

By: Xero Limited From New Zealand
Based on 13 Votes


It replaces hectic paperwork and emails by structured and customizable workflows, automates most of business...

By: Simply Good Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


This software helps in the process of managing leaves and time offs of an employee...

By: X:drive Computing Ltd
Based on 12 Votes


The tool offers features such as time-tracking and automated rostering that make it easy for...

By: CoreHR
Based on 15 Votes


KiSSFLOW works in five simple steps where customers get to decide the workflow process, build...

By: OrangeScape Inc From USA
Based on 51 Votes


It provides its cloud workers to help the companies work...

By: CloudFactory
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It offers services like attendance management, work distribution tracking, timesheets, and employee self-service...

Based on 5 Votes


The automation process doesn’t require any knowledge of the code and can be finished even...

By: Nintex Pty Ltd From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Natural Insight Review and Overview

Organizations today are vastly different from what they used to be even a decade ago. With rapid improvements in internet connectivity around the world, organizations, too, have become dynamic. They hire employees who may be working from a remote location instead of an office. Moreover, with the ever-increasing scope of globalization, organizations are always looking at expanding their footprint around the world. From a development point of view, such prospects are excellent; however, from a management point of view, the story is a little different. Building and managing a team whose members may be from different countries and continents is not easy.

The collaboration problem

The idea of working from one’s home may seem attractive and also cost-effective at the outset, but it is seldom easy to manage such a workforce. Additionally, bringing in the collaborative spirit also becomes difficult, considering that members of a particular team may have never met each other personally or professionally. Natural Insight can be of great help to organizations in solving such workforce management-related issues. The tool provides features that help organizations to sort out their workforce and better manage them. From scheduling to operations to communication, Natural Insight has a solution for every workforce management-related issue.  

How Natural Insight helps in solving the problem?

It all starts with communication. From some business sectors like the retail sector, the business model has seen a rapid change in the last few years. From a completely offline selling experience, many store owners have switched to a mix of both online and offline selling. Such a transition has made it necessary for them to use tools like Natural Insight. The tool offers advanced communication and collaboration features that let users communicate with all the stakeholders and devise several business-related strategies. Apart from these, the tool provides scheduling features that let users schedule and assign tasks more effectively.

Where it all goes wrong

The next crucial step in the management ecosystem is operations and quality control. When organizations go on an expansion spree, the first glitch is generally observed in one of these two areas. To stop that, the tool offers various monitoring features that let users continuously monitor the flow of operations and weed out the inefficiencies.

Company Information

Company Name: Natural Insight

Founded in: 2009