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Insperity’s TimeStar lets you manage your workforce by putting timekeeping and employee scheduling on the autopilot mode. Your employees can make a schedule change or leave requests, and you can decline or accept them with just one click. Sit back and enjoy reduced administrative costs and time with TimeStar, your virtual manager, while you focus on other aspects of your business.

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Top TimeStar Alternatives
  • Process Street
  • Activiti
  • Calamari
  • Nintex
  • Kronos Workforce Central
  • ProcessMaker
  • HReasily
  • Jetpack Workflow
  • CEIPAL WorkForce
  • ServiceBench
  • Integrify
  • LeanKit
  • Pega BPM
  • Joget Workflow
  • RunMyProcess
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Top TimeStar Alternatives and Overview


Process Street

Process Street is a checklist and standard operating procedure software that can create and manage recurring checklists and procedures for businesses.

By: Goodwinds Inc From USA
Based on 45 Votes


Activiti is a workflow and business process management (bpm) application that allows business people and developers to automate their workflow and business processes.

By: Alfresco Software, Inc. From UK


Calamari is an innovative and modern leave and attendance management software for small and medium organizations.

By: Chrobrus
Based on 30 Votes


Nintex workflow automation software automates the business processes to ensure fast and flexible workflow.

By: Nintex Pty Ltd From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is a workforce management software. It can...

By: Kronos Incorporated
Based on 99 Votes


ProcessMaker BPM and workflow software has been designed for businesses to eliminate paperwork, automate workflow processes, to reduce the gap between systems and people, and to perform full scale business process management.

By: ProcessMaker Inc. From USA
Based on 29 Votes


The company provides its users with a massive variety of innovative solutions and tools that...

By: HReasily
Based on 1 Vote

Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow lets you manage all clients’ work in one place, track client work and...

By: Jetpack Workflow LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes

CEIPAL WorkForce

Build an engaging and highly proficient team as well as efficiently manage your finances with...

Based on 13 Votes


It helps service providers to connect to the agents and consumers of their fields...

By: ServiceBench
Based on 30 Votes


Some of the functions and features of Integrify include easy creation of processes, real-time tracking...

By: Integrify From USA
Based on 19 Votes


LeanKit allows users to manage their business process workflow virtually with control over team’s work...

By: LeanKit Inc. From USA
Based on 37 Votes

Pega BPM

Pega is a mobile-compatible and cloud-based automation software for case management, decision handling, sales force...

By: Pegasystems Inc. From USA

Joget Workflow

All apps created by Joget Workflow are mobile optimized and cloud based, download ready and...

By: Joget, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


RunMyProcess apps are mobile optimized and can run on any device and platform...

By: Fujitsu RunMyProcess From France
Based on 2 Votes

TimeStar Review and Overview

From going through thousands of applications for talent acquisition to preparing payroll reports, the tasks of the HR department are many. For any smooth-running organization, you need to empower your HR department with a first-class, technology-driven, comprehensive human capital management solution. It should be configurable and fit in perfectly with your business goals. With automated timekeeping and robust employee scheduling features, Insperity’s TimeStar is the one HR tool you need to take care of all your workforce management tasks. Receive end-to-end support from the TimeStar team to develop HR strategies, no matter how small or large your organization is.     

HR Solutions that make TimeStar your Virtual Manager

TimeStar works with your team as a virtual manager. With constantly changing schedules, you can approve or decline all requests made by your employees in just one click. Here, you are also encouraging your employees to practice self-service timekeeping tasks for switching shifts, reviewing PTO balancing, rescheduling work, or taking leaves. With TimeStar’s on-spot time tracking, you can capture clock-ins, irrespective of where the spot is. You can choose among biometric and badge-based time clocks, online clock-ins and clock-outs from web punching, or even on the road with telephony and mobile devices. Additionally, configure alerts to check for timekeeping irregularities.

Manage your workforce with TimeStar

TimeStar’s time tracking and employee scheduling features do way more than just reporting when your employees are arriving or leaving. The complex mathematical functionalities let you deal with all rules and policies with complete accuracy. Your employees can view schedules and plan their shifts way in advance to apply for leave approvals if the need be. You can configure red flag alerts to make sure that your workers are taking necessary breaks regularly and not overworking themselves unreasonably. Get all overtime data accurately with Time Star and compensate your employees in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.     

Features that cut down your costs and time

TimeStar’s time tracking feature is also capable of cutting down all your unnecessary costs and time losses. Once you integrate your current payroll system with TimeStar, you will have all the payroll and timekeeping data in one place so that you don’t have to go about hunting for a missing piece of information. Get real-time insights into your labor analytics with Crystal Reports so that you can manage payroll costs. Plus, you can monitor and cut down the overtime costs by almost 30 to 80 percent with TimeStar’s alerts for attendance and policy violations.

Company Information

Company Name: Insperity

Founded in: 1986