By: Nextiva, Inc.

Provides an award-winning cloud business VoIP phone system designed to keep you more flexible and productive. It features free number porting, advanced call management, unlimited virtual faxing, shared call appearance, professionally-recorded greeting, and more. The software helps you to create a unified communication system for your business, allowing you to manage business communication anywhere.

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Top Nextiva Alternatives and Overview


Provides a cloud-based business VoIP phone service that allows your business to become more productive, efficient, and mobile.

By:, Inc From USA
Based on 36 Votes


Grasshopper offers a Virtual Phone System with features such as number portability, custom main greeting, unlimited call handling, conference calling, video studio, and voicemail.

By: Grasshopper Group, LLC From USA
Based on 27 Votes


Offers cheap international calls and SMS service that allows you to save money when calling abroad.

By: Rebtel Services S.à r.l. From Sweden

RingCentral Office

Provides a complete cloud business phone system that offers functionality, reliability, and value.

By: RingCentral, Inc. From USA
Based on 67 Votes


MightyCall is a virtual phone system which is scalable as per the number of users.

By: Infratel US, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Offers small business phone numbers that allow you to add business numbers to any phone.

By: j2 Global, Inc. From USA
Based on 7 Votes


It features visual dial plan editor, time-based routing, call park/pickup, unlimited call queues, multi-site compatibility...

By: Jive Communications, Inc. From USA
Based on 42 Votes


It features video calls, group video calls, voice calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing...

By: Skype Communications SARL From Luxembourg
Based on 1146 Votes


Ringo provides international travelers and business users with easy-to-use and affordable services...

By: Riva FZC From United Arab Emirates


It features free call forwarding, free voicemail, free call waiting, free caller ID, crystal clear...

By: magicJack VocalTec Ltd. From USA


The company provides digital phones with more than 20 features and a range of international...

By: Lingo, Inc. From USA
Based on 35 Votes


It features directory assistance, call center, call conference, international long distance, group calling, call monitoring...

By: Vonage Marketing LLC. From USA


It features virtual receptionist, low international rates, voicemail, call logs, extension dialing, mobile apps, call...

By: Ooma, Inc. From USA


By: CounterPath
Based on 18 Votes


By: MicroSIP
Based on 6 Votes

Nextiva Review and Overview

Nextiva is the best in the class business phone system that is constantly evolving you give you more. With thumping ratings for the year 2020, Nextiva is here to make business communication your ultimate superpower. Nextiva builds a unified, integrated platform for all your business communications so that none of your valuable customers slip through the cracks again.

Through Nextiva, you can build a special experience for every customer and make them feel important, so that they keep coming back to you always.

Nextiva is a renowned company assisting in VOIP communication. Founded in 2008, in Arizona, Nextiva has served more than 150k business currently. They are given 5/5 ratings in terms of network by and has received multiple rewards from Gartner. Currently, they have over 1000 dedicated team members and had served over 1 billion+ calls on their network.

Nextiva VOIP plans and Services

Nextiva mainly offers its VOIP services for businesses to conduct CRM, website chats, video conferences, SMS, and surveys. Nextiva presents its plans in two suites, namely Business Communication Suite and Customer Relationship Suite. Both suites have different pricing and sub-features in there.

As for Business Communication Suite, they offer services like VOIP phone, Sales & Service CRM, Survey, Live chat, and Analytics features. The plans are divided amongst these features. It starts from $20 Basic plan, then $25 Pro Plan, and lastly $30 Enterprise Plan. The interior features differ in each of these subscriptions. In Customer Relationship Suite, VOIP tools are removed, and the prices lower down by $10.

In the VOIP tools, users can make unlimited local calls, use number porting, toll-free numbers, create an AI attendant, and do online FAX and SMS. It can also carry out some new acts like holding music, recorded greetings, call recording, voicemails, and do conference calls. This can all be monitored via reports and call analytics. On the other end, Sales CRM has call pops, contact manager, and log manager. We can access account history sales management, custom fields, and analytics sections.

Similarly, Service CRM has additional resources for email routing, workflow automation, SLA manager, custom reports, and dashboard. The Survey Tools have different survey templates, short links, survey analytics, and many more. Live Chat in Nextiva offers a standard chat interface, chat transfer, history, and even offline chat service. Lastly, the Analytics is provided for customer database, user/team performance, custom reports, and virtual database builder, all with a customizable panel.

Overall, Nextiva is truly a workable solution for VOIP communication needs in businesses. The plans are already at a flat rate, which means much affordable than many other VOIP services. It does not even have contract locks and even supports a dedicated porting department.

Manage Conversations

As a marketer, there are several channels for you to communicate with your customers – Phones, emails, SMS, Chat, and others. Nextiva unifies all these channels into a more manageable platform that empowers you with freedom. Your customers can communicate through any channel they wish, while still being on your radar. Your teams can now manage all these conversations at one place, learn about their preferences and keep track of their needs, while saving their valuable time for focusing upon bigger problems.

Better Business Decisions Powered by Analytics

Nextiva does not just collect and present customer data according to your work demand, it preserves, collates, analyses this data and presents you with ultimate visualizations that are thoroughly customizable. These are generated in real-time, equipping you with the power to make dynamic decisions and ensure happy customers. These visualizations will also help you identify and mitigate troublesome situations before its too late.

Experience the Power of Automation

There are several aspects of your interactions with customers that can be easily automated with the least friction. Personalized responses, time-to-time greetings, and daily communications fall among those. Nextiva helps you streamline this process and save an enormous amount of time, which you can focus on more critical issues.

Additionally, Nextiva builds targeted responses to specific sets of customers based upon their earlier interactions. Understand their most responsive times and identify dissatisfaction way before it becomes a bigger problem through Nextiva.

Company Information

Company Name: Nextiva, Inc.

Company Address: 8800 East Chaparral Road Suite 300, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Faxing
  • Mobility
  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Instant Conference Calls
  • Call Queuing
  • Voicemail to Email
Call Center
  • Call Console
  • View Contacts
  • Agent Status Display
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Instant Escalation
  • Call Promotion
  • 3-way Conference Call
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Auto Attendant
Cloud Services
  • PBX Integration
  • SIP Compatible PBX Support
  • High Quality Codec
  • Flat Monthly Rate
  • Unlimited Calling