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Notion App is an all-in-one tool for workspace managing and collaborating notes, work-tasks, wikis, and databases. Accessible over most browsers, this application is uniquely capable of collaborating notes & documents, knowledgebases, task & project management, spreadsheets & database files, along with complex workflow management. It is one of the best substitute for Evernote and even provides free services to students and educators. It is backed by 100% encrypted cloud connection, and even supports SAML SSO.

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Top Notion Alternatives
  • WPS Office
  • Office 365
  • OpenOffice
  • LibreOffice
  • Quip
  • Polaris Office
  • SoftMaker
  • 2020 Cap
  • Publist
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Top Notion Alternatives and Overview


WPS Office

Formed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese Company KINGSOFT Office, WPS Office is one of the leading office suites used across the globe.

By: Kingsoft Software Inc.
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ONLYOFFICE, also known as OnlyOffice, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is an Office suite designed by Ascensio System SIA.

By: Ascensio System SIA
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Office 365

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a world-renowned office suite with the most advanced and comprehensive features.

By: Microsoft
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Originating in the year 1985, OpenOffice (now Apache OpenOffice) has been the foremost frontier of an open-source office suite.

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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Established and overseen by a non-profit organization, The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is a next-level open-source office suite, designed primarily to aid the documentation requirements of people and companies alike, without any cost.

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Quip is a cloud-based collaborative office suite, capable of functions like word editing, making presentations, spreadsheets, and live-chat.

By: Quip LLC
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Polaris Office

The platform offers an excellent Interface which can be used to create some amazing documents...

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You can quickly switch between accounts and manage your personal and work desktop separately while...

By: AS
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Utilized on almost every platform, their office suite includes features to edit word documents, make...

By: SoftMaker Software GmbH

2020 Cap

The 2020 Office products come attached with the latest features and effective tools that make...

By: 20-20 Technologies
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It also lets them manage and manipulate their files from all the storage available...

By: Publist
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Notion Review and Overview

In the age of technology, it is quite easy to fall prey to laziness. Laziness makes humans inefficient and also saddens them. Moreover, more and more organizations today are making it a norm to set up technology so that their employees can work from home. For people who get exposed to this methodology for the first time, they can easily slack off and underperform. Notion is a software used for organizing and working efficiently. It can be used by companies as well as individuals to take notes, create to-do lists, and stay organized. It can be used on desktops as well as smartphones.

Set yourself into motion

Being disciplined is a highly underrated trait some individuals possess, and all of us, at some point, wish to have a disciplined lifestyle and have failed at multiple attempts for the same. One should remember that change doesn’t happen overnight and requires patience. Notion is an app that becomes your mate and helps you achieve day-to-day tasks by allowing you to create an organized to-do list. As users keep achieving their tasks, they can tick off the boxes from the list and get a feeling of accomplishment, which further fuels them to keep repeating this, and helps them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Creating an interactive to-do list is just one of the many things that Notion offers. Individual users or employees of an organization can also use it to have their information wiki. Information Wiki is a feature that allows users to create headings and further categories or subheadings within that heading. Each subheading can contain details or descriptions accordingly. This helps in building up organized information tree that can help users to get access to anything they’ve noted down more easily and efficiently in the future. It also helps organizations define their rules and conditions at once in an organized way.

Go together, reach farther

A famous quote by a renowned industrialist becomes a reality with Notion. It gives organizations the power to work together with employees, even when working remotely. This helps everyone stay disciplined and efficient, and also allows them to enjoy the work-life balance as well. Organizations can create a common working space where each employee can be assigned his responsibilities for a day or set duration, and along with that, Notion also allows the exchange of documents and integrates with file transfer systems such as Trello and Slack. If this wasn’t enough, Notion allows everyone to access the platform as they like – web, desktop software, and even smartphone app.

Modern problems require a modern solution. Install Notion today, and make work organized and comfortable, while also becoming more efficient than ever.

Company Information

Company Name: Notion Labs, Inc.

Top Features

  • All-In-One Tool
  • Unique Editor
  • Bulk Export
  • Get Professional Support
  • Free For Students
  • No Distractions
  • Work Offline
Core Features
  • Multiple Devices Access
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Push Notifications