Office 365

Office 365

By: Microsoft

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a world-renowned office suite with the most advanced and comprehensive features. It supports cloud as well as offline interactions in its office suite, encompassing varied applications. The core package includes dedicated apps for a word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation program, PIM tool, notes manager, publisher program, database manager, video conferencing software, vector graphics app, and project/team management system. It is the most stable office suite accessible over desktops, mobiles, servers, and a cloud-based interface.

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Top Office 365 Alternatives
  • WPS Office
  • OpenOffice
  • LibreOffice
  • Notion
  • Quip
  • Polaris Office
  • SoftMaker
  • 2020 Cap
  • Publist
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Top Office 365 Alternatives and Overview


WPS Office

Formed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese Company KINGSOFT Office, WPS Office is one of the leading office suites used across the globe.

By: Kingsoft Software Inc.
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ONLYOFFICE, also known as OnlyOffice, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is an Office suite designed by Ascensio System SIA.

By: Ascensio System SIA
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Originating in the year 1985, OpenOffice (now Apache OpenOffice) has been the foremost frontier of an open-source office suite.

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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Established and overseen by a non-profit organization, The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is a next-level open-source office suite, designed primarily to aid the documentation requirements of people and companies alike, without any cost.

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Notion App is an all-in-one tool for workspace managing and collaborating notes, work-tasks, wikis, and databases.

By: Notion Labs, Inc.
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Quip is a cloud-based collaborative office suite, capable of functions like word editing, making presentations, spreadsheets, and live-chat.

By: Quip LLC
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Polaris Office

The platform offers an excellent Interface which can be used to create some amazing documents...

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You can quickly switch between accounts and manage your personal and work desktop separately while...

By: AS
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Utilized on almost every platform, their office suite includes features to edit word documents, make...

By: SoftMaker Software GmbH

2020 Cap

The 2020 Office products come attached with the latest features and effective tools that make...

By: 20-20 Technologies
Based on 5 Votes


It also lets them manage and manipulate their files from all the storage available...

By: Publist
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Office 365 Review and Overview

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most useful office documentation bundles, that helps to create and manage different types of documents. MS Office 365 combines all the apps essential in office productivity and uses combined tools of collaboration and cloud storage. This is a subscription-based product with the initial test release in 2011. After that, Office 365 has become mainstream instead of the old Office packages.

Office 365 Tools and Subscription Plans

Office 365 plans are mostly designed for businesses that are looking to get benefits from multi functionalities of office utility. To aid with that, Office 365 Business comes in three different plans. They are Office 365 Business Basics, Premium, and Essential, priced at $8.25, 12.50, and $5, respectively.

Office 365 Basic plan is for small and midsize businesses that want limited functions for limited users and access to most shared utility tools. In this plan, all the Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access are provided. It also has full support for the OneDrive Storage services.

In both Office Business basics and Premium plans, all the above desktop apps are usable, and users also get access to these apps on Mac and Android systems. However, Office Business Essential is only for mobile OS. No desktop apps are provided in it except the OneDrive services. Team Work, Email, Calendaring, and Communication are not in the basic plan.

Partial support for security features is in the basic plan, though, along with full support & deployment tools. Now, some advanced tools for schedules, tasks, appointments, mileage tracking and reporting are present in the Business Premium only. Office 365 Business also supports integrations like Boomerang, SalesForce, etc.

Among other services, especially collaboration features, Office 365 Business Premium and Essential share Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. These are some crucial products for team collaboration. All of them are supported over a secure and encrypted cloud interface.

Also, all these stored data come under the protection of the HIPAA act, making it privacy-friendly products. Lastly, users get access to video conferencing, chatting, and screen sharing support in these business plans. MS Office 365 Business is indeed a complete and thorough package for all the office utility tools and collaborative needs.

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