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Pagely is a powerful Wordpress hosting application managed and operated by Amazon Web Services. Claimed as one of the fastest and the most secure hosting service, Pagely makes sure that your wordpress website is always up and running. Some of its unique features include Dedicated VPS Performance, developer friendly tools, one for all business needs, top-notch cloud hosting technology, HHVM Support, Real-time Malware Scanning and many more.

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Top Pagely Alternatives and Overview



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Pagely Review and Overview

Pagely is the leading premium managed WordPress hosting provider. This platform was established in 2006. They have top-notch developers for WordPress hosting services. If you have any business or enterprise, you can count on pagely for your WordPress site. 

Pagely offers five-tier plans. In which the standard services are: 

  • Expert support
  • Managed WP upgrades
  • Automatic backups
  • Staging+sync
  • SSL Management
  • Press Armor-advanced network security
  • Press Thumb-dynamic image optimization
  • Performance and security analytics, and many more.

 Why choose Pagely?             

Well, if we notice there are a ton of reasons to mention. Like, it is a WordPress VPS hosting that means it is ideal for high traffic, and it provides power and privacy of a VPS. It offers SSH and Database Access, Staging+clone Tools, PHP7+HTTP/2 and Amazon C5 instances, etc.

Pagely cares about its customers more than any other hosting site pagely is powered by Amazon Web Services(AWS), which gives an outstanding performance, redundancy, and scalability. 

They also offer a modern hosting stack. Means pagely comes with the latest technology to enhance better performance using PHP7 to accelerate WordPress and NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxies that delivers high speed.

Moreover, with pagely, your WordPress site and data is backed up daily and stored on Amazon s3. You can download or restore your data to your account within a matter of time.

Managed WordPress hosting

This service comes more handy compared to the unmanaged hosting. It includes a whole set of additional features such as regular maintenance and speed checkups. Here in Pagely, you have the support of your host's technical support staff during the remotest hours of the day. Managed WordPress hosting comes with a better-customized interface for your site. The updates to your site are also automated.

CMS management

It's one of the reasons why WordPress is chosen for websites ranging from blogs to businesses. The Content Management System or the CMS is very easy to manipulate in WordPress. Pagely also offers CMS services to its clients. A proper built and tailored site is a must for building a business or wanting to have an online presence simply. You can include the customizable plugins too, under this thread.

AWS powered

If your website is meant to be for handling huge traffic and has a lot of customized plugins, the best tool you can seek for backups is AWS. The Amazon Web Services backup to your WordPress site is particularly useful when the content and themes get too good to run without flaws on your site. This ensures absolute control to the DNS and other resources of your website. Pagely uses the same for backups.


It's really important that your WordPress site is scalable. It's otherwise no use of pouring in dollars into something that's unviable. The proper tools coupled with AWS backup ensure that your site is completely backed-up without storage issues and runs as smooth as a piece of cake.


Pagley is a premium WordPress hosting site, and nowhere is it compromised in terms of services they provide. So the pricing is decent, keeping the facilities in mind. But it could be a little expensive for mid-range companies who want to host their first WordPress site.

For more pricing details and tier, details go to the pricing section on the official pagely website.

Backups and Tech Support

Your website is thoroughly inspected every day to ensure it's always bug-free. The entire structure is backed-up regularly, using AWS. In case of any break-down that goes unnoticed, you can always contact their friendly staff that they claim to put open 24/7. Pagely doesn't let go of its job only after the hosting is done. They're your partners in your project throughout your time with them.

There will always be a situation where we need to contact experts, no matter how well the required services are fulfilled. Pagely is already aware of it, and they are available anytime on business days on twitter. Most importantly, pagely is the most experienced managed WordPress hosting site, and surprisingly its expert-level support is available for a 24/7 period.


I guess you already got the idea of how pagely can host your WordPress site without compromising any needs such as media, security, redundancy, bandwidth, availability, capability, flexibility for business, and enterprise customers.

Company Information

Company Name: Pagely, Inc.

Company Address: 4729 E. Sunrise Dr. Ste 435, Tucson, AZ, USA

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

  • Multiple SSH Accounts
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI Support
  • Backups to Amazon
  • Additional Backup Copies
  • Checking Error Logs
  • Git Supported
  • Syncing Website Tools
  • Access SSH Tunnel DB
  • Access MySQL Workbench
  • Access System-level Crontab
  • Custom PHP Extensions
  • Redis & Memcached Supported
  • Cluster Designing & Benchmarking
  • Sub-user Accounts
  • REST API Access
Hosting Management
  • High Bandwidth
  • Monitoring CDN
  • Site Usage Statistics
  • Configure Dashboard
  • Caching Pages
  • Caching Layers
  • Specific Browser Sessions