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By: Pagely, Inc. From USA

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Pagely names themselves as first managed WordPress hosting solution provider in the industry. The company was founded in Phoenix, USA in 2009. Pagely use’s Amazon Web Services to host their client’s website for better reliability.

Organizations that are security conscious can try Pagely’s ability as they protect sites from DDoS attacks, engage in automated backups, and engage in automatic restoration points. Businesses considering Pagely can expect fast caching.

Key Features

Pagely is a "mom and pop" startup and their motto is that customer service comes first. Among their key features include Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades, Automatic Nightly Backups (And Free Restore), advanced caching & optimization, enterprise grade network security, & malware protection redundant firewalls, DDoS protection, & free remediation. Pagely offers an elite PressCDN for an additional $9/mo. They have three custom hosting plans and their scalability is open-ended and they work with businesses of all sizes.

Different Packages

All packages offered by Pagely include free Enterprise DNS services powered by Dyn. Their "Professional" and "Business" packages allow Dedicated IP(s). Their entry point package is definitely considered to be on the lower end. Their entry point package labeled "Personal" has a cap of 25k visitors per month, 10 GB Bandwidth, and 5 GB storage. Their "Business" package is allowing 200k visitors per month, 50GB Bandwidth, and 15GB storage. Their "Professional" package has a cap of 750k visitors per month, 100GB bandwidth, and 35GB storage.

PressCDN is available with all their packages, though has an additional charge of $9/month (though has unlimited use). Nightly backups (with 14 day retention) are available with all packages. Varnish caching is available for all packages.


Pagely emphases security and protection above all else. Pagely offers their custom Security solution referred to as "PressAromor", a custom security architecture developed by Pagely. PressArmor is NOT a plugin, but an enterprise wide topology that’s designed to prevent threat vectors instead of dealing with them after an attack. Pagely offers multi-level intrusion prevention and remediation. Pagely also offers free DDoS protection, redundant firewalls, and they boast an in-house security team.


Pagely’s scalability is open-ended regardless of how large or robust the functional requirements. Their custom enterprise plan offers scalable solutions for any sized enterprise or Corporation. 1 or n load balanced servers with isolated Varnish caching with MySQL. Large traffic sites can request a free quote regardless of the size of their business.

Pagely VPS

There are many VPS hosting providers and there are many Wordpress hosting providers. What Pagely offers is a VPS environment for Wordpress. The service includes VPS plan optimized for Wordpress only. This could be an ideal solution for clients looking for full control over their WordPress blogs without worrying on speed optimization or performance.

Developer Tools

Just like other leading providers, Pagely also comes with toolset including SSH access, Git, Staging and WP-CLI. However, these tools are currently available to dedicated Wordpress VPS plans only. So Business, Professional and Ultimate subscribers can’t access or use them along with several other restrictions on features.


Pagely can be an effective choice for any enterprise, business, or small startup that is concerned about their blog’s security or performance. However, it should be noted that, they’re relying completely on Amazon’s data centers and don’t have their own. However, AWS providers highly reliable and performance oriented servers.

Another benefit of Pagely is their different hosting plans, and their open-ended scalability would be optimal for any size business or organization. They have scalability for larger organizations and a low price of entry for smaller organizations.

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