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PeoplePC expertise in low-cost dial-up internet services with fast and reliable networks. Its main features and services include, accelerator technology for faster surfing, unlimited internet access, smart dialer for more reliability, anti-virus & anti-spam for online protection, and more. They also offer broadband internet services for users who need even faster net speed. The service offers affordable plans with lightning-fast network speed and no busy signals.

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Top PeoplePC Alternatives
  • Verizon Fios
  • AT&T
  • FreedomPop
  • Windstream
  • Grande
  • Atlantic Broadband
  • Cable ONE
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Rise Broadband
  • Midcontinent
  • DSL Extreme
  • FairPoint
  • Bright House Networks
  • WOW!
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Top PeoplePC Alternatives and Overview


Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a fast internet solution based on 100% fiber-optic network for fast and reliable connectivity.

By: Verizon Communications From USA


AT&T internet service is suitable for anyone, looking for a high speed internet service provider with great offers.

By: AT&T Inc From USA


FreedomPop offers free Wireless broadband internet services for mobile users to allow unlimited internet access from home or on-the-go.

By: Sts Media, Inc. From USA


Windstream is an ideal internet service provider for residential, small business and enterprises.

By: Windstream Communications From USA


Grande is an ISP that offers high-speed internet services to communities, residential, and businesses in the Texas area.

By: Grande Communications Networks LLC From USA

Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband network service is a suitable ISP for home and business internet needs.

By: Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC From USA

Cable ONE

Some of its benefits include speed reliability for continuous surfing, fast internet, and best value...

By: Cable ONE Inc. From USA

Cincinnati Bell

They specialize in high-speed internet, Wireless, TV and phone services for all home, family and...

By: Cincinnati Bell Inc. From USA

Rise Broadband

Their super fast networks make it easier for users to watch HD movies online, play...

By: Rise Broadband From USA


Their internet service Midco Xstream is famous for flawless streaming, fast download and smoother gaming...

By: Midcontinent Communications From USA

DSL Extreme

They have multiple internet plans with different speeds and prices...

By: DSL Extreme From USA


They are suitable for individuals, home workers, home uses, small & medium size businesses, and...

By: FairPoint Communications, Inc. From USA

Bright House Networks

In addition to home based internet, they also offer on-the-go WiFi internet service to allow...

By: Bright House Networks LLC From USA

With a very affordable standard dial-up plan, users can enjoy high-speed internet with uninterrupted web...

By: From USA


Their services are offered in the Midwest and Southeast areas, covering all major states of...

By: WideOpenWest From USA
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PeoplePC Review and Overview

We live in a digital world, a space of global Internet connectivity. Whether it is those early morning work emails or the late-night social media scrolling, from morning to night, all round the clock, we go online. For companies and individuals alike, getting dial-up Internet connectivity is a no brainer.  PeoplePC, now owned by EarthLink, is one such Internet Service Provider that has been in the market for almost two decades now. The company focuses on providing low-cost ISP solutions to support businesses through its collective buying business model.

A cost-effective ISP solution for corporations 

Initially, PeoplePC provided three-year memberships to its customer companies, where they offered ISP services along with a new computer that the company replaced at the end of the three-year term. It also had in-home warranty service at no additional cost. Today, it only provides Internet services to consumers without the computer. The first low-cost ISP to include free Internet call waiting, it has a coverage of 8000 access numbers. The 'Smart Dialer' technology integrated into its software, helps to select a number automatically. For all incoming calls, the caller-ID information gets displayed on the screen with this free service.

Access your emails from PeoplePC's homepage 

PeoplePC provides Webmail services with up to four email addresses for each account holder and 100 MB of storage for each mail. From the top of its Online Homepage, you can access your emails with just one click. You can open the Webmail from any web browser and any computer having Internet connectivity or use Outlook Express to access your messages offline. Manage your contacts in the address book section and create folders to keep your messages organized. You also have the option to alter your default Mail program and add additional email addresses along with the primary one.

Efficient virus protection and spam control

The accelerated version offered by PeoplePC also makes websites take lesser time to load by compressing the images. Its value-priced dial-up services built-in security tools, spam controls, and virus protection. Thanks to the anti-spyware, firewall, and phisher protection, your online life will remain protected. Even the WebMail service has built-in spam control and email virus blocker. Plus, you get your desired content and seamless surf experience with PeoplePC's pop-up blocker. So, no more distractions or security threats!

Company Information

Company Name: EarthLink, LLC

Company Address: 1375 Peachtree Street Level A, Atlanta, GA, USA

Founded in: 1999

Top Features

Core Features
  • Dial-up Internet Access
  • Unlimited Dial-up Internet
  • Reliable Smart Dialer
  • High-quality Dial-up Access
  • Email Anti-virus & Anti-spam
  • Instant Internet Service
  • High-speed DSL Services
  • Satellite Internet Access
  • Cable Broadband Services
  • Internet Speed Tips
  • Web Mail Access
  • Email Newsletter
  • Online Account Management
Software & Tools
  • Blocking Junk Mail
  • Email Address & Storage
  • Turbo-charge Browser
  • COmputer Fine Tune-up
  • System Scanner
  • Norton 360 Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Online Backup