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Quinyx is a workforce management tool that enables users to efficiently manage their workforce and get better value out of it. The tool offers various automation options that make it easy for users to manage a large workforce seamlessly and derive optimum work output out of each employee.

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Top Quinyx Alternatives
  • Process Street
  • Activiti
  • Calamari
  • Decisions
  • UiPath
  • Intellect
  • Appian
  • Bonita BPM
  • WorkflowMax
  • Pyrus
  • Natural Insight
  • WhosOff
  • CoreHR
  • Kissflow
  • CloudFactory
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Top Quinyx Alternatives and Overview


Process Street

Process Street is a checklist and standard operating procedure software that can create and manage recurring checklists and procedures for businesses.

By: Goodwinds Inc From USA
Based on 45 Votes


Activiti is a workflow and business process management (bpm) application that allows business people and developers to automate their workflow and business processes.

By: Alfresco Software, Inc. From UK


Calamari is an innovative and modern leave and attendance management software for small and medium organizations.

By: Chrobrus
Based on 30 Votes


Decisions is a workflow automation platform that allows even non-programmers to design and deploy interactive graphic business processes.

By: Decisions From USA
Based on 14 Votes


UiPath lets businesses define and manage their processes through a computer based robotic environment.

By: UiPath From Romania


Intellect is a cloud based BPM tool designed to connect people, apps and processes.

By: Intellect From USA
Based on 40 Votes


Appian works in four simple steps where business people need to design BPMN process solutions...

By: Appian Corporation From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Bonita BPM

Some of the functions performed by Bonita BPM include modeling of business processes, creating engaging...

By: Bonitasoft, Inc. From France


WorkflowMax business process management software is suitable for all types of businesses and professions including...

By: Xero Limited From New Zealand
Based on 13 Votes


It replaces hectic paperwork and emails by structured and customizable workflows, automates most of business...

By: Simply Good Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes

Natural Insight

The extensive feature list offered by the tool includes attendance and payroll management, work assigning...

By: Natural Insight
Based on 6 Votes


This software helps in the process of managing leaves and time offs of an employee...

By: X:drive Computing Ltd
Based on 12 Votes


The tool offers features such as time-tracking and automated rostering that make it easy for...

By: CoreHR
Based on 15 Votes


KiSSFLOW works in five simple steps where customers get to decide the workflow process, build...

By: OrangeScape Inc From USA
Based on 51 Votes


It provides its cloud workers to help the companies work...

By: CloudFactory
Based on 1 Vote

Quinyx Review and Overview

Workforce management has always been an area of contention for most businesses around the world. Be it the larger corporations with operations in multiple continents or the good old small and mid-level manufacturing businesses; workforce management is an issue that concerned everyone. Although authors and professionals over the years have tried to find out ways to solve this seemingly complex problem, none have been as promising as one would like them to be. However, with the emergence of online workforce management tools like Quinyx, there is still a ray of hope.

What is Quinyx?

Quinyx is a workforce management tool that enables users around the world to manage their workforce by offering various management-related features effectively. The tool provides features such as scheduling, attendance tracking, forecasting, and much more. It all starts with scheduling. Planning and scheduling is the first and most crucial step of any economic activity.

Scheduling is one of the pillars of manufacturing, and a tool like Quinyx aids users in creating the most efficient schedules. Additionally, it offers options such as absence management and real-time scheduling that make it easier for both employers and employees to manage their leaves.

Tools to simplify workforce management

The other features on offer include time and attendance tracking. With options like Webpunch, employees can punch-in and punch-out from their smartphones and thereby enabling employees from remote locations and offshore locations to have a smooth experience. Demand forecasting forms an essential part of the manufacturing process.

The demand forecasting, in turn, translates to planning, ultimately leading to workforce management. Therefore, the tool offers intuitive tools that enable the users to estimate the demand for their products and services and plan their production capacity accordingly. Managing the workforce is unlike managing anything else. Workforce management involves dealing with employees, and therefore it requires a certain level of empathy for them.

 The importance of a happier workforce

Decisions taken by the management should resonate with the expectations of the workforce in order to create a better and a happier workforce. To achieve that connect with the workforce, Quinyx offers certain engagement tools as a part of the package. Apart from these, the tool also offers integration options with popular payroll tools like Oracle, SAP, and Sage. With average ratings of above four out of five on all popular software platforms, Quinyx enjoys patronage from thousands of users across the globe.

Company Information

Company Name: Quinyx

Founded in: 2005