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Rippling is an HR software for small and medium businesses that helps them in managing employees, recruiting right candidates, and automating payrolls and benefits to everyone in the organization. It is available as standalone software on PCs running on Windows and macOS, and can also be deployed on a private cloud. The platform can be accessed on phones via apps available for Android and iOS.

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Top Rippling Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


HRLocker is a smart, cost-efficient cloud solution automates HR Management processes.

By: HR Interventions Ltd. From Ireland
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Ascentis is an HR management software designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of any type of business.

By: Ascentis Corporation From USA
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HRdownloads is a service provider for human resource departmental tasks...

By: HRdownloads
Based on 13 Votes


It acts as an entire HRM suite and offers multiple capabilities for them to manage...

By: JustLogin
Based on 11 Votes


By: Bernard Health
Based on 4 Votes


It offers various features, such as holiday management, attendance management, HR reports, secure document storage...

By: Myhrtoolkit Limited From UK
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It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work...

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HR Partner

With quality tools, security and other benefits, it truly is the complete HR aid any...

By: Blaze Software
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This human resource management platform provides for external links to unrestricted and fee-based associated features...

By: HeavenHR
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Cezanne HR

It features flexible management, smarter pricing, quick setup, constant updates, employee engagement, and more...

By: Cezanne HR Limited From UK
Based on 10 Votes


All big things start small...

By: Humanforce

It has simplified HR's repetitive tasks and digitized the administration...

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Rippling Review and Overview

Organizations going through the rise phase in the growth curve need to manage not only their financial issues but workforce issues as well. Workforce management is something that often ends up taking a lot of time, effort, and organizational resources. To make Human Resource Management easier, organizations employ Rippling. It helps them by managing a separate database of all employees, providing the managers with accessibility to get every information regarding anyone at a single click, and even manage the recruitment process seamlessly.

Ripples of progress

Rippling allows organizations to take care of the workforce easily by combining a database of all employees and centralizing its access to the manager. The database consists of every detail of each employee, including from their basic details to all insurance details so that managers can stay up to date with everything regards to them. Apart from employee data management, it also helps employers with time management of employees. Time management makes sure that employees stay active and remain efficient.

Along with time management, employers also get to assess the performance of employees in terms of the hours they have committed, the output produced by them. It also makes things easy for employees by providing them with accessibility to file leave requests without the need for directly going to HR.  And what’s the best part? No side even needs to necessarily log onto the desktop, as Rippling provides a mobile app too that helps them in getting access to all the features at their comfort.

What makes Ripple stand out?

Rippling helps organizations with many things apart from just organizing employee database. It also helps employers with recruitment for the company. Its smart recruitment system posts job openings on behalf of the organization and screens the candidate as per the criteria mentioned by the organization. After recruitment, onboarding is a necessary process, and Rippling comes in handy here as well by helping the recruits get assimilated into the organization through a virtual guide.

Rippling also handles the payroll and automates the system once the manager inputs the calculation process. It comes in handy for inventory management as well, making it an all-rounder office management software. So, want a software that takes the burden off the employer’s shoulders completely when it comes to Human Resource Management? Get Rippling.

Company Information

Company Name: Rippling

Founded in: 2012