Skrapp provides the business-to-business (B2B) email finder and lead extractor software that allows you to find verified email addresses of potential business contacts. It offers features like LinkedIn integration, website search, domain search, and leads directory. It is available as a Chrome extension. Skrapp offers different plans based on the number of emails you need to extract every month. Free plan is available, providing 150 emails to extract every month for one user.

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Top Skrapp Alternatives
  • Snov
  • Hunter
  • UpLead
  • Prospect
  • Norbert
  • Anymail Finder
  • Conspire
  • Rocket Reach
  • Lusha
  • ContactOut
  • Clearbit Connect
  • SignalHire
  • Find Emails
  • LeadFuze
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Top Skrapp Alternatives and Overview



Snov provides an outreach automation software that allows you to find and validate your prospects easily.



Hunter (formerly Email Hunter) is a professional email finding service that gives you the list of all the email addresses associated with any domain name.

By: Firmapi SARL From France
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Uplead is the provider of business-to-business (B2B) database and business contact data that can help to drive your targeted sales lead.

By: UpLead, LLC
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Prospect is a sales automation platform for teams. It offers...

By: SPRL From Belgium


Norbert email finding and lead generation software can find the legal contact information including email id of any person that can be useful for various online marketing campaigns of businesses.

By: Reflectiv From France

Anymail Finder

Anymail finder is an email finding tool that allows you to find and verify the email address of anyone from any company on the internet.

By: Finest Ventures Ltd From UK
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It lets you build and expand your professional network by finding and meeting new people...

By: FullContact, Inc. From USA

Rocket Reach

It is the tool to help you reach millions of professionals, offering various features such...

By: RocketReach

This platform helps you to increase engagement, target the right prospects, perform intelligent search, and...

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This tool can help you find reliable B2B data, authenticate your B2B contacts on social...

By: Lusha Systems Inc
Based on 75 Votes


It offers various features, such as Chrome extension, dashboard, search portal, and email campaigns...

By: ContactOut Limited
Based on 19 Votes

Clearbit Connect

This email finder tool allows you to search for companies, search for people, as well...

By: APIHub, Inc.


This tool can be used by sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters...

Based on 21 Votes

Find Emails

It allows you to find the email information that matters for your business, as well...



In addition to finding the email addresses and other contact information of your prospect clients...

By: LeadFuze From USA
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Skrapp Review and Overview

Reaching to new people always helps in expanding one's business. It generates new primacies, which have the potential to convert into customers shortly. Making contacts through email is beneficial as it seems to be both more formal and professional at the same time. Thus, a creative email finding tool is an excellent stratagem to develop business and improvise recruitment for the healthy growth of the company. Skrapp is an easy to use email finder, which helps you effectively do all these things.

Work like a professional

Skrapp provides a variety of ways to search for email addresses. You can search by the First name, last name, or even by the name of the organization one works in! A process which otherwise takes hours or even days can be completed in a few minutes. The software's mind whopping algorithm search web pages based on patterns observed and communicating via email servers.

Searching through sites

If you do not know which people to search for, you can always go searching for a whole website to provide you verified emails. Yes, the Domain search feature of Skrapp helps in reaching to the most advantageous people. You just need to enter the domain of the website, which, according to you, might be suitable. Everything comes in front of you before you could even think of it!

Bulk probing of emails

If you can't search and reach everyone by putting their details in the software, you can always look up to the Bulk email finder feature. With this asset, you can import a whole word text file or a datasheet, and your work is done! The software will automatically start its work of searching. Also, the entire process is secure as its API automatically rejects requests which are not related to HTTPS (that is, coming from HTTP).

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Top Features

  • Quick Processing
  • API Email Finder
  • Verified B2B Emails
  • Get Email Credits
  • Track Your Search
  • Live Chat Support
  • LinkedIn Integrated
  • Video Tutorial Available