Email Finder

An email finding software is a tool used by people, mostly companies to find the email addresses of specific people or prospects. These tools usually search various resources on the internet to find people’s contact information based on their name and company domain. Email addresses can be used by companies and individuals for their email marketing campaigns, lead generation, and PR campaigns. Many email finding software can also supply other useful contact information, like contact numbers, etc. along with email addresses.

Here are some of the most popular Email finding tools.



Snov provides an outreach automation software that allows you to find and validate your prospects easily.



Hunter (formerly Email Hunter) is a professional email finding service that gives you the list of all the email addresses associated with any domain name.

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Uplead is the provider of business-to-business (B2B) database and business contact data that can help to drive your targeted sales lead.

By: UpLead, LLC
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Find That Lead

FindThatLead is a business-to-business (B2B) lead generation platform that helps you to get lead information in seconds.

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Prospect is a sales automation platform for teams. It offers to find...

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Norbert email finding and lead generation software can find the legal contact information including email id of any person that can be useful for various online marketing campaigns of businesses.

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Anymail Finder

Anymail finder is an email finding tool that allows you to find and verify the email address of anyone from any company on the internet.

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Conspire is a complete contact finding service that tells you everything you need to know about your prospect customer, client, employer or investor.

By: FullContact, Inc. From USA

Rocket Reach

RocketReach provides the tool that allows you to find email, phone, and social media links of any prospects.

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10 offers a sales platform that focuses on data first, allowing you to grow your revenue by finding potential prospects from among 200+ millions of verified business and contact information.

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Skrapp provides the business-to-business (B2B) email finder and lead extractor software that allows you to find verified email addresses of potential business contacts.

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Lusha provides a simple data enrichment software that gives business-to-business (B2B) contact information at your fingertips.

By: Lusha Systems Inc
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ContactOut provides an email search engine platform that allows you to find anyoneís email address and phone number quickly and easily.

By: ContactOut Limited
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Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is the tool that allows you to find any email address right from your inbox.

By: APIHub, Inc.


SignalHire provides an email and phone finder tool with real-time verifications.

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Find Emails




LeadFuze is B2B lead generation software that is widely used by companies looking to increase their outbound sales.

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Toofr is an email finder tool that can help businesses find the right email addresses for their lead generation campaigns.

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SellHack is a popular lead generation tool that helps you create the lists of prospect email addresses and phone numbers.

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eGrabber’s eMail prospector tool allows businesses to find and analyze the corporate email addresses of their prospects.

By: eGrabber Inc. From USA

Get Prospect

GetProspect is an email finder tool that is integrated with LinkedIn, allowing you to find names, company, position, and LinkedIn URL.

By: New Lab LLC


Get access to the most accurate B2B data about companies and people.

By: OxyLeads From United States


GetProfiles automates your list building process and delivers an in-depth blueprint of...

By: GetProfiles From United States


ListJenny™ is an Australia based company that allows you to search & find emails as well as find sales leads & prospects for you.

By: ListJenny From Australia

The emergence of the internet has changed the way we interact with each other as well as the world. The internet has brought about a communication revolution of sorts, and services like email and social media have only helped further this revolution. We cannot even imagine our world without the internet today. It has become an integral part of our lives. Our online accounts are like our virtual identities and give others a sneak peek into our lives. Online channels like email and social media have helped us to connect and network with people from all over the world. It has given us to explore and understand different perspectives, thereby helping us develop our thought process.

The online marketing space

While these online platforms are a welcome change, they’ve also helped businesses find new ways of marketing products to us. The businesses have access to a good chunk of our data, and they use it to sell products to us. Most of the online marketing techniques are centered on the idea of using user data to map their preferences. While the use of such data for commercial purposes has been a topic of debate for long, one cannot deny the effectiveness of these techniques. The online marketing systems that use these techniques have shown good progress and have helped brands and businesses clock in good sales revenues. Amongst the online marketing techniques used, email marketing is one of the most popular ones.

The importance of emails

Emails are an important channel for communication used for both formal as well as informal interactions. Most of the internet users today have an email id making it a communication channel with the widest reach. As a result of the reach on offer, many businesses and organizations use it for marketing. Email marketing is one of the earliest online marketing techniques deployed by marketers has been around for many years now. However, its reach is not the only reason for its wide-scale popularity. In addition to the reach, it also offers a compelling ROI making it a highly optimized channel for marketing.

The potential that email marketing holds

The platform has the potential but to realize that potential to its fullest organizations needs to deploy the right tools. An email marketing strategy has three stages in general. The first and probably the most crucial, is sourcing emails. There can be several ways in which emails can be sourced. Using web-based forms can be one of them. However, studies from various websites have shown that the method isn’t as effective as one expects it to be. The other way can be the use of email finder tools. The email finder tools automatically detect emails present on a particular web page and record it for the user. The user can then use the email ids to create a dedicated mailing list.

Why use email finder tools?

These email finder tools prove to be very useful for businesses looking to start their email marketing campaigns. There are several email finder tools available in the marketplace, and they come with varying features. Using these email tools is very easy and intuitive. Apart from automatically detecting email ids, these tools also offer users the option of manually searching for email ids by entering domain names. Some of them are also offered in various forms, such as browser extensions and as an add-on with other tools. Apart from finding emails, these tools also provide additional capabilities such as bulk mailing and email verification services.

What makes them a must-have?

The email finder tools offer an innovative way of sourcing emails and help businesses scale their email marketing campaigns. The pricing for these tools varied, and users get the option of choosing between various packages. Some of them also offer free services, albeit for a limited time.


What is the authenticity of the email ids found using these tools?

The email ids sourced by these tools are compiled using various sources and offer high accuracy. However, there have been instances where information obtained by these tools has turned out to be incorrect. 

How secure are these tools?

Most of the email finder tools offered in the marketplace are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offer standard security features.

Are there any alternatives to these tools?

Yes there are a number of alternatives available. Some of the alternatives are web forms, feedback forms, and newsletter sign-ups.