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Skydesk is an office automation utility suite that contains various utilities that makes a variety of processes smoother and more efficient. It includes modules that accelerate various business processes and reduce human intervention required to perform mundane tasks. The utilities provided are easy to use, secure and conserve your time.

Top SKYDESK Alternatives
  • Salesforce
  • Act
  • Close
  • boostr
  • Sortd
  • Kapture CRM
  • OroCRM
  • ShootQ
  • edrone
  • EngageBay
  • Agile CRM
  • Thryv
  • CompanyHub
  • Interspire
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Top SKYDESK Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By:, inc From USA
Based on 843 Votes


Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

By: Close
Based on 14 Votes


By: boostr


Sortd is a Gsuite for Gmail that helps to organize the emails under various levels of the workflow.

By: Sortd
Based on 11 Votes

Kapture CRM

Kapture is a CRM software that helps you by centralizing your customer data so that all teams can easily access them.

By: Adjetter Media
Based on 7 Votes


OroCRM provides multiple options for continuity of business activities with efficient customer links...

By: Oro, Inc
Based on 8 Votes


It is built to ease the woes of the photographers and streamline their business operations...

By: ShootQ
Based on 13 Votes


edrone provides full-fledged options to reach out to prospective customers and extract useful information to...

By: edrone
Based on 2 Votes


Their main motive is to connect with the visitors and convert them into customers by...

By: EngageBay
Based on 10 Votes

Agile CRM

It features customizable workflow, telephony, deal milestones, appointment scheduling, eye-candy reports, gamification, lead scoring, cross-channel...

By: Agile CRM Inc From USA
Based on 37 Votes


It prides itself as being one of the best in class management software, primarily aimed...

By: Thryv
Based on 20 Votes


They provide a CRM that is “Easy-as-Excel”, and their software is easy to set...

By: CompanyHub
Based on 15 Votes


It helps in creating such emails that lead to profit...

By: Interspire
Based on 15 Votes

By: You Don't Need a CRM
Based on 12 Votes

SKYDESK Review and Overview

Skydesk is a combination of utilities that together help you automate the processes in various business settings. You get all the details of the tasks you are performing, and you can manage the details of it extensively. It provides three main modules.

The Result Module

The Result module from Skydesk helps to update and publish student results in an effortless and timely manner. It helps you export data from various sources into an excel file with no limit on data. You can add as many rows and columns as you want and modify the information as per your will. Once the result data is ready in an excel file, you can instantly upload it using the result module. The students can see their results from the database by entering their registration number without any hassle. It is highly scalable and secure with quality encryption.

The Gallery Module

The Gallery Module helps you create a photo gallery for your websites.  Once you sign up to Gallery Module, you can create a photo album that can contain as many photos as you want. You can make parent and child albums to describe various hierarchical scenarios. Once the user has added all the albums they need, they can choose to go public with these photos. Going Public can make these photos appear on your website, and you can select their description and how they will be displayed. All the photos are securely stored in the Skydesk database and are always accessible.

The Sales Module

Skydesk's Sales Module can help you accelerate sales processes and automate various parts of it. It can help you gather more leads with its integrations with various lead generation systems and enables you to track customers and leads in real-time so that you can increase sales. It shows all the information at a single place by means of an intuitive dashboard. All the data is highly secure and encrypted at all times to prevent theft or loss. The Sales Module also comes with an Android app that can be installed and helps in making the entire system highly portable.

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