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Spredfast is a social media management and social media monitoring platform for modern businesses. It features various software solutions, including social media management, social listening and analytics, social content curation, content marketing, broadcast TV integration, events and in-venue, real-time marketing, social care, social commerce, and social sponsorship. It supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

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Top Spredfast Alternatives and Overview



Crowdfire is a social media management platform which allows managing multiple social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn Etsy and many more.

By: Crowdfire Inc.
Based on 24 Votes


Used by more than 25000 businesses and individuals, the platforms allows to connect Instagram as well as Facebook marketing solutions.

Based on 29 Votes


Manage your Pintrest and Instagram using Tailwind's platform with features such as Scheduling, Marketing, Reporting and Analytics.

By: BridesView, Inc
Based on 7 Votes


By: Grum
Based on 3 Votes


SocialDog is an online application that focuses on social media marketing.

By: AutoScale, Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Postcron is a web based software that provides an online platform which works alongside other social media channels.

By: Postcron
Based on 10 Votes


The platform offers tools explicitly for the social media platform, Instagram...

By: Ingramer


It features social profile groups, automation tools, report builder, Google Analytics integration, branded reports, team...

By: Sendible Ltd. From UK
Based on 10 Votes


Users can control the timing of posts, comments and even use the analytics function to...

By: Onlypult
Based on 6 Votes


It helps them to collaborate and create an effective social media presence by utilizing many...

By: Loomly
Based on 36 Votes


Using this nifty tool, all the essential Instagram handles of the company can be managed...

By: Gramto
Based on 1 Vote


By: PromoRepublic OY
Based on 13 Votes

Sked Social

By: Dialogue Consulting
Based on 17 Votes


By: SocialBee
Based on 15 Votes

Follow Liker

It helps in automating the tasks involved in social media operations...

By: Follow Liker
Based on 1 Vote

Spredfast Review and Overview

Spredfast is an online social media management software designed for large and medium-sized organizations. It primarily offers social services like social listening, media analytics, while allowing its users to creatively design and publish media campaigns across various social media channels. It provides additional security and monitoring features to measure its reach across multiple social media streams. Also, it manages, aggregates and evaluates media metrics and accounts across several platforms to observe and detect an overall business impact. Altogether, it aims to balance the visibility and control over the channels and marketplace to promote a constant brand voice and effects across the social presence. While the primary objective is to implement Spredfast across the globe, it, therefore, looks forward to achieving and growing in terms of resources and marketing.


Key partnerships


Key partnerships are a network of suppliers and customers that help the business model continue and grow. Organizations forge partnerships to achieve and optimize their business goals, reduce the risk factor and larger access to resources. These partnerships are critical for an organization to execute the key activities and contribute to the business models. These partnerships support product development, new integrations, and meeting client needs. Also, partnerships are useful in several factors including- revenue, competitors, financials, market knowledge, subsidiaries, and more key management roles.


Unlimited real-time social data


Real-time social data refers to a holistic, customer-focused, flexible and global relevant social information about people worldwide. The value of the social data continues to grow as many enterprises seek to work in cost-effective ways to utilize the data to achieve a better understanding of customer’s insights, opinions, interests, and provide them with unique products and valuable returns. Social media channels offer an exclusive way to learn about customers’ likes, dislikes, actions, and valuable behavioral data patterns. It provides a convenient to the organizations to make the best use by applying a model to combine social data with business data to produce a unique and long term customer relationships.


Media and campaign management


Media management is a practice of directing and controlling social media activities with related business operations that include management roles, the entertainment industry, and various other important teams. While on the other hand, campaign management includes developing a price policy as well as sales strategies to evaluate products and services offered to the customers for the effectiveness. This feature helps to determine the desired results and goals are met.

Company Information

Company Name: Spredfast

Company Address: 200 W Cesar Chavez Suite 600, Austin, Texas, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Campaign Creation
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Content Management
  • Content Collaboration
  • Image Editing
  • Social Media Targetting
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Customer Engagement
  • Community Management
  • Customer Connectivity
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Conversation History Analysis
  • Audience Engagement
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Report Customization
  • Post Publishing
  • Social Networking
  • Social Media Listening
  • CRM Integration Support
  • Content Publishing
  • Viewers Engagement
  • Social Relationship Management
  • Social Content Curation
  • Broadcast TV Integration
Content Strategy
  • Content Planning
Editorial Services
  • Content Optimization
Core Features
  • Content Marketing