By: Edistorm Inc.

Stormboard is an online brainstorming and planning tool that allows users to brainstorm, organize and manage their ideas and thoughts on a real-time whiteboard. It supports online brainstorming and collaboration between multiple users situated remotely. The team can post doubts and clarifications on single comment thread on the ideas and can also poll on favorite ideas. Its comprehensive reporting feature provides better insight to the user, with an ability to export to .xls format for further analysis. It has an inbuilt library of templates. Both templates and reports can be customized to suit business needs. Users can add their ideas in sticky notes and post them online for other users to vote and comments. This allows users to filter the best ideas and take appropriate actions on them. Some of its benefits include easy-to-use interface, easy idea capture, real-time collaboration, remote connectivity, and more.

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Top Stormboard Alternatives
  • Inspiration
  • XMind
  • MindMeister
  • MindManager
  • MindNode
  • iMindMap
  • Scapple
  • MindView
  • WiseMapping
  • TheBrain
  • MindMaple
  • SimpleMind
  • SpiderScribe
  • MindGenius
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Top Stormboard Alternatives and Overview



Inspiration is a graphic tool used to create mind maps, diagrams, map views, presentations, and much more.

By: Inspiration Software, Inc. From USA


XMind is used by thousands of people to mind interactive maps to manage and simplify complex projects and to get the work organized.

By: XMind Ltd. From Hong Kong
Based on 10 Votes


MindMeister is simple and intuitive mind mapping software used by people at schools, businesses and homes to mind maps for plans & strategies.

By: MeisterLabs GmbH From Germany
Based on 11 Votes


MindManager is a popular mind mapping software used by many organizations and individuals to create mind maps for brainstorming, project management, event planning, meeting planning, business planning and entries collaboration.

By: Mindjet LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes
5 is used by schools, businesses and universities to create colorful mind maps online for brainstorming and generation of ideas.

By: LKCollab, LLC From USA
Based on 3 Votes


MindNode is a mind mapping tool used to create mind maps for people to organize their thoughts and to brainstorm.

By: IdeasOnCanvas GmbH From Austria
Based on 15 Votes


Users can capture ideas and notes anywhere, manage and develop these ideas in a visualize...

By: OpenGenius Limited From UK
Based on 23 Votes


The dashboard is like a text editor where users can write down notes anywhere on...

By: Literature & Latte Ltd. From UK
Based on 1 Vote


Its MS Office integration feature allows users to import & export data easily between MS...

By: MatchWare Inc. From USA


It is a simple to use, web based platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime...

By: The Buzan Organisation, Ltd. From Argentina
Based on 8 Votes


The software allows users to take notes of ideas as soon as they come in...

By: TheBrain Technologies LP From USA


The software can be used for managing projects, concept mapping, task scheduling and brainstorming tasks...

By: MindMaple Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It also allows synchronizations of maps across all compatible platforms to enable access anywhere, anytime...

By: Software & Consulting B.V. From Netherlands
Based on 2 Votes


It supports multiple data formats, including files, text, image, calendar events, locations, etc...

By: Disarea LLC From USA


It is an efficient way to create, visualize and use ideas and data for making...

By: MindGenius Ltd. From UK
Based on 16 Votes

Stormboard Review and Overview

A few years ago, a meeting was referred to as a conversation between the head and the employees, which was often headed singly by the boss; employees just listened to them. But talk of the town today is something called online brainstorming, which is illustrated as sharing and developing each other's ideas together, but online. Stormboard provides you with its distinctly efficient electronic version of a whiteboard - all its features will make your meetings fun for sure!

Prioritize your work

With its easy looking help kit, it bestows you to organize all of your work in one place. It rises the best of your ideas hastily on the top, and groups ideas together, which are akin to each other. Its smart artificial intelligence also removes duplicate insights to steer clear of the overcrowding of your customized board. You can also export your Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint reports and assignments straightforwardly from the board itself.

Why Wait for the Meeting?

Ideas can hit you anytime, anywhere. StormBoard lets you give your thoughts proper storage before it goes out of your head. You no longer have to demand a meeting of the whole team to discuss and share your ideas with everybody. You can add sticky notes, customize your concept with the appealing features available to you on the board, and relax! Yoideadea is ready to be shared with your teammates. This is the efficiency of the software; it succors you to expand your network within a minute.

Yoideadea is only yours!

While online brainstorming, people usually have a fear of losing their exquisite ideas while sharing it online.StormBoard dispatches your data over a 226 bank-grade secure sockets layer, which vanishes all the fright of data theft that a user might have. Also, it comes up with a feature of instant meeting notes, which allows the meeting head to circulate the salient elements of the meeting after it is wrapped up, hence helping you ensure that you don't miss anything important!

Company Information

Company Name: Edistorm Inc.

Company Address: Canadian Office, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

Core Features
  • Multiple Storm Administrators
  • Unlimited Storms
  • Documents Supported
  • Sub-Storms Creation
  • Custom Templates
  • Editing Ideas
  • Adding Text Notes
  • Adding Photos & Videos
  • Adding Sketches
  • Adding Index Cards
  • Legend Color Palettes
  • Line Connector
  • Custom Titles
  • Custom Templates
  • SSL Security
  • Basic Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Exporting Ideas
  • Importing Ideas