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TeamPassword provides secure password management software for teams, which allows you to manage and share your passwords securely. It features mobile/browser extension, click to fill, groups and sharing, search and filtering, copy username/password, local encryption, host-proof security, and more. It is provided by TeamPassword Inc., a company founded in 2012 and based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Top TeamPassword Alternatives and Overview



RoboForm offers a top-rated password manager software, which allows you to automatically and securely fill in forms and passwords in the websites that you visit.

By: Siber Systems, Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Dashlane is a free password manager software provided by Dashlane Inc., a company founded in 2009 and based in New York, USA.

By: Dashlane, Inc From USA


LastPass provides four digital security tools in one simple software package: password manager, random password generator, secure digital wallet, and auto-form filler.

By: Marvasol, Inc. From USA
Based on 74 Votes

Abine Blur

Abine Blur is more than a password manager which provides many tools to manage your password, privacy and secure your online identity.

By: Abine Inc.,


KeePass is a free and open-source password management software that is available for all desktop platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, and more.

By: From Germany
Based on 36 Votes


Keeper provides a secure password manager and digital vault that prevents any hacker from stealing your sensitive information.

By: Keeper Security, Inc. From USA


It works with the latest version of browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and...

By: Kemesa-Passpack Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes

Zoho Vault

It features password organization and storage, password sharing, direct login, ownership and roles, strong encryption...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 34 Votes


It features password management and organization, real-time management, integration, AES-256 encryption, compliance mandate, disaster recovery...

By: Thycotic Software Ltd From USA


The software is built with high security in mind and offer AES-256 bit end to...

By: 8bit Solutions LLC
Based on 22 Votes


It features offline copy, import/export, mobile version, direct logins, one-time passwords, anonymous account, zero data...

By: Clipperz Srl From Italy
Based on 1 Vote


It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Chrome...

By: SplashData, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


It features a simple auto-login, streamlined checkout, flexible access, secure account sharing, encrypted notes, secure...

By: PasswordBox Inc. From Canada


Maxthon Passkeeper is not the best in the features, but...

By: Maxthon.


It features unlimited apps, secure vault, mobile apps, secure encryption, two-factor authentication, online threat protection...

By: LogMeIn, Inc. From USA

TeamPassword Review and Overview

Working in a corporate world stipulates you to be involved with various teams on different projects. This also demands multiple logins of the team members on various platforms. This generates the need for an organizer that could manage all those accounts and their passwords within itself. Well, Team Password fulfills all these requirements by centralizing all your essential data that is accessible with just a click!

Management at its best

Team Password’s unique cloud-based interface allows you to handle multiple logins by keeping your data on its safe servers. Once done you don’t have to remember login id and password every time you need to use your account. You can then navigate through all your accounts with just a click.

Easy usage

The software allows you to form groups to share account details with the team members. If you don’t want to share the details with a specific person, you can remove them from the group within a second. Just a click of a button can also generate an auto password for you, which of course, you don’t have to recall as it would be saved in their cloud!

Secure Recourse

Possessing such delicate information comes with a palpable responsibility of securing it and ensuring that it is not misused or is out of the reach of any third party. Team Password, with its secure encryption technology, holds the two-step verification process and encrypts the data twice before placing it in their servers, thus assuring that the data is in safe hands.

Company Information

Company Name: TeamPassword, Inc

Company Address: 3500 Boston St, Ste 323, Baltimore, MD, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

Core Features
  • Web Extensions
  • Mobile Extensions
  • Browser Extensions
  • Password Management
  • Automatic Logins
  • One-click Autofilling
  • Adding Groups
  • Sharing to Groups
  • Search and Filtering
  • Copy Login Details
  • Encrypted Locally
  • Transmitted Encrypted
  • Hosting and Security
  • Host Proof
  • AES-256 Bit Security