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Thycotic provides an enterprise password management software with secret server architecture. It features password management and organization, real-time management, integration, AES-256 encryption, compliance mandate, disaster recovery, and more. It is provided by Thycotic, a company founded in 1996 and headquartered in Washington, USA. It provides various solutions, including IT security, compliance, and privileged account management.

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  • RoboForm
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Top Thycotic Alternatives and Overview



RoboForm offers a top-rated password manager software, which allows you to automatically and securely fill in forms and passwords in the websites that you visit.

By: Siber Systems, Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Dashlane is a free password manager software provided by Dashlane Inc., a company founded in 2009 and based in New York, USA.

By: Dashlane, Inc From USA


LastPass provides four digital security tools in one simple software package: password manager, random password generator, secure digital wallet, and auto-form filler.

By: Marvasol, Inc. From USA
Based on 74 Votes

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a secure password manager and form filler software that is easy to use, completely secure, and help to save your time.

By: Lamantine Software, a.s. From Czech Republic
Based on 17 Votes

Abine Blur

Abine Blur is more than a password manager which provides many tools to manage your password, privacy and secure your online identity.

By: Abine Inc.,


KeePass is a free and open-source password management software that is available for all desktop platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, and more.

By: From Germany
Based on 36 Votes


It features multi-factor authentication, login auto-filling, secure file storage, data sync across all platforms, secure...

By: Keeper Security, Inc. From USA


It works with the latest version of browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and...

By: Kemesa-Passpack Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes

Zoho Vault

It features password organization and storage, password sharing, direct login, ownership and roles, strong encryption...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 34 Votes


The software is built with high security in mind and offer AES-256 bit end to...

By: 8bit Solutions LLC
Based on 22 Votes


It features offline copy, import/export, mobile version, direct logins, one-time passwords, anonymous account, zero data...

By: Clipperz Srl From Italy
Based on 1 Vote


It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Chrome...

By: SplashData, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


It features a simple auto-login, streamlined checkout, flexible access, secure account sharing, encrypted notes, secure...

By: PasswordBox Inc. From Canada


It features mobile/browser extension, click to fill, groups and sharing, search and filtering, copy username/password...

By: TeamPassword, Inc From USA
Based on 37 Votes


Maxthon Passkeeper is not the best in the features, but...

By: Maxthon.

Thycotic Review and Overview

Today, technology surrounds us in every sphere of life. But with modern technology comes the need for sufficient resources to be protected against cyber attacks. Prioritizing cybersecurity can become a make or break point for your organization. While most businesses take care of publicized cyber attacks, they often forget to pay heed to privileged access-related connections that serve as the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets. It has made way for major security breaches in recent years.  It is, therefore, crucial to have a reliable private access management solution like Thycotic to cultivate remote work culture without compromising security.   

An all-in-one privilege access manager

Trusted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide, Thycotic is a fully-featured solution for the management of privileged access and threat intelligence. It has all the features for greylisting, whitelisting, and blacklisting applications along with help desk support so that you never have to worry about a breach. You can manage and customize network devices and multiple networks, even in distributed environments, all at the same time with Thycotic. Plus, you also get innovative auditing and reporting tools that enable you to understand privileged behavior and threat analytics, thus, offering a holistic PAM experience.

The secret server protects your privileged accounts

The Thycotic secret server, available both on-premise or in the cloud, helps you identify privileged accounts, monitor service accounts, vault credentials, manage secrets, as well as track and record all sessions. The cloud solution is highly scalable and lets you start right away without hardware or infrastructure costs or maintenance overheads. On the other hand, the on-premise solution gives you full administration power over your infrastructure and security systems for in-house deployment of the enterprise-grade PAM software. It is easy to use and fit for organizations of all sizes.

Cloud access controller on a central dashboard

Any PAM solution that slows you down isn’t the right solution. This is why Thycotic, with its cost-effective, powerful, and intuitive features, strives to accomplish an ever-improving time to value while protecting your privileged accounts. The highly-available cloud-based architecture of Thycotic integrates the full redundancy and latest threat management updates from Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to deliver a 99.9% uptime and give you maximum security. You can easily grant and revoke access to IaaS platforms and SaaS applications or databases for remote workers and third parties, and exercise granularity for the same without agents or VPNs.

Company Information

Company Name: Thycotic Software Ltd

Company Address: 1101 17th Street NW, Suite 1102, Washington, DC, USA

Founded in: 1996

Top Features

  • Active Directory
  • Application Server API
  • Cisco Enable
  • CRM Integration
  • Firefox Addons
  • HSM Integration
  • PowerShell Integration
  • Qualys Integration
  • Remote Desktop Launcher
  • SAML Integration
  • Secret Import
  • Session Recording
  • Web Password Filler
  • Windows Form Filler
  • Advanced Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Bulk Operations
  • Network Passwords
  • Managing Groups
  • Password History
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Search and Browse
  • AES 256 Encryption
  • Double Lock
  • FIPS 140 Compliance
  • IP Restrictions
  • Password Generation
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • SHA-512 Hashing
  • SSH Proxying and Keystroke
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Automatic Backups
  • Clear Text Export
  • Database Mirroring
  • Unlimited Admin
Real-time Management
  • Check Out Passwords
  • Distributed Engine
  • Event Subscriptions
  • Expire Secrets
  • Manage Service Accounts
  • Remote Agent
  • Request Access
  • Security Hardening
  • Session Monitoring
  • Session Recording
  • SMTP Alerts