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Provides the best SEO and PPC tools for your website in one simple platform. Allows you to organize all projects in one place for easier access.

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Top Topvisor Alternatives
  • RankWatch
  • Rank Ranger
  • SERPs
  • Agency Analytics
  • AccuRanker
  • Serpfox
  • Pro Rank Tracker
  • AuthorityLabs
  • Rank Tracker
  • Norrth
  • SEO Rank Monitor
  • SERPWoo
  • RankTrackr
  • RankSonic
  • Rankinity
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Top Topvisor Alternatives and Overview



RankWatch online marketing software gives a complete analysis of user website along with current search engine rankings of all target keywords.

By: RankWatch , Inc. From India
Based on 10 Votes

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a powerful SEO tool mainly used for tracking the ranks of websites and keywords.

By: Rank Ranger, LLC From USA
Based on 5 Votes


SERPs rank tracking software has been designed for daily rank tracking and analytics of websites.

By: SERPs, Inc. From USA

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics (formerly MySEOTool) is an all-in-one marketing platform designed for SEO agencies and consultants.

By: Agency Analytics From ON


AccuRanker is another keyword tracking platform which doesn’t just track keywords for search engine rankings but also track other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

By: RocketMill From UK
Based on 18 Votes


Serpfox automatically tracks and updates the rankings of all keywords of customers’ websites on regular basis.

By: Serpfox

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker makes sure that the rankings are accurate and updated regularly so...

By: Pro Rank Tracker From Israel


The tool shows accurate and reliable keyword ranks and performance insights automatically...

By: AuthorityLabs, LLC From USA
Based on 6 Votes

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker dashboard allows users to keep track of many things such as, daily website...

By: RankTracker From UK
Based on 1 Vote


The software automatically updates keyword ranking results every day so that users can see the...

By: From USA

SEO Rank Monitor

It is a fast, reliable and accurate rank checking tool that comes packed with several...

By: From Netherlands
Based on 3 Votes


Find out which website is moving up or down for which keyword and identify the...

Based on 2 Votes


Accuracy, speed and simplicity are some of the strongest aspects of this software that ensure...

By: Kundi d.o.o From Slovenia
Based on 12 Votes


RankSonic allows users to track hundreds or thousands of keywords and phrases daily and gives...



The software allows users to track the ranks of hundreds of keywords instantly in local...

By: Rankinity
Based on 1 Vote

Topvisor Review and Overview

Advertising campaigns are now as common as cherries in the Black Forest and macaroni at Naples. To make your campaign stand out of the rest in this present era and to promote your campaign in the web search results, you need to carefully choose your keywords, evaluate the effectiveness of them, analyze and monitor the campaign.

Are you feeling messed up a bit? Well, TopVisor provides you state of the art tools for managing your entire campaign(s). Imagine the immense productive workflow you can achieve from a single dashboard featuring all necessary tools for managing all of your projects. Well, TopVisor provides you with just a perfect one.

User Assistance

If you are facing any problem, be well assured that it will get solved in no time, if you are calling to our support service. It is because all employees in the company can see your call at the same time, and become aware of your problem.

Not only does our support team solve your related issues but it also provides you with ideas on how to effectively use the tools. We are incomplete without your feedback. It is you who help us in creating what we are today. We thank you, users, heartily in helping us regularly publishing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other public platforms.

Secure transaction with legal entities

Contracts get concluded online within a few clicks. The generation of accounts and acts is done automatically. Security and fail-proof transaction are achieved by electronic document management with counterparties. Debit card/ Credit card payment mode is also available.

Store your data sanguinely

In case your laptop gets lost or shutdown of computer takes place, you can still recover all useful data related to all of your projects, analysis results, and related data. Copies of present projects, search queries are stored in the server almost instantaneously which remains as it is.

In this manner, you can fetch any previous data from the server from anywhere in the world and this helps you in the recovery of accidentally deleted projects and search queries.

Adaptability enhanced with cloud storage

Topvisor makes sure that you do not have to worry about accessing your data in anyway. In case of loss of device or a technical breakdown of the device, Topvisor has made the data accessible from anywhere and through any device, via cloud storage.

Effective backup facilities

The company provides for a very efficient backup plan. Backups are regularly and very often stored so that one does not have to worry about losing any data. All keywords, ranking history, keyword data and projects are stored permanently by the company. In case of any technical glitch or failure, one can always take access of their data.

TopVisor API

TopViser API comes with integrated ready-made features to test your queries. Getting familiarized with the TopVisor API is very easy. It comes with a convenient newbie format.

All you need to do is to create an account and pay a minimum amount to get the API key. You can

Pre-defined methods and format

Topvisor is equipped with user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand methods to get you started. Frequently asked queries and a help, called the Explorer API to help the users understand the working and procedures of the service has been provided.

Find all your work in one place

Topvisor provides for an easy integration of all projects, including keyword checks, ranking in search results, history, managing campaigns and keeping track of the analysis. A very useful service for e-maketers, web analysts and the tech savvy.

Trusted customer support service

To help its users with the know-how of the service, Topvisor employees are very much available. All kinds of queries, glitches and inconvenience is immediately tended to in matter of minutes. Customers and their satisfaction is its first priority.


Company Information

Company Name: Topvisor Co., Ltd.