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Topvisor is all-in-one SEO and PPC tools created by Topvisor Co., Ltd., a company based in Thailand. The company offers various SEO tools, ranging from rank tracker to website watcher, with swift and easy to use user interface. The focus of this company is to provide all the automation tools necessary for SEO specialists and online marketers to have the upper hand in their business.

Rank Tracker Tool

Rank tracker is one of the many primary SEO tools provided by Topvisor to allow webmasters and SEO specialists to keep an eye of their website rank accurately in real time. The platform allows them to watch their website ranking in multiple search engines at the same time, including Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Sputnix. With this tool, you can also track multiple domains and pages and track their rank side-by-side. With this feature, you can compare your website ranking with the rank of your competitors.

Comprehensive Keyword Research Tool

This company provides a highly comprehensive keyword research tool that can help you to increase your chance to get the best keywords to be included in your website content. Since your chosen keywords affect the rank of your website, it is important for you to use this keyword research tool to find out which keywords are best to be placed on your website. It combines keyword insights from various popular keyword research tools, such as Bing Keyword Research Tool, Google Keyword Planner, and Yandex Wordstat. This gives every page of your website the best power to rank high in the search engines.

Website Auditor Tool

The website auditor tool allows you to examine every aspect of your website, with the highest accuracy. It can uncover various problems with your site indexing to ensure that there are no issues that prevent your website from getting indexed in the search engines. It is important to know that with slight issues in your site structure, for example, it can slow down the indexing process of your website and prevent it from getting higher ranking than the competitors. In order for you to be able to rank high in the search engine, you have to ensure that all SEO aspects of your website are clear of any problems.

Mobile App

Aside from being available on the web, you can also download the mobile version of Topvisor, so that you can perform various SEO tasks right from your iOS devices. The app integrates seamlessly with the web version of the software, and it helps you to keep track of all your projects on the go. With this simple app, you can use various SEO tools and top up your balance to keep running them automatically. In this way, wherever you are, you still have the total control of your keywords.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Topvisor also includes the accurate keyword suggestion tool for users who want to look for the best keywords to be placed in their website. Many people are having trouble finding the keywords that they should use in their content. But, with this simple tool, you can find various suggested keywords for your content, so that you can place them right into your content and get a quick boost in your search engine ranking. It provides hundreds of keyword suggestions that are taken from big search engine platforms.


If you are looking for the best all-in-one SEO tools, Topvisor can be your best choice. Not only it includes various search engine optimization tools in one platform, it also includes various PPC tools to help you get the best paid traffic for your website as well. This platform is available as a web application and a mobile app, so that you can sync your progress anytime. This is the best tool that you need to manage all of your keywords, as well as keep your website ranking high in the search engines.

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