Demand Side Platform

If you are running an online business with a global audience, your audience is spreading everywhere on the internet. In order to reach them, you have to pick between millions of websites and various different channels just to find the right audience for your business. This process can be complicated, and it may not be cost-effective for your marketing investment.

The demand side platform helps you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by providing a media buying platform that you can use to buy and sell ads automatically, with real-time adjustment based on your marketing performance. This helps to simplify the process of finding the right audience for your business, as well as minimizes the advertising costs that you need to spend in order to reach them.



Acuity is a programmatic marketing platform with real-time data optimization, brand safety technology, and screen agnostic platform.

By: AcuityAds Inc. From Canada

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk provides media buying platform with omni-channel buying capabilities designed specifically for the most sophisticated advertisers.

By: The Trade Desk, Inc. From USA
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AppNexus provides independent DSP advertising software for businesses, which helps you to maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign, investment, and monetization.

By: AppNexus Inc. From USA


Adform provides demand side platform for local data and audience targeting, with premium publishers and inventory.

By: Adform ApS From Denmark


MediaMath helps marketers to activate their audience data, automate their marketing process, and optimize all their audience interaction with TerminalOne Marketing Operating System.

By: Mediamath, Inc. From USA
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Offers a programmatic advertise and media buying platform with cross-channel activation and real-time brand intelligence.

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Simplifi provides a localized programmatic advertising platform that helps you to optimize your audience in real time, maximize the performance of your ad campaigns, and be the top digital advertiser for your audience.

By: Simplifi Holdings, Inc. From USA


StackAdapt provides native advertising demand side platform designed for enterprises, with engagement optimization and branded content discovery.

By: StackAdapt Inc. From Canada
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Epom self-serve DSP provides advertisers ​with a ​powerful platform for programmatic & transparent media buying.

By: Epom Market From Ukraine
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PocketMath provides real-time bidding platform designed for mobile advertisers, which allows you to buy advertising in various mobile platforms and devices.

By:, Inc. From Singapore
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LiveIntent provides a programmatic ad buying platform that allows you to reach engaged audience worldwide, with powerful advertising technology.

By: Live Intent Inc From USA
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Bluagile provides self-serve real-time buying ad platform that gives you access to billions of mobile and web impressions worldwide.

By: The Content Annex, LLC From USA


Xaxis Prime provides a demand side platform that helps publishers and advertisers to reach their audience and scale their marketing process.

By: Xaxis, Inc. From USA

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel provides programmatic advertising and media buying platform with a unique moment-scoring approach, which allows you to recognize moments that help to achieve your marketing goals.

By: Rocket Fuel Inc From USA


Cadreon provides digital marketing platform that helps you to reach the most profitable audience with the integration of data, intelligence, inventory, and technology.

By: Cadreon, LLC From USA


Turn provides digital hub technology for marketers, which helps you to maximize the success of your ad campaign with combination of integrated platforms, powerful technology, and one ecosystem.

By: Turn Inc. From USA


IgnitionOne provides integrated media buying platform that helps to handle complex marketing data with simplified marketing technology.

By: IgnitionOne, Inc. From USA

Millennial Media

Millennial Media provides mobile advertising solutions for performance marketers, brands, and agencies, with targeting, creative ad formats, and measurement.

By: Millennial Media Inc. From USA


Offers a demand side platform with programmatic buying technology for various channels, including display, video, and native advertising.

By: BrightRoll Inc From USA


Fiksu provides mobile demand side platform with real-time buying feature that allows you to achieve your mobile marketing goals.

By: Fiksu, Inc. From USA


Avazu provides one of the largest demand side platforms in the world that offers effective re-targeting, large database of potential audience, innovative media exchange, and customized ad creative.

By: Avazu Inc. From China


This is a programmatic advertising platform that helps you to use your marketing data to create more efficient media investments and maximize your marketing ROI.

By: DataXu, Inc. From USA
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AdGear provides real-time ad platform that allows you to reach new audiences in mobile, display, and video channels, with real-time cloud infrastructure.

By: AdGear Technologies Inc. From Canada


RadiumOne provides a demand side platform and channel marketing software that help you to enable the delivery of optimized ads in real time across various channels.

By: RadiumOne, Inc. From USA

Specific Media

This company provides people-based media buying platform that allows you to target your audience based on their purchase history, reach millions of worldwide audience, and reach your customers directly without using cookies.

By: Specific Media LLC From USA

Accordant Media

The company offers a programmatic media advertising platform, with transparency, proprietary technology, and brand safety management.

By: Accordant Media, LLC From USA


Taykey is a DSP that delivers your ads based on what is trending for your audience.

By: Taykey Inc. From USA

Buyer Cloud

Buyer Cloud provides the platform that can be used by brands to find and reach their audience with their marketing message, as well as build brand engagement, acquire more customers, and deliver real results.

By: The Rubicon Project, Inc. From USA


Offers a platform that helps marketers to invest more effectively in various programmatic digital media.

By: Brzx Pty Ltd From Australia


This is an online self-serve advertising platform that allows you to simplify, optimize, verify, analyze, and coordinate your marketing data in one integrated platform.

By: ExactDrive, Inc From USA
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Merchenta provides white-label DSP programmatic advertising platform designed specifically for marketers and agencies, which help you to boost your sales and improve your customer engagement.

By: Merchenta Limited From UK


G4Native offers personalized advertising and native re-targeting solution that allows you to deliver your personalized ads directly via the content that your customers value the most.

By: G4 Native Inc From USA


1Advertising is one of the leading Europe based DSP (demand-side platform) engaged in mobile advertising.

By: 1Advertising Global GmbH. From Germany

Gone are the days which needed only tons of networking skills and a showcase of your extrovert self to succeed in advertising. Getting the word out about your business no longer relies solely on the long-drawn process of human to human interactions that involved the hassle of negotiations, meetings, manual insertion orders, and contracts. A game-changer in this regard has been programmatic advertising and the advent of demand-side and supply-side platforms. Right from the comfort of your couch, you can instantly reach your desired audience base without having to wait for days or weeks.

What is a Demand Side   Platform (DSP)?

Demand Side platform is a software that automates the process of buying, selling, and publishing of advertisements on the internet. Used by advertisers and agencies, they can deal with mobile, video, search, and display ads wherever the ad publisher has marked out an ad inventory to be shown to their audience. Typically, advertisers are buying impressions in the process and targeting only specific users instead of sending their ads across any and every internet user haphazardly. Agencies dealing with the Demand Side Platform technology can have their own buying platforms called trading desks or focus on particular channels such as a mobile platform or video ads. Major vendors are Invite Media from Google, AppNexus, AlephD, X+1, Turn, MediaMath, DataXu, among others.

DSP and programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising has been an increasingly popular field of marketing in recent years. It employs complex algorithms to publish ads to the website visitor contextually after the das has been bought and sold with the software. Real-time bidding takes place through the Demand Side Platform, and together with the Supply Side Platform, it makes up the concept of online programmatic advertising. The advertisers share the ad content and design, such as banner graphics with the DSP. Then, they specify their target audience and the price for the ad. Bidding war or auction ensues when a prospect lands on the website page, with the algorithms deciding which ad to display to the visitor. Taking into account details like time of visit, their browsing history, and the IP address, the advertiser with the highest bid gets the trophy, all without any human salesperson's interaction.

Displaying ads across multiple platforms

When you are advertising through Google Display Network or Facebook Ads, you are looking for impressions only on the particular platform of Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Demand Side Platforms take you a step ahead and let you buy and manage ads more than one of these platforms from a single place. An ad-exchange is involved in the process where publishers list their inventory on the Supply Side Platform, which in turn communicates with the Demand Side Platform to give all purchase details from the publisher. Depending on the value of the impression to a bidder and the budget involved, you can reach the visitors who'll be valuable to your business.  

Demand Side Platforms v/s ad networks

While Demand Side Platforms primarily serve the same purpose as ad networks, they can be used to optimize marketing campaigns more effectively. From an assortment of inventory to audience targeting capabilities, DSPs, however, are singular tools that take care of purchasing, serving, and tracking of ads. Most online ad space today is an accumulation of features from a typical DSP and ad network. There's real-time bidding as well as buying and reselling of ads at a premium price.

What good does hefty investment get you?

While Demand Side Platforms are meant to be cost-efficient, they do not come without a high amount of investment. Expert marketers say that you're looking at an expenditure of at least a couple thousand dollars a month in advertising. But, if you have the budget, it is money well spent. Undoubtedly, it is a more efficient process, and you can do away with unreliable manual work for ad rate negotiations or ad insertion orders. You can establish a global reach across multiple channels, all from a central point of action. With DSPs partnering with data providers, you can as much information as possible without affecting the privacy of your target audience.  It improves the ad targeting and verification process, giving users a more personalized ad experience that, in turn, leads to more conversions for your business. You also get compressive reports with real-time analytics across all your advertisement sources to drive better-strategized ad campaigns.