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Correctly written copy of any content is utmost important for professional copywriting to a research paper or press releases. Here are some leading grammar corrector software that can help achieve this with ease.


An accurate grammar checking tool that you can use to ensure that...

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Provides one of the best and most comprehensive writing tools for any type of writers, with lots of features to enhance your writing.

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Ginger Software

Ginger is a simple and complete grammar checker tool that helps you to fix the mistakes in your writing instantly, with maximum accuracy that is better than the regular MS Word proofreader.

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Offers a complete grammar-checker tool in two different versions: Writer and Anywhere...

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Phrase Express

Phrase Express is a tool designed as an auto-text or template insertion tool available on multiple platforms like Windows and Mac computers and iOS devices.

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While this software has been used by lots of authors, and it offers a reasonable rate per month, you can still find some other good editing tools out there.

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StyleWriter offers a standalone software to polish your writing in a simple way.

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CorrectEnglish helps you to correctly use English in your writing, which means that you can ensure there are no mistakes in your writing when you use this software.

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Analyze AcademicHelp

Provides a thorough analysis for your written paper assignments, as well as for any document that you want to publish anywhere.


Grammar Checker Software Buying Guide

Why grammar checker software is important? Why can't you rely on your usual grammar checking tool in your word processor software? That is mainly because a good grammar checking software can do much more than what a proofreading tool in a word processing software can do. A good grammar checker software is usually made to improve your overall writing quality. Thus, it is made to thoroughly inspect your writing and create an accurate assessment of your writing quality. It also helps to pinpoint your grammatical, spelling, and other writing mistakes that you have made.

Importance of Checking Grammar

You might think that it is not important to use a grammar checker software in your business. But, the answer might surprise you. It is very important to use a grammar checker software in your business, because the quality of your content is the primary factor that builds your brand. If your content is full of grammatical errors, your audience may look at your business as bogus or untrustworthy. If you are selling a product, and your advertising copy is full of grammatical mistakes, then you can be sure that no one is buying your product. Why? That is because they don’t consider your business as professional and trustworthy, and thus, they don’t trust your product.

To find the best grammar checking tool is quite tricky. Each tool has their own algorithm and each tool offers a different way of checking your grammatical errors. Thus, it is quite possible that while one tool may consider your text free of grammatical errors, another tool may consider it full of grammar errors. This might be confusing sometimes, but it is always better for you to pick the best tool and stick with it. Moreover, you should avoid relying heavily on your word processor software, as it is not equipped with a robust proofreading tool. Thus, you should always rely on a third-party grammar checker tool to do the work in editing your writing. How to choose the best grammar checker tool for your business?

Thorough Grammar Checking Features

Some grammar checker tools only offer one sole function, which is to analyze the grammatical mistakes within your text. If the tool only offers this function, it may not be enough to ensure that your writing is free from mistakes. There are many other possible writing mistakes that you can make, such as punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, word choice, and others. These mistakes can contribute into your business image if you ignore them for a long time. Thus, you need a grammar checker software that offers thorough grammar checking features, such as punctuation check, spelling check, sentence structure check, translation check, synonym check, and so on.

Web-Based vs. Desktop Software

Some grammar checker tools are offered as web-based software, while others can be downloaded and installed on your desktop. You need to understand the difference. The web-based software usually offers subscription plans that you need to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. But, the desktop software might offer a one-time license fee for your software. It means that you don’t need to pay monthly fees for the software each and every month. This can sometimes be an advantage for you, since you only need to invest in the software once, and use it forever. However, the web-based software often provides the latest features and it is always updated, which gives you another advantage. So, choose the software wisely according to your need.

Additional Features

Some grammar checker tools offer features that are only related to grammars. But, other tools may offer additional features that might be useful for you, such as dictionary, thesaurus, plagiarism checker, writing statistics, and so on. Based on the purpose of the software, you need to pick the one that provides the features that you need. Even additional features that seem to be unimportant may prove useful if you can use it correctly. Choose your software wisely, because you might need to stick with it for a long period of time.


While it might be difficult to choose the best grammatical checker tool that you can use for your business, you can pick the best one by looking at three main aspects. First, the software should offer thorough grammar checking features that help to improve the overall quality of your writing. Second, you need to choose between desktop and web-based software according to your need. And third, you have to pick the one that offers additional features that might be useful for your business.