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Success of any organization, irrespective of its size, is dependent mainly on the people engaged with it. Employees are an asset, and organizations need to strategize policies so as to get the best performance from their workforce. The daily churn of the human resource tasks is demanding, and it takes away the attention of the businesses from its core competencies. In such scenarios, outsourcing Human Resource services comes to the rescue.

Below are listed top HR Service providers, who can help manage complete employee cycle right from screening and hiring, to managing performance and reviews:



Bambee lets you hire dependable HR Manager for as low as $99/month.

By: Bambee, Inc From United States
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Addison administrative & HR services are designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs with their staffing and human resource functions.

By: Addison Group From USA


GMS is an employee management company that offers comprehensive HR administration services to small, medium and large sized businesses.

By: Group Management Services From USA


TriNet is a HR consultant and support service for businesses that want to outsource their human resource to more experienced hands.

By: TriNet Group, Inc. From USA
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Insperity offers quality HR outsourcing services to small and medium-sized businesses.

By: Insperity, Inc. From USA


TPD specializes in workforce and HR solutions for businesses of any size and industry.

By: The Personnel Department Ltd. From Canada


FrankCrum is a customized HR solutions provider also servicing as a professional employer organization for small sized businesses.

By: FrankCrum From USA

Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing specializes in the technology and solutions to offer effective employee and human resource management to client companies.

By: Oasis Outsourcing Holdings, Inc. From USA

Engage PEO

Engage PEO provides effective HR and professional employer services for small and mid-sized businesses.

By: Engage PEO From USA


Nextep is an employee benefit expert, also providing HR outsourcing services for complete employee life-cycle.

By: Nextep, Inc. From USA

G&A Partners

G&A Partners is a human resource outsourcing provider offering wide range of HR services.

By: G&A Partners From USA


ADP offers quality HR (Human Resource) services to small businesses. These services...



Xenium provides flexible human resource solutions for payroll, insurance, benefits, and training to small and medium sized businesses.

By: Xenium HR From USA


Emplicity offers professional HR services through various HR packages that cover most aspects of employee management.

By: Emplicity From USA


CPEhr offers complete employee lifecycle management including consultation, payroll, tax administration, recruitment, benefits, risk, and training.

By: CPEHR, Inc. From USA

Paychex HR

Paychex HR is a human resource service for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

By: Paychex, Inc. From USA

CheckPoint HR

CheckPoint HR develops a tailor-made program including only required human resource management services to its clients.

By: Checkpoint HR, Inc. From USA

Paycor HR

Paycor HR and benefits administration software is built to help businesses with their day-to-day human resources tasks and human capital management.

By: Paycor, Inc From USA


Algentis provides a comprehensive HR technology platform to manage employees easily and quickly.

By: Algentis From USA

Accenture HR BPO

Accenture HR BPO services are designed to help businesses improve HR effectiveness and management while reducing the operating cost.

By: Accenture plc From Ireland

One of the major beneficiaries of the internet revolution has been the HR services industry. The Internet and other advanced connectivity technologies have made it easy for HR professionals to go about their doing their work efficiently without much stress.

Introduction to HR Solutions

Technology has been a major facilitator when it comes to tasks like attendance and employee tracking. As industries and sectors are evolving, so are organizations. Moreover, with the labor shortage experienced by developed countries, organizations in these countries are turning to outsourcing services for fulfilling their requirements. The HR services industry has transformed into a major services industry in the last two decades or so.

Human Resource and outsourcing

There has been a rapid surge in HR services providers, and most of these service providers are based out of South Asian countries. The HR services provided by these service providers make it both operationally as well as financially viable for the organizations, and as a result, they’ve seen a surge in demand. These service providers offer a range of HR-related services starting from recruitment to payroll management and do so at affordable price points. The recent advancements in connectivity technology have further enhanced the effectiveness of these HR services, making them almost indispensable.

Recruitment-related services

Recruitment has been a major area of operation for these HR service providers. Organizations regularly require various types of skilled workers in their organizations. The hiring mechanisms also vary. Some workers are hired on permanent payrolls while others are hired for a temporary period. The final decision of hiring a particular candidate lies with the organization, the other related work leading up to the interview of the candidate is essentially completed by these service providers. For instance, sourcing the right candidates for these interviews is a crucial task generally outsourced to these third-party service providers.

Payroll management

The other essential HR operation, generally outsourced, is payroll maintenance and management. Preparing payrolls is a tedious and time-consuming activity. Moreover, it also requires a dedicated workforce just for doing that. Therefore, outsourcing it to service providers makes more sense as far as the organizations are concerned. The HR service providers are connected to the organization’s database and platforms in real-time and can, therefore, track attendance data continuously. As a result, the preparation process is much more streamlined and requires minimum intervention on the part of the organization. The other major advantage of having a continuously connected system is that there are minimal errors.

Data analysis and talent management

The HR service providers have made work easy for organizations. Apart from offering the services mentioned above, service providers also provide other services such as data analysis and talent management. The additional services provided by them help the organizations in several ways. Data has become an essential part of management these days. For any organization to be competent and successful, they need to be ahead in their data game. The data analysis services on offer are, therefore, a step in this direction and enable organizations to derive more value out of their data. Additionally, the talent management services on offer lead to better employee management and result in happier and satisfied employees. The scalability and affordability provided by the HR service providers have made them an inseparable part of many organizations around the world.