WhatsApp – 33 Interesting Stats and Facts

Instant Messaging has been a big part of the internet ever since the days of AOL and other similar chatrooms. These allowed users to instantly connect to other users, with IM services being the most popular applications even till date. WhatsApp is the latest iteration of the IM application, combining the simplicity of design with … Read more

25 Interesting PayPal Stats and Facts

Anyone who has looked to buy anything online must be familiar with the world’s most popular payment gateway, PayPal. The company was founded in January 2015 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA, right at the heart of Silicon Valley. It was the first significant payment gateway on the internet and was able to capture … Read more

Airbnb 25 Stats and Facts

In 2007, two roommates living in San Francisco couldn’t afford to pay rent. So, they decided to put three air mattresses in their loft, converting it into an area where three people could live for the period of a conference, which had seen all the hotels in the area being booked. The pair also offered … Read more

Crowd Funding – 30 Interesting Stats and Facts

Crowdfunding the method of raising capital for any reason, mostly for the creation of a unique product, via friends, family, individual investors, and the internet community at large. Crowdfunding is usually achieved by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstart, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe. These platforms allow the creators of the product to bring attention to the project, thereby … Read more

Dropbox – 21 Interesting Stats and Facts

Dropbox is a wildly popular service that allows people to upload their documents/photos and even videos to a personal cloud account. This cloud is accessible from anywhere and from any device, letting people having their documents with them at all times. Dropbox makes backing up and restoring files is very easy, and even if your … Read more

Google Maps – 30 Interesting Facts and Stats

If you have used a smartphone in the past 15 years, you must have definitely used Google Maps. For the uninitiated, Maps is a service developed by Google that uses satellite imagery and street-level cameras in order to create very accurate maps of any area. This app works on most phones and is an indispensable … Read more

TikTok – 31 Interesting Stats and Facts

Vine was one of the most used social video sharing platforms when it was still active. Its unique focus on heavily edited short-form videos brought it mass appeal. However, it was shut down in 2016 and left a niche open to be captured. Here is where the Chinese app Douyin came forward to shine. Recognizing … Read more

Super Computers and Quantum Computing – 34 Fun Facts and Statistics

Computers have become ubiquitous in every aspect of our life. They are used for everything from simple tasks like controlling streetlights and powering calculators to extremely complex tasks like charting orbits for space travel. The most complex tasks are performed by extremely powerful computers known as ‘Supercomputers.’ These supercomputers can perform quadrillions of floating-point calculations … Read more

Drones – 17 Amazing Facts and Stats

Drones are autonomous flying vehicles (also known as UAVs, RPAs, etc.) controlled remotely by pilots using a variety of control schemes. Drones are becoming increasingly common due to their declining costs and improved battery life. They are very versatile with their uses from being used to deliver pizzas to being used as lethal killing machines. … Read more