Online Universities

Online degree is an easy, flexible and convenient medium of earning a college degree for people, who do not have enough time for a full-time campus based degree course. Working professionals, adults, and full-time students, who want to earn a degree or certification course, can go for an online university which provides affordable and flexible degree courses. There are hundreds of online universities and colleges run by world’s known universities to offer their high quality degree programs and courses to students online.

Looking for an online university or degree course? Here are some nice suggestions you can choose from.


Liberty University

Liberty University offers professional degrees in various academic programs to students all over the globe through online university website.

By: Liberty University From USA

University of Phoenix is the official online education portal of the University of Phoenix.

By: University of Phoenix, Inc. From USA

Boston University

Boston University is an online platform for students, who want to pursue a course or degree through distant education from a prestigious and accredited university.

By: Boston University From USA

National University

National University is an accredited online college offering bachelor’s degrees and graduation courses to students all over the globe.

By: National University From USA

Walden University

Walden University is an accredited online university offering various online degree programs & courses to students from all over the globe.

By: Walden University, LLC From USA


WGU (Western Governors University) is an online higher education university providing bachelor’s and master’s degree in various academic courses, including teaching, IT, business, nursing, and many more.

By: Western Governors University From USA


UMUC (University of Maryland University College) is an accredited online college for providing recognized and credible professional degrees and certificates to students worldwide.

By: University of Maryland University College From USA

Ashford University

Ashford University is located in Iowa, United States and provides online education through various distance education programs.

By: Ashford University From USA

Capella University

Capella University is an online university offering accredited degree courses and certifications to students and adults.

By: Capella University From USA

Strayer University

Strayer online college is offering degrees and certificates online to those, who cannot attend regular campus courses.

By: Strayer Education, Inc. From USA

Columbia College

Columbia College is an online learning destination for students, who wish to advance their career through higher education.

By: Columbia College From USA

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a reputed online degree college that offers accredited and affordable degrees and certificates in various career-focused fields.

By: Southern New Hampshire University From USA

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is an affordable and accredited online college, offering degrees and professional career training in various fields.

By: Ashworth College From USA

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University (CSU) offers online degree programs and professional courses to students, who want affordable education with flexible timings.

By: Columbia Southern Education Group, Inc. From USA

DeVry University

DeVry University offers an online college degree program to international students, who want to purse a United States based college degree course through distance education.

By: DeVry University, Inc. From USA

ASU Online

ASU (Arizona State University) Online is an online degree college for students, who want to earn a high quality, college degree while continue fulfilling their other responsibilities.

By: Arizona State University From USA

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University specializes in online and continuing education for those, who want to continue and complete their degrees for better career opportunities.

By: Saint Leo University, Inc. From USA

South University

South University is an online university offering focused and flexible online degree programs in various trending fields.

By: Education Management Corporation From USA

Post University

Post University’s online education platform offers various career-driven degree programs and certification courses for people, who want to do more in their career.

By: Post University From USA

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is an online degree college providing accredited degrees to students learning online.

By: Career Education Corporation From USA

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is an accredited online university providing professional courses in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education.

By: Kaplan Higher Education, LLC From USA

Northcentral University

Northcentral University (NCU) is an online university offering accredited graduate degree programs to online students.

By: Northcentral University From USA

Baker College

Baker College offers affordable online undergraduate & graduate degree courses to students from all over the world.

By: Baker College From USA

Full Sail

Full Sail University offers multiple online degree programs in various technical and non-technical streams and specializations business intelligence, audio production, creative writing, computer animation, internet marketing, entertainment business, digital cinematography, media design, mobile gaming, graphics design, entrepreneurship, journalism, music production, and many more.

By: Full Sail, Inc. From USA

American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University (AIU) is an online college offering degree programs and courses in various subjects.

By: Career Education Corporation From USA

Grantham University

Grantham University allows students to complete their college degree while continuing their job, business or career.

By: Grantham University From USA

Argosy University

Argosy University’s online programs are designed for students and learners, who want to earn a certification course or degree through distant education.

By: Argosy University From USA

Westwood College

Westwood College offers various career-oriented degree courses through its online college and campuses.

By: Westwood College, Inc. From USA


AIOnline is the online division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh which is a very popular college for arts education.

By: The Art Institutes From USA

Drexel University Online

Drexel University offers accredited online degree programs through its online portal.

By: Drexel University Online From USA

WSU Global Campus

WSU (Washington State University) Global Campus is an online college aimed at providing online degrees and certificates to those, who are unable to join the regular campus-based degree programs.

By: The Washington State University From USA


UMassOnline is an online university offering online degree programs and courses by the University of Massachusetts.

By: UMassOnline From USA

The internet has brought about several changes in our day-to-day lives. From streaming movies online to attending virtual meetings, our world has changed in more ways than one. Owing to these, it has become a lot more convenient and easy for everyone. Many sectors of the economy have undergone rapid changes due to the emergence of the virtual world. Entire business models and revenue models have been changed as a part of the transformation process. Education is one such sector that is seeing a rapid change owing to the advent of the internet. Schools and colleges are no longer about having a physical classroom and premises. They have instead moved to the virtual setting, with the internet being the virtual classroom for students.

The advantages offered by online learning platforms

The transformation has been of immense help to students as well as teachers. For starters, it has made the content delivery a lot smoother. Teachers can make use of various online teaching aids to make students understand different concepts and help them ace multiple topics. It has also made the students’ life much more comfortable. They can now revisit the lectures and study material provided during the classroom interaction and brush up on difficult topics. Additionally, they can look for alternative sources of study material, thereby having access to the best of resources. The other significant advantage that online teaching has over offline teaching is accessibility.

The accessibility factor

Owing to its global reach, online education can reach even the most remote towns and villages. The kind of reach offered by the internet has enabled educators and institutions to cover larger areas and provide education to every individual who seeks it. It has practically shattered the constraints posed by geography and location, making good quality education accessible to everyone irrespective of their race or nationality. Students of today have access to the best of tools and resources, making them equipped to explore different types of courses. The online education sector or more popularly known as the ed-tech sector is booming in many countries around the world. Right from the K-10 segment to the university level courses, all types of courses are available to students of various age-groups.

A plethora of courses on offer

Many ed-tech startups around the world have gotten into strategic collaborations with renowned educational institutions to offer online degree programs and various other courses to the student community. The students can go for short-term skill development courses that focus on imparting specific skills, or they could go for long-term degree programs. The students have been spoilt for choice. Almost all the major universities around the world offer online programs either through strategic collaborations or directly through their online learning mediums. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the students also have the advantage of doing multiple courses at any point in time or even pursue these courses while working part-time.

Upskilling and reskilling

Apart from students, the other user group that has benefited the most from the ed-tech space is working professionals. As organizations around the world see a rapid change in their business processes, the employees working in these organizations are also facing a challenge of sorts. Owing to the transformation, employees are experiencing a significant skill gap, making them irrelevant for their current job role. Such a skill gap has led to organizations introducing various upskilling and reskilling programs for their employees. And the online education and training ecosystem has proved to be a boon in this regard.

Online education – a boon

Employees have been equipped with access to online universities and other learning platforms, thereby helping them to learn new skills and make significant career progressions. Moreover, these online education platforms have proved to be a boon in uncertain times like these. With social distancing and self-isolation being the norms around the world, the presence of these platforms has ensured the smooth progression of courses for students. The online education ecosystem and especially online universities are indeed a boon for humankind. They are affordable, offer quality learning opportunities, and accessible to everyone.


How is the course delivered in online universities?

The courses are delivered through a mix of video lectures, live sessions, and dedicated study material. The online universities may either use all of these or a couple of these based on the type of courses on offer and the available infrastructure.

Are the degrees awarded by these online universities considered equivalent to the ones provided by offline universities?

Purely in technical terms, yes. However, one has to understand that online universities are still quite new, and they will take some time to gain a reputation among recruiters and other industry professionals.

Are online universities the future then, and will offline universities cease to exist?

One can never be sure when it comes to predicting the future. However, as time passes by the online universities will continue to gain popularity around the world and may exceed the enrolment numbers of offline universities sometime in the future.