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With offices in the U.S., Philippines, and India, ClickDesk was set up in the year 2011, and according to the company’s website, serves over 100,000 businesses in 64 different languages. ClickDesk’s live chat software is built on the Google App Engine and hosted on Amazon cloud server.

Know Your Visitor

For chat operators, it's important to have some information about your customer before you engage in a chat. ClickDesk provides a number of tools to help you understand your customer better. A live chat map, accessible via the web chat panel, allows the chat agent to view essential real-time information. Not only does this show the visitor’s name, email, location, browser and referring URL, but it also allows the operator to filter and group visitors by country, chat status, web activity, etc.

Proactive Greetings and Pre-chats

Based on a visitor's location, pages visited and time on site, chat operators can send them proactive greetings to initiate a chat. A pre-chat survey can also be taken to obtain a visitor’s name, email address and any other pertinent information. This information can then be used to personalize greetings and messages to help convert visitors into customers.

Multitasking Tools

ClickDesk’s intuitive chat panel allows agents to chat simultaneously with as many as 5 customers at one time. Serving multiple customers can sometimes lead to long individual response times. However, ClickDesk’s Shortcuts and Keystroke Preview features help agents ensure that customers don’t feel neglected. The shortcut feature lets agents save and reuse answers to common questions, while keystroke preview allows them to view their customer’s messages while they’re being typed. This allows agents to multitask effectively.

Real-time Reports

Pictorially represented information on weekly, daily and hourly chats can be accessed via ClickDesk’s real-time reports. Not only does this help companies define their business strategies, but it also helps them track and improve agent performance. You can opt to receive these reports as an email right in your inbox.

Plugins and Integration

ClickDesk allows users to add plugins on WordPress and Joomla powered websites as well as other popular ecommerce applications such as Shopify, Magento, and OpenCart. ClickDesk can also be integrated with instant messenger applications such as Skype and Google Talk. This allows customers to chat with ClickDesk operators from their favorite IM.

Social Media

Tweet, like, and follow buttons can be added to a social media toolbar on the ClickDesk chat widget itself. This allows your visitors to tweet, follow or connect with your brand directly via the chat interface. This not only helps you build brand loyalty, but it also helps you to communicate the latest news and updates to your existing and potential customers.

Other Features

ClickDesk’s live chat software facilitates seamless chat transfers between your agents and departments. Live chat is also accessible on various different platforms and devices, which allows your customers to connect with your support team while on the go. A Click-to-Translate feature (powered by Google) allows you to translate the message into the language of your preference, allowing agents and customers to communicate easily without any language barriers.


ClickDesk supports its live chat software with the help of step-by-step video tutorials and documentations. A comprehensive FAQ section helps customers find solutions to commonly asked problems. In addition, live chat, phone and email options are also available.


No matter if yours is a large conglomerate or a small business, if you’re looking for live chat software that enables a quick setup and provides a range of tools to support your customers, then ClickDesk may be a good option to consider. With an effective social media integration toolbar and a bunch of built-in multitasking features, you can be sure that your customers will be connected and satisfied.

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