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CovenantEyes is an internet filtering software created and developed by Covenant Eyes, a software company based in Owosso, Michigan, USA. The focus of the company is to help the users to break free from porn addiction online, by blocking various pornographic content in their internet activities. The company is more geared toward a religious service to help the individuals and family members to use and appreciate the current internet technology without having to deal with the bad sides of it, which in this case, pornographic and other inappropriate content.

Available For Unlimited Devices

While other similar internet filtering or parental control software might limit the number of your device installation, CovenantEyes doesn’t do the same thing. With this software, you can install it on any device that you have, no matter the quantity. It doesn’t price its services based on the number of devices that you use. Instead, once you select a plan that is suitable for you, you can use it on as many devices that you need. This software can be installed on both desktop and mobile devices, and it is available for individuals, family members, and communities.

Helps To Break Free From Porn Addiction

This software is not actually a complete internet filtering software, as its main focus is to help the users break free from porn addiction. In a sense, this can be used as an internet filtering or parental control software, but the main focus is to block pornographic content on the websites that you visit. For some users, it is a great way to eliminate their addiction to pornographic content online, and make them use the internet more productively. For family members, it is useful to help them to avoid seeing or consuming any inappropriate content on the internet.

Unlimited Accountability Partners

The unique thing about CovenantEyes is the accountability system that it has. It holds you accountable for your internet usage by sending your usage report to your trusted partner. For instance, you can send your internet report to your trusted friend or spouse, so that they can judge whether you have used the internet safely or not. For family members, it’s the same. Each user is assigned its own accountability partner to judge their online activities. This is different from other internet filtering or parental control software, which only requires the parent to control all the internet usage. With this software, you can have an unlimited number of accountability partners on board.

A Good Insight For Your Internet Use

This software gives you the regular insight of your internet usage via the reports that are released automatically. With these reports, you know exactly what you are doing with your internet, and what other users are doing as well. These reports are the best way to start the conversation about your internet usage with your community or people that you trust. This way, they can suggest the appropriate steps to change your internet habit. You can set the preferences for the reports, such as what types of websites that your partner can see, or how long you spend your time online.

Panic Button And Optional Filtering

CovenantEyes also features a panic button that allows you to let your family members to hit the panic button when they cannot deal with the temptation to visit restricted websites. By doing this, the internet connection is temporarily cut off, and you need to call the customer service to turn the internet back on again. It also offers optional filtering, which is the kind of filtering system that is suitable for both kids and adults. It gives more advanced filtering options to block more content on the internet.


CovenantEyes is the kind of internet filtering and parental control software that is suitable to be used to primarily block pornographic stuff from your internet activity. It works both for individuals and family members. It makes you accountable for all of your internet usage by assigning the accountability partner to the person that you trust. By relying on this accountability system, you can improve your internet habit gradually. It works well for communities as well, and it can effectively help your community to clear the internet porn addiction effectively. All in all, if you primarily want to get rid of porn from your life, this is the kind of internet filtering software that you need to use.

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