By: Covenant Eyes

Provides a proven internet filtering and parental control system, with the main focus to eradicate porn from your online activities. Allows you to install the software on unlimited devices.

Web Visibility: 51.88%
Top CovenantEyes Alternatives
  • mSpy
  • Flexi
  • Workpuls
  • Qustodio
  • Mobicip
  • Activity monitor
  • Refog
  • PhoneSheriff
  • StaffCop
  • InterGuard
  • HT Employee Monitor
  • OsMonitor
  • iMonitor EAM
  • SentryPC
  • SurveilStar
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Top CovenantEyes Alternatives and Overview



Provides the ultimate monitoring solution that you can use to track your device usage remotely.

By: mSpy.
Based on 4 Votes


Flexi is mainly an employee monitoring app that helps in tracking an employee’s attendance as well as the work performed.

By: NCH Software, Inc. From USA


Workplus is a great office productivity tool that monitors all clock-ins and clock-outs as well as the activities of your employees on their system during work hours.

Based on 5 Votes


Offers a range of parental control and internet filtering features for family, school, and business to ensure that your device usage is under control.

By: Qustodio LLC.


Allows you to apply the advanced filtering options for various types of devices, including desktop, mobile devices, and smartwatch.

By: Mobicip.LLC

Activity monitor

Activity monitor is a desktop application that helps in real time tracking of multiple workstations.

By: Deep Software Inc. From Canada


Without mush hassle, one can easily install the software in a couple of minutes and...

By: Refog Inc. From USA


Provides various internet filtering features without the need to jailbreak your phone or tablet...

By: Retina-X Studios, LLC.


It records all the activities including emails, chat history, word search and web URLs...

By: Atom Security, Inc. From Russia
Based on 4 Votes


The application easily tracks and records all the activities over multiple workstations and helps in...

By: Awareness Technologies, Inc. From USA

HT Employee Monitor

With the help of this tool, employers can quickly stop employees from visiting or downloading...

By: Hidetools Inc.


It works on an invisible mode and provides screenshots, emails, exploring files and stopping them...

By: Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.
Based on 2 Votes

iMonitor EAM

This software can be installed on computers providing an invisible view for their users...

By: iMonitor Soft Ltd. From USA


It also helps in recording data over emails and chats and uploading it to the...

Based on 1 Vote


It helps in keep track of workstations through detailed reports and filtering web items...

By: SurveilStar Inc. From USA

CovenantEyes Review and Overview

The Internet’s dark side can be quite scary with extreme pornography, violent, and explicit content. With increased internet connectivity and accessibility, dangers are much more advanced and sophisticated today regarding such material and its exposure. To avoid this, we need the help of tools that can aid in blocking such content.

Among such content filtering tools, Covenant Eyes is a popular Internet Accountability and Content Filtering program. Working from 2000, Covenant Eyes has been keeping an eye on thousands of computer devices offering restrictions over such explicit content, saving young minds and addicts. It houses over 100 million reports in 18 years and with over 2 million users worldwide.

How Does Covenant Eyes help in Accountability and Content Filtering?

There are many ways in which Covenant Eyes offers its protection services. Covenant Eyes operates on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Based on their apps in each section, it provides different features for blocking content.

Screen Accountability has Screen Monitoring, Screenshot Analysis, Processing, and Activity Reporting. As you can guess, the product takes regular screenshots of the screen that it is installed over. After that, an AI-assisted screenshot processing and analysis is done, which looks for explicit content and imagery. It scans the texts using OCR.

Activity reports are made based on each screenshot. Sexual and Explicit content is blurred. As for the reports, net time and data consumption over each content are shown along with exact time schedules. You can pick from several device list on which the app is installed. All these devices can be connected via a single account subscription.

The report can be emailed with subject lines like missing activity, explicit activity, etc. The interface doesn't rely on various privacy compliances like HIPAA, FERPA, etc. All images with violence and nudity are auto blurred on the server beyond recognition. Also, the titles and text of such content are blurred. The screenshots are stored using encrypted methods. Overall, it reduces all the chances of content identification.

Along with this, Porn Protection and Safe Search are also provided to safeguard the users. Overall, Covenant Eyes is indeed an excellent solution to block pornographic, explicit, and unsafe content over the Internet, protecting minors and helping addicts.

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