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Detailed Reviews is a customer service platform originally called Assistly, which was then joined the Salesforce Company in 2011. It has the main office in San Francisco, California. The mission of this company is to provide the best customer support system for any business that you can always scale for as much as you need.

Fast Setup & Easy Management is quick to set up, with various easy management features that will help you to help your customers faster. You can quickly set up your account and use it immediately within minutes after you signed up to your chosen plan. It has a good mobile support for your business with mobile reporting feature, which will allow you to manage your account from anywhere. You will be able to direct your support tickets to the right agents to solve them more effectively. Also, you will be able to boost the process of responding to the same question from your customers by creating a canned or common response.

Monitor How Your Customers Feel

With, you will be able to monitor the level of your customer satisfaction so that you can always improve your service to the better next time. You can invite your customers to fill up the customer satisfaction survey to find out whether they are satisfied with your support or not. You will also receive a business insight that will allow you to see the problems with your support team and solve them before they become a big problem. The performance monitoring feature will allow you to track the performance of your support agents and find the best and the most helpful agent within your customer service team.


With service, you will be able to build a knowledge base that can be accessed by your customers anytime. In this way, they will be able to find the solution for their problems without your help. The support site provided by is fully brandable, and it is easily designed to give your customers the best experience. It will also allow you to manage multiple brands in one account. The knowledge base is divided into two sections: the one for the customers and the one of the agents, and it is also optimized for mobile devices.

Flexible Scaling Option

The service is fully scalable, since it has been integrated into the Salesforce service. It means that you can use this service no matter how big your customer service team is. can be fully integrated with partner apps, which will enrich the features of the help desk software itself. For instance, you can integrate this software with apps for the purpose of bug tracking, live chat, and e-commerce. It also has a solid Salesforce connection so that you can let your sales and customer service team to work together more effectively.

Help For Customer Service Team

Not only will provide a help desk service for your company, but it will also provide help for your customer service team. There are some useful resources that you can download in order to help you grow your customer service team and improve their quality. It also provides useful information regarding how businesses should treat their customers and how to manage your customer service team more effectively.

Conclusion is available in various pricing options, which you can choose depending on the size of your business. You can still use this service whether you have a small business or a big enterprise. Moreover, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime you want. With a bunch of great features that will help you to build great communication with your customers, you will be able to manage multiple brands in your account. The service has been used by thousands of big companies worldwide, and it is recommended for you if you want to take your business to the next level, with the best customer support platform available.

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