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Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the things that businesses are taking very seriously nowadays. CRM is the process of tracking and analyzing customer interactions with the company product, services, and representatives, with the goal of improving the quality of these relationships. Managing and maintaining so much data and fulfilling the end CRM goals are not easy tasks. Thankfully, there are software and tools that can help with the task. GreenRope is one such small business CRM tool that is being used by many companies to successfully manage their digital marketing and CRM campaigns.

Although a new application, GreenRope is already gaining much popularity in the CRM market, mainly because of its great bundle of features. It is one of the most cost-efficient CRM tools for SMBs. GreenRope is much more than just a customer management tool. In addition to CRM, it also offers other features like email marketing, website hosting, event management and lead generation. It is a fast, error-free, intuitive, and almost perfect CRM tool for small businesses and startups. Read the complete review below to find out more.

Multiple Communication Options

GreenRope provides more than one communication tools to make sure that you are always able to stay in touch with your clients and vice versa. They offer a wide range of email marketing tools, social media tools, and marketing automation tools to help you easily and frequently communicate with existing and potential clients.

Marketing automation feature enables users to set up marketing emails, schedule posts, trigger emails and keep contacts engaged with the frequent content.

Real-time Tracking

It is important for a good CRM to be able to extensively track and analyze the customer response. The GreenRope CRM tool allows you to track in real-time everything from user emails to your websites and marketing campaigns, user signups and other activities. With the comprehensive tracking and analytics tool, businesses can easily keep track of the top conversions, page views, average time on pages, and more. The availability of extended user data and real-time matrices allow you to make better business decisions. The analytics tool along with the overall interface is very easy to understand and use.

Drag-and-Drop Easybuilder

GreenRope also comes with its own drag-and-drop builder that lets you design your business-specific marketing content and communication materials. Anyone can create, customize and design attractive layouts using the inbuilt Easybuilder. It allows creating and customization of professional landing pages, emails, signup forms, web pages, and templates. Brand-specific communication materials are able to make a better impression on users.

The Easybuilder tool is completely drag-and-drop based and doesn’t involve any use of HTML or any other coding language. So it can be easily used by anyone to create brand-rich communication templates.

Learning Management System

Not many CRM tools offer learning management feature; GreenRope does. It has a dedicated learning management system that allows businesses to create special business-oriented courses, learning material, guides and tools to educate their users or motivate them to take specific actions. For example, you can create courses and invite users to try a course for free and join the paid subscription if they like it. Companies can also create free tools and guides to help customers understand and use various company products and services.

The inbuilt tracking system allows tracking and analysis of learning material and courses as well. It can also be setup to automatically send educational emails, print certificates and reminder messages as and when needed.

Third-party Integration

GreenRope CRM software provides a healthy integration with various popular third-party apps and tools. It not only improves the productivity of your online marketing efforts but also allows you to connect with the audience already using these apps. Some of these integrations include WordPress, Evernote, Gmail, Magneto, Zapier, etc. This feature allows you to easily integrate GreenRope with any of your existing apps and make the most out of both platforms.

Mobile CRM Software

Another great feature of GreenRope is that it is also available in the mobile app format. Business professionals can easily use GreenRope app on their mobile devices to keep the live-track of their customer marketing efforts. Since almost every customer of every online business is now using a mobile device to shop around, this feature gives you better opportunities to connect with any of your clients, from anywhere anytime.


GreenRope is definitely a recommended CRM tool for SMBs looking for an affordable yet efficient way to effectively track and manage their clients’ relationships. You can first try the free plan and then purchase one of the paid CRM plans according to your need. Many of GreenRope users experience a growth in revenue by as much as 75% within the first 12 months of use. So it is certainly a tool worth trying.

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