Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software is an application used by people to manage their personal and business contacts on a single place. The application is usually available in web-based form or downloadable form to be used on desktops, mobile and other devices with complete synchronization. Most of contact management software feature auto-update that automatically fetches and updates contact information from several websites and other media. These applications can easily be used to manage important business contacts, build relationships, schedule to-do tasks and meetings, and more.

Here are some of the most widely used contact management software applications.



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TeleTech (TTEC) is a company that provides customer experience services. The company...

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ContactMe is a business contact management application used commonly by small businesses to manage contacts, track daily tasks, add contacts, and more.

By: Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. From Netherlands


VICdial is an open-source, enterprise-level call center solution that fits perfectly in small as well as large-sized business organizations of various fields.

By: Vicidial Group
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FullContact is contact management software that allows users to manage all their contacts in one place with automatic update.

By: FullContact Inc. From USA

NICE inContact

NICE inContact CXone is a call center software that uses intelligent omnichannel routing, automation, and AI to provide the best experience for call center employees.

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CloudAgent is an internet telephony provider software used by call centers and customer service centers to contact their customers.

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JustCall is a contact center software that enables you to get any phone number from a list of 70 countries.

By: Saas Labs
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Super Receptionist

Super Receptionist is a cloud-based virtual assistant provided by Knowlarity. Super Receptionist...

By: Knowlarity Communications
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Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud is a cloud platform used as a digital call center management system by customer support executives.

By: Genesys
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Twilio Flex

By: Twilio
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Freshcaller is a PBX phone management system for businesses and companies of any size and stature.

By: Freshworks
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CallTools is a contact centre operation software with advanced tools and solutions to enhance call centre businesses.

By: Call Tools
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Plaxo is a cloud based contact storage and management application that is used to maintain clean, updated and easily accessible contacts and address book.

By: Plaxo Inc From USA


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By: CloudTalk
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Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a leading omnichannel call center platform provider enabling organizations to communicate with their clients either digitally or through the handling of the voice.

By: Bright Pattern
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fruux is a free contact management system that automates contact and calendar management and synchronization process so that users can easily access their contacts, tasks and calendar from any device, anytime.

By: fruux GmbH From Germany
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Cloud Contact Center

The Cloud contact center is a compilation of tools and services for handling communication between the provider and clients.

By: YTel
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Zoho ContactManager

Zoho ContactManager is online business contact management software used by businesses and professional to manage contacts, schedule meetings, tasks and appointment, collaborate with team members online, and for effective management of business.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
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Clarity Connect

Clarity Connect is full-featured Call Center Management Software which is beneficial for various organizations and concurrent users.

By: Clarity Consulting
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Amazon Connect

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Evercontact CRM software is an application used by businesses and individuals to automate contact management system.

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BigContacts is affordable contact management software that allows users to organize contacts, tasks, emails and relationships from a single platform.

By: BigContacts, LLC From USA
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Batchbook is a simple contact management CRM tool for small businesses.

By: BatchBlue Software, LLC From USA
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AllClients is a simple, web-based contact management platform mainly used by businesses and marketers to manage their contacts and marketing tasks.

By: Allclients LLC From USA
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Genesys PureEngage

One of the key aspects that every organization wants to work for its growth is its customer's satisfaction.

By: Genesys
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Act Contact Management

Act! is a simple and affordable contact management application used by individuals and small businesses to manage their business and personal contact information and other activities.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


KarmaCRM is a web based contact relationship management application used by small businesses for building better contacts and relationships with their customers.

From USA
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Scrubly is a complete contact management solution that not only stores all your contact information on one place, but also removes duplicate entries, deletes junks, merges same contacts, fixes formatting errors, and more.

By: BluCapp, Inc. From USA


Oprius contact manage software is mainly used by sales consultants and marketers to effectively manage contacts, tasks, calls, emails, schedule and meetings from one platform.

By: Oprius Software Inc. From Canada

We live in a highly connected world. The Internet has had a significant role to play in the emergence of this hyper-connected world. Today, businesses and corporations interact with customers and one another in a variety of different ways. From the most direct forms of communication such as emails and helpline numbers to the more advanced ones like social media, the communication horizon has seen fast development in the last two decades. As a result of these, in organizations today, there is an increased focus on maintaining relationships with all the stakeholders. Maintaining a continued relationship with all the stakeholders, especially customers, is considered imperative to building an excellent collaborative partnership.

The importance of Contact management tools

Knowing the customer is paramount to building a successful business. However, the question that arises is how do you develop and maintain such a relationship. While maintaining a separate database and regularly engaging with them over feedback and review can be one of the ways. However, it starts to show its limitations as the customer base of an organization expands. In comparison, it is still a viable solution for smaller organizations and organizations with niche product offerings but not quite practical in the long run. Therefore, to simplify contact management and make it seamless for organizations, contact management software tools are offered by many vendors.

What do contact management tools offer?

A contact management software tool is typically a software tool that offers various options to simplify the cross channel communication with customers and deliver a customer experience that builds positively on the relationship. These contact management tools come with several features such as contact segmentation, sorting options, advanced search options, and contact export/import options. The contact segmentation and sorting options facilitate the organizations in categorizing various customer contacts according to their geography, demographic, and preferences. Such advanced categorization of customer data further enables organizations in serving customers effectively.

Advanced search and mobile access

The other features, such as the advanced search options further increase the usability of the tool. Search options based on various parameters such as name, customer type, and keywords enable other employees in the organization to access the customer database leading to contact management across multiple departments. Apart from these, most of the modern-day contact management tools come with the option of app-based mobile access that acts as a facilitator in the entire contact management process. Especially, Sales and marketing teams find this feature very beneficial as they have access to customer data on-the-go.

The essential tools

In addition to these, the contact management offers various contact sharing and task management options that facilitate organizations in cross channel communication and enable them to provide an unmatched customer experience. This current era of the Internet is all about communication and connectivity. Therefore, in order to be successful in a dynamic era like this, organizations need to invest in the right kind of communication management tools. And contact management tools is one of the most important tools out of them.