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Help Scout is a Boston, MA based online help desk software launched in 2011. It is developed by Help Scout, a web design turned into a software development company that is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The simple mission of the company is to help you build the business that people will love. The company believes that an excellent customer service is the best marketing method for any company.

Help Desk Features

Help Scout provides a lot of help desk features that you can use to ease the communication between your business and your customers. Some of these features are unlimited mailboxes, workflows, keyboard shortcuts, email templates, tags, merge conversations, saved replies, email signatures, customer profiles, traffic cop, and collision detection. You can manage multiple brands with Help Scout in one dashboard, as well as filter your emails and create custom folders to make it easier for you to respond to each customerĂ­s ticket. Help Scout also provides keyboard shortcuts to allow fast access to certain features within the platform, such as reply, note, and forward.


Help Scout provides an advanced filter feature for your reports, which will help you to quickly find reports based on tag, folder, conversation type, and mailbox. These reports can be printed directly because it is delivered in a printer-friendly layout and format. You can also compare multiple reports according to specific time periods. The user-specific reporting feature provides a detailed report on each of your support agents in one easy-to-understand page. You can also take a look at the specific metrics while viewing your reports, in order to view the more detailed report for those specific metrics.

Docs Knowledge Base

You can create and manage your own knowledge base in order to inform your customers about common problems and how to solve it. The docs knowledge base feature in Help Scout includes easy management for 5 branded sites, CSS for your brand, custom domain, private collections, mobile-friendly version, help desk integration, unlimited data storage, collision detection, revision history, multi-language translation, related articles, and integrated search. You can build the knowledge base for your company and minimize the amount of support tickets that you receive from your customers.

Email Integration

The email integration feature provides an easy integration between the Help Scout platform and your email address. In this way, you will be able to respond to the support tickets via your email, without having to log in to your Help Scout dashboard. This feature includes email notifications, the ability to update your conversation remotely, the ability to forward emails to your Help Scout account and turn them into support tickets, and prevent duplicate replies that might be delivered to the same customer.

Security & Reliability

Help Scout is fast, secure, and reliable. This software runs on a protected SSL encryption that will ensure the best security for your company. It also has Level 1 PCI compliance, which means that your payment will be stored in a secure encrypted algorithm. It is also HIPAA and US-EU Safe Harbor compliant. The system has been tested independently and it consistently has 99.95% uptime, which includes regular maintenance. In short, the service is secure and reliable for any business to use.


Help Scout provides a secure and reliable support desk software for you to build a good communication with your customers. The pricing plan is simple, and you only have to choose one simple plan in order to use the full features of this software. It will allow you to manage multiple brands in one account, which will help you to simplify the way you run your business. So, this help desk software is recommended for you to use if you want to have a simple platform to manage all your customer conversation in one place, as well as build a better relationship with them. 

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