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Kayako is a help desk software developed by Kayako, a software development company based in Jalandhar, India. It started at first in the year 2001 as a personal project, with the mission to bring positive changes in the world of online support and help desk software. With more than 13 years of experience, Kayako has served more than 30,000 businesses to help them build the best support experience for their customers.

Case and Engage

Kayako is offered in both cloud as well as self-hosted platform. Their product Case is ideal for business who’re mainly looking to provide helpdesk supoort to their clients while another product Engage is idea for business who wants to connect with their customers though live chat. All in one package “Fusion” is an all inclusive package which includes both live chat and helpdesk.

Integrating All Platforms

Kayako provides simple integration for all platforms into one software. It means that whether you are using email, web, live chat, or phone, you will be able to get and manage the messages from your customers and give them the response accordingly. No matter what the platform that your customers are using, you will be able to get their messages in your Kayako inbox, all in one place.


With Kayako, you can create a resourceful knowledge base that will provide answers to various customer problems. You can even add some images and videos in your knowledge base articles in order to make it easier for your customers to understand your content. There is also an instant answer feature that will allow your customers to get instant answer to their question or problem as they type their question into the search box. The support center that is provided by Kayako software will bring everything that your customers’ needs in one place, with a brandable logo. With the support center feature, your customers can manage their tickets and get in touch with the latest news and announcements from your company.

Strealine and Prioritise Tickets

Kayako make it easier for you to view the support tickets that are submitted by your customers, and respond to each of them as soon as possible. This software will let you to prioritize each message based on the importance, the department, as well as time targets. You can also put a tag for each ticket for easy sorting, and you can also assign status for each ticket. With macros, you will be able to send automated answer for several tickets that have the same type of question. This feature will allow you to effectively solve your customers’ problems without feeling confused or overwhelmed with their messages.

Visitor To Customer Conversion

Not only will you be able to make live conversation with your customers easy to do, you can also invite your website visitors to chat with you with Kayako platform. It means that you can provide help in real time for your website visitors and be proactive in reaching them. So, instead of waiting them to reach you, you will be able to reach them first and engage them in a conversation. You can also turn your live chat conversation into a voice conversation in a simple click.

Insightful Report For Support Performance

Kayako provides a complete report for your overall performance in the customer service department. This report will allow you to measure your progress so that you can improve the quality of your customer service department over time. You can also get feedback from your customers and determine their level of satisfaction toward your service. Then, you can create a schedule so that Kayako will automatically deliver daily reports to your inbox.


With Kayako, you will be able to have a complete customer support features that you will need for your business. No matter how many support agents that you have, Kayako is fully scalable to accommodate your business needs. With simple pricing plans and the option to host the software on your own server, you will be able to pick the right plan for your company based on your company’s needs.

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