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By: Ventis Media

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MediaMonkey is a media management software created and developed by Ventis Media, a software company headquartered in Canada. The focus of this company is to create an advanced music distribution platform that allows the users to manage, play, and purchase multimedia content seamlessly in one platform. Aside from the official website, the users can also find the software installed with various brands of portable digital media players and set top boxes.

Play And Purchase Multimedia Content Easily

MediaMonkey is not just a software that allows you to organize and browse your multimedia content easily. It is also a software that allows you to purchase various multimedia content online, which has a similar functionality as iTunes. This software also supports the integration of various online music stores, which give you a wide range of choices to purchase any multimedia content, including music and video files. You can do it easily from the user interface of this software, and you can also play and manage your purchased media within the software interface as well. In a sense, this software is a good iTunes alternative for Windows that gives you the ability similar to iTunes, but with more flexibility for you.

Organize Your Music And Video Collection

The main function of this software is to manage your multimedia files, so that you can bring all of your collections in one place. Then, you can organize your collection in various ways, such as according to the categories, genres, and so on. You don’t need to have a separate music and video player in your computer, since you can play your music and video collection using this software. This is an essential tool that any digital multimedia collector should have, since it can handle organizing more than 100,000 multimedia files without any problem.

Sync Your Library Information With Your Mobile Devices

While MediaMonkey is available mainly on the Windows operating system, there are also mobile apps available for this software. The purpose of the app version of the software is to allow you to bring your music and video collection on the go, which means that you can also put your collection with you on your mobile devices as well. It also has the syncing feature, which is a good feature that allows you to sync your library between the desktop and mobile applications, allowing you to keep your library up to date anywhere you go.

Auto-DJ And Party Mode

There is a unique feature offered by this software, which is not usually available in similar software. The auto-DJ and party mode are the features that can help you to enjoy your music collection in the best way possible. You can create a playlist for your music collection, and turn on the auto-DJ feature to play your music automatically in the DJ way, which is good if you are partying with your friends all night. Also the party mode does almost the same thing, only that you can organize your music collection in the way that can suit your party theme very well.

Various Customization Options Available

With MediaMonkey, customizing your experience is not a difficult thing to do. There are various customization options that you can choose to change various aspects of the software. With this feature, you can change the user interface of the software to suit your preferences. Also, you can customize the visualizations that you see during the music playback. There are also various add-ons that are available for the software, which you can use to extend the software functionality. The add-ons are created by the passionate users of the software, which help other users to improve their experience in using the software.


MediaMonkey is not just a music and video content management software for your computer, but it is also a platform that allows you to add, share, and enjoy your multimedia collection in any way you like. The auto-DJ and party mode allow you to enjoy your music collection like never before, making your party becomes much more special with this software. It also allows you to purchase various multimedia content directly from the software interface, making it easy for you to add more music and video files to your collection. All in all, this software is one of the best multimedia content management software that you can get to keep your multimedia collection organized and always accessible in one simple dashboard.

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