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By: Acoustica, Inc.

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Mixcraft 8 is an audio and video editing tool for musicians, which is created and developed by Acoustica, Inc., a software company founded 1998 and based in Yosemite Valley, USA. The focus of the company is to create simple and easy-to-use software for musicians to do their music recording and production work easily. Mixcraft is the product of the company that helps musicians, whether beginners or professionals, to do their music recording and editing work seamlessly.

Royalty-Free High Quality Loops

In the field of music recording and editing, loops can be really useful to create music tracks without the need to do it from scratch. Mixcraft 8 gives you a lot of royalty-free music loops with studio quality that you can use in your music editing with this software. The loops are categorized into various sections, and you can sort the loops based on various aspects. With the loops library, you can easily create the kind of music track that you want, along with various music beds and sound effects that you can use as a finishing touch for your track.

MIDI Editing

With this software, mastering MIDI is made to be very simple and easy. This software allows you to edit a MIDI sound file or create the score for a MIDI sound file from the user interface. With this feature, you can build a custom MIDI beats with your preferred musical patterns with its easy-to-use MIDI scoring tool. You can get creative with your MIDI soundtrack, and the piano roll feature allows you to edit performances easily. You can use your MIDI clips in your live performance via the Performance Panel within the software interface. In this way, you can mix your MIDI tracks and other sound effects and put them all in your live performance.

Virtual Instruments And Effects

With Mixcraft 8, you don’t need to own various musical instruments in order to create the best music production. With virtual instruments, you can emulate various musical instruments to be used in your music editing and creation. You can choose between acoustic piano, electric piano, violin, classic synthesizers, rock organs, and many other instruments in your music recording. You can also find various music effects within the software, which you can use for your music production in just a few clicks. It’s easy to put those effects in the editing process in order to create a professional-level music quality.

Video Editing

This music editing software is not just about recording and editing your music tracks. It is more than that. It has the video editing feature embedded into the software, allowing you to create a professional video clip for your music. Editing your video clip is as easy as editing your music. You can add various video effects to make your video clip look more professional. Additionally, this feature is integrated with various social media platforms, allowing you to publish your video project to your favorite social media channels, such as Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Pro-Only Features

Mixcraft 8 comes in two versions, which are the home version and the professional version. However, there are some features that you can get only in the professional version, such as Melodyne integration, some exclusive virtual instruments, and some exclusive audio effects. If you are a professional musician who wants to create an amazing piece of work with this software, it is recommended that you are using the professional version of the software, since it offers more features that are not available in the regular version. On the other hand, if you are just a music fan that enjoys making and mixing music, the regular or home version is more than enough for you.


Editing your music and creating a good work for your musical project needs to be done with a good music recording and editing software. Mixcraft is more than just a DAW that you can use with limited functionalities. It is more than that. It gives you all the tools that you need to record, edit, and mix your music, as well as make an amazing end product with it. Not only that, it also comes with the video editing tool that allows you to create the video clip for your music, and then publish it to your favorite social media channels. It’s a simple yet complete music editing and recording tool that should be used by every musician, whether beginner or professional.

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