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OnePageCRM is a customer relationship management platform provided by OnePageCRM, a company founded in 2009 and based in Galway, Galway, Ireland. The platform was built as a response of many disappointing CRM platforms that were available at the time, which were not really helping businesses to sell their products better. This platform is mainly focused on helping business users to get their sales and customer management process to bring them more sales results.

Monitor Your Sales Action Stream In Real Time

The most highlighted feature of OnePageCRM is that it gives you the system to take your next action as quickly as possible. It is called the sales action stream, where you can monitor the tasks assigned for each member of your team in order to generate more sales for your business. Whether it is calling your prospects, make a deal with an investor, promoting your products on social media, or any other sales tasks, you can see all of it in one page. You know exactly the person that is responsible for the task, and you know exactly the progress of each task when you monitor the sales action stream provided by this platform.

Easy Lead Capture And Integration With Many Popular Apps

With this platform, you can easily capture your lead and save the contact information of your lead from any popular apps. For instance, if you have some good conversations with your prospect via the Gmail platform, you can easily add the contact information of your prospect directly from the Gmail platform, without having to manually enter the contact information to the OnePageCRM platform. This is because this customer relationship management platform is integrated with various popular apps that you use daily.

Access Your CRM Platform On The Go

With OnePageCRM, there is no need for you to get glued to your desktop just to monitor your sales activity or check some customer information. You can do it on the go with the mobile apps, which are synced with your CRM platform. So, whether you are using Android or iOS, you can always access your sales information from your mobile device simply by downloading the mobile app and log into your account. You can also add more tasks or customize any aspect of your sales process by using your mobile device. It allows you to work with your team in a more flexible way.


OnePageCRM is a very simple customer relationship management platform that actually helps you to sell more products and move your business forward. With the focus on the sales action stream, you can ensure that each task that you assign to your team members can be executed as quickly as possible. It is also a good platform that allows you to work in a flexible way, since you can work on it anywhere you go with the mobile apps integration. Moreover, it is very easy for you to capture your new lead information by using this app. In just a single click, you can save the new contact information from any popular app that you use to communicate with your prospect.

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