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PhotoStage is a slideshow creation software created and developed by NCH Software, a software company founded in 1993 and based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA. Since it was started back in 1993, the company has focused on providing many easy-to-use software related to multimedia applications in various categories. PhotoStage is the software that allows you to create a multimedia slideshow presentation from your photos, videos, and music in one simple platform with many available customization and photo enhancement features.

Amazing Photo Effects And Transitions

PhotoStage is a slideshow creation software that comes with a lot of photo effects and transitions that can make your presentation more stunning to look at. You can preview these effects and transitions in real time before you apply it to your presentation. Also, there is a function that allows you to customize the duration of each effect and transition, so that your slideshow moves the way you want. You can make your slideshow look more professional by applying the fade transitions. Additionally, you can add extra dimensions to your multimedia presentation with panning and zoom effects. These transitions and effects are available for you to choose from the user interface.

Comprehensive Photo Optimization Options

If you are adding a lot of photos to your presentation, there is a way for you to optimize the look of your photos and enhance their quality easily. This software comes with a complete photo customization option that allows you to enhance the brightness, saturation, and color of your photos to make it look the best. Just like the effects and transitions, you can also preview the changes in real time before you decide to apply it in your presentation. It comes with the standard photo editing features as well, such as crop, flip, and rotate. Also, you can add text to each individual photo to make your presentation more personal.

Enhanced Audio Tools

PhotoStage provides not only the way for you to combine your photos and videos, but also to add music and sounds to your presentation as well. There are various audio tools that you can use to improve the presentation by putting the right sound or music to the right photos to create the memorable moments in your presentation. You can add music tracks easily to your presentation, and you can even record the narration for your presentation in just a single click. There is also the tool that allows you to mix multiple tracks together to make your slideshow more unique.

Easy Slideshow Presentation Sharing And Viewing

This software can help you to create a good slideshow presentation for your photos and videos, as well as let you watch it on any device. Also, you can share your slideshow presentation easily, with just a click of a button, since it is already integrated with various video sharing and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. You can set the output file to be available for various devices, such as TV, mobile phones, PSP, DVD players, and more. It supports various resolutions up to full HD.  

Available For Various Platforms

Unlike many similar slideshow maker software that is only available for the Windows platform with high hardware specifications, PhotoStage is available for various platforms, including desktop and mobile platforms. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android devices, and it doesn’t need quite a high-spec device to run the software. With the software available for many platforms, you can easily use all of your devices to work on a single project, and you can easily edit your project with different devices. The software has a consistent user interface that makes it easier for you to work with, even from different platforms.


PhotoStage brings a simple and easy-to-use slideshow creation software that you can use on any device, even on the go. It means that if you don’t want to deal with the complexity of creating slideshow presentations, this software is suitable for you to use. The user interface is easy and simple to use, with easily-accessible features to enhance your slideshow presentation. Moreover, you can watch your slideshow on various devices, and you can even burn it on a DVD media. So, overall, this is the right slideshow software that you need to use if you want to create a good, memorable, and professional-looking slideshow presentation without the need to deal with the complexity of doing it.

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