If you need to create breath-taking video slideshows, consider exploring PhotoStage software. The software offers a simple and easy clickable way to create awesome slideshows using photos, videos, music. Sign up today and take advantage of a plethora of effects.

Top PhotoStage Alternatives
  • MAGIX Photostory
  • Smilebox Slideshow
  • Scribd
  • Magisto
  • Adobe Spark
  • Office Timeline
  • Proshow Gold
  • Movavi Slideshow Maker
  • Photosnack
  • Icecream Slideshow Maker
  • Kizoa Slideshow Maker
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Top PhotoStage Alternatives and Overview


MAGIX Photostory

Provides the tool that allows you to create an amazing story out of your photos, with the possibility to add music and effects to your photos and videos.


Smilebox Slideshow

Looking for a software to create customized video slideshows? Consider options using software from Smilebox Slideshow offering a variety of designs for all occasions, invitations, slideshows, scrapbooks, collages, cards, and more.



Scribd is an online book membership application covering eBooks, book recordings, papers, and a wide range of online writings.

By: Scribd
Based on 13 Votes


Want to create and edit compelling videos? Consider an online video maker from Magisto that is revolutionizing video creation and editing in the quick and simple steps.

Based on 21 Votes

Adobe Spark

Get creative on the web using Adobe Spark. Create professional...

Based on 55 Votes

Office Timeline

By: Office Timeline
Based on 26 Votes

Proshow Gold

Create slideshows faster, enhance the videos with the right effects, using quality products...


Slide offers a social video creating a platform with unique products to create, and share...


Movavi Slideshow Maker

Includes various features that can help to enhance your slideshow presentation...

By: Movavi Software Limited.


The software lets users upload photos, customize based on existing templates, and share with friends...

Based on 20 Votes


Get started by embedding code API into your site for bulk video solutions...

Based on 2 Votes

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Insert effects and background audio to enhance the video using Icecream Slideshow Maker...

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Kizoa Slideshow Maker

Keen to create compelling videos supported across formats? Try the...

PhotoStage Review and Overview

PhotoStage is a slideshow creation software that combines pictures, music and videos to create compelling slideshows that can be exported and shared quickly. It features a variety of tools to make the process much more comfortable.

Create slide slows easily

Slideshows can be easily created using PhotoStage where you can add pictures, video clips, music and narration to provide the effect you desire. A Quick Create feature allows you to directly select all images in a folder and apply slide show effects to them. You can arrange the slides and drag and drop more images to complete your slideshow. The application comes bundled with effects such as zoom, crop and fades to add layers of enhancement to your photos.

Customize to your desire

PhotoStage provides a complete set of photo and audio optimization tools. Users can easily manipulate photos by finetuning their properties such as brightness, colour and saturation. The orientation can be easily handled through the crop, rotate and flip features. Text and transition can be added to individual slides as well as video clips to bring your slide show to life. All changes can be reviewed in real-time. Customized music and pre-recorded narrations can also be added to your projects. Various effects apply to the music track such as amplify, echo, reverb and more.

Integrate and share

The projects you create are sharable with further optimization. A CD burning wizard can save your projects on CD/DVD formats to help you watch them on TV. A variety of pre-made music and effect themes are available to create slideshows based on a variety of occasions. Videos are configurable to be uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and more. A variety of formats can be interconverted to increase the range of your project reception. Full HD resolutions like 720p and 1080p can also be utilized to create professional videos.

Top Features

  • Drag And Drop Images
  • Zoom Effects
  • Camera Panning
  • Zoom In And Out
  • Crop And Fade
  • Enhance Using Optimization Tools
  • Create Multimedia Presentations
  • Add Captions And Music
  • Add Narration
  • Burn Slideshows To DVD
  • Optimize For Portable Devices
  • Stunning Photo Transitions
  • Real-time Preview
  • Customize Effect Duration
  • Fine Tune Brightness
  • Crop And Rotate Clips
  • Add Music Tracks
  • Import Pre-recorded Narrations
  • Add Text Captions
  • Mix Multiple Music Tracks.
  • Burn To DVD
  • Upload To Social Media
  • Export Video Slideshows
  • Support Full HD.