Workflow Software

Workflow Automation Software is an application used by big enterprises and developers for business process management (bpm) and automation. These applications allow users to automate their complex business processes for easy control and management. Workflow Automation applications are commonly used by big enterprises and professionals, who deal with many processes and tasks on daily basis and need a suitable application for efficient management and automation of processes. It is critical to choose suitable bpm software for desired performance and control.

Here are some suggestions for popular and most widely used Workflow Automation Software.


Process Street

Process Street is a checklist and standard operating procedure software that can create and manage recurring checklists and procedures for businesses.

By: Goodwinds Inc From USA
Based on 45 Votes


Activiti is a workflow and business process management (bpm) application that allows business people and developers to automate their workflow and business processes.

By: Alfresco Software, Inc. From UK


Calamari is an innovative and modern leave and attendance management software for small and medium organizations.

By: Chrobrus
Based on 30 Votes


Decisions is a workflow automation platform that allows even non-programmers to design and deploy interactive graphic business processes.

By: Decisions From USA
Based on 14 Votes


UiPath lets businesses define and manage their processes through a computer based robotic environment.

By: UiPath From Romania


Intellect is a cloud based BPM tool designed to connect people, apps and processes.

By: Intellect From USA
Based on 40 Votes


Appian BPM software is designed to fulfill the need of businesses for a workflow automation platform to design, execute, automate and manage various business processes and operations.

By: Appian Corporation From USA
Based on 10 Votes

Bonita BPM

Bonita BPM is a powerful work automation and business process management application that allows users to create highly engaging, personalized business applications to adapt their business in real-time.

By: Bonitasoft, Inc. From France


Quinyx is a workforce management tool that enables users to efficiently manage their workforce and get better value out of it.

By: Quinyx
Based on 12 Votes


WorkflowMax has been designed to ease up the process of running a business by automating various business processes such as, paperwork and spreadsheets management, admin tasks handling, time-tracking, leads & quotes management, etc.

By: Xero Limited From New Zealand
Based on 13 Votes


Pyrus allows companies to manage, automate and customize their business processes and workflows through an easy-to-use platform.

By: Simply Good Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes

Natural Insight

Natural Insight is a workforce management tool that enables organizations to better manage their workforce by offering various features.

By: Natural Insight
Based on 6 Votes


WhosOff is a staffing management solution system. This software helps in the...

By: X:drive Computing Ltd
Based on 12 Votes


CoreHR is a workforce management tool that enables users to manage the workforce across organizations more efficiently.

By: CoreHR
Based on 15 Votes


KiSSFLOW is an online workflow automation tool used by thousands of business across the world for business process automation.

By: OrangeScape Inc From USA
Based on 51 Votes


CloudFactory is a labor platform that helps businesses in getting virtual labor to perform the tasks that are repetitive in nature.

By: CloudFactory
Based on 1 Vote


TIMECO is a web-based system that handles the workforce management and data collection.

Based on 5 Votes


Nintex workflow automation software automates the business processes to ensure fast and flexible workflow.

By: Nintex Pty Ltd From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is a workforce management software.

By: Kronos Incorporated
Based on 99 Votes


ProcessMaker BPM and workflow software has been designed for businesses to eliminate paperwork, automate workflow processes, to reduce the gap between systems and people, and to perform full scale business process management.

By: ProcessMaker Inc. From USA
Based on 29 Votes


HReasily is a human resource (HR) software that is meant to be used in an office or work-based environment.

By: HReasily
Based on 1 Vote

Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is a simple client and workflow management application that allows processing of various jobs and tasks.

By: Jetpack Workflow LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes

CEIPAL WorkForce

CEIPAL Workforce releases you from all your workforce management woes. Build an...

Based on 13 Votes


Insperity’s TimeStar lets you manage your workforce by putting timekeeping and employee scheduling on the autopilot mode.

By: Insperity
Based on 10 Votes


ServiceBench is a workforce management and business management solution that helps you in transforming your business and managing workforce.

By: ServiceBench
Based on 30 Votes


Integrify workflow management software is designed to help enterprises manage business processes, requests and workflows.

By: Integrify From USA
Based on 19 Votes


LeanKit is an online business management tool helping teams work together for better and faster results.

By: LeanKit Inc. From USA
Based on 37 Votes

Pega BPM

Pega is Business Process Management (BPM) software that enables users to automate most of their business processes and tasks.

By: Pegasystems Inc. From USA

Joget Workflow

Joget Workflow is an open-source workflow platform build to design enterprise level full-fledged agile web apps for better process management.

By: Joget, Inc. From USA
Based on 22 Votes


RunMyProcess enterprise process management platform allows organizations to build powerful business processes and workflow apps within minutes.

By: Fujitsu RunMyProcess From France
Based on 2 Votes

Process Timeline

Process Timeline workflow and business process management (bpm) software not only allows users to automate their process workflow, but also to track process time.

By: BP Logix, Inc. From USA

Advance Systems

By: Advance Systems
Based on 1 Vote


WorkflowGen is a workflow/BPM application that offers a process life cycle management environment for business users and IT people.

By: Advantys From Canada
Based on 4 Votes

Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker is workflow software used to optimize and manage business processes.

By: Comindware Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


PNMSoft business process management software (BPMS) has been designed for digitization of business processes.

By: PNMsoft Ltd. From UK

Bizagi BPM Suite

Bizagi BPM Suite is a complete business process management solution designed for fast and flexible process management.

By: Bizagi From UK
Based on 13 Votes

Electronic Workflow

Electronic Workflow is automation software by PaperSave that allows users to automate their workflow to manage business operations and processes more effectively.

By: Solutions@MBAF, LLC From USA

ClaySys AppForms

ClaySys AppForms is a No Code Application Development platform to build Forms, Workflows and Applications without code.

By: ClaySys Technologies From United States


DigiSpoke workflow automation software allows business users to create team workflows, forecast results and predict progress.

By: DigiSpoke, Inc. From USA

Ultimus Process Designer

Ultimus Process Designer is a workflow automation application designed to create business processes.

By: Ultimus Inc. From USA


Snaphrm is a cross-platform, cloud-hosted, and easy-to-use HR Management software for small and medium businesses that incorporates all the features of the HR Management system.

By: Froiden Technologies Private Limited
Based on 20 Votes

K2’s workflow

K2’s workflow design software allows businesses to design and develop an effective and optimized automated workflow solution by using reusable components.

By: SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. From USA

Process Buddy

ProcessBuddy bpm software lets users create, manage and share their business processes in one easy platform.

By: ProcessBuddy, Inc. From USA

The day-to-day processes that any business follows, whether it is the acquiring of the raw material, having employees on board, or delivering the final product or service to a client or customer. A streamlined workflow has been much in demand in this digital era, and it is easy to see why. Reducing waiting time, delivering quality service at the right hour, easy management, improved communications, etc. are among its many perks. For making it happen, a workflow software functions at the backend and automates the entire process of work in an organization. For instance, with a workflow software, you no longer would need to wait for days for approvals from top-level management or bear the brunt of any gap in communication. Tasks can be automatically assigned, and once the employee finishes his part, the next one in line can quickly start with his work without any delays.

Seamless onboarding with a workflow software

Employees lie at the heart of your organization, and their first day can decide whether they want to stick around or not. The cost of replacing an employee can be quite lumpsum, especially so for a small organization. It necessitates the delivery of a seamless onboarding to improve rates of employee retention. Here, a workflow software solution makes the process more efficient, leaving a great first impression on the new joiner. It puts the hassle out of the process and ensures all steps are aligned and coordinated. The same is valid with client onboarding. Let them know about your solutions, your service pricings, schedule meetings, decide on the next steps and give them a consolidated project idea, all with the help of a workflow software.

Get rid of redundant tasks and save time

Time and tide wait for none, right? So, why spend time unnecessarily doing grunt work which can easily be automated? A workflow software comes as a friend in need to save your company from committing the mistake so that your valuable resources are spent on the right project. It also helps in getting work done within the deadline as the software will send out notifications to the concerned individuals in the team whenever they have an assignment. You can also allocate responsibilities to employees, enforce accountability, kindle employee motivation, and improve overall productivity.

Avoid miscommunications provide quality service

Workflow software solutions also offer a unified communication channel to circumvent any lack of communication or misinterpretations. All employees can stay updated about the recent developments in the projects or the organization as the whole and schedule their daily tasks accordingly. It also facilitates collaborative engagements for faster outputs. Everything inside your organization will be put in a streamlined hierarchy and function with utmost proficiency. This, in turn, will help you deliver quality services and build a loyal customer base.

 Simple setup and robust integrations go a long way

While looking for a workflow software for your organization, understand that ordinary employees will be using it for their day-to-day tasks, and many of them may not be exceptionally tech-savvy. So, the software shouldn’t be too complicated. A simple setup with an intuitive interface is easy to adapt and get accustomed to without having to turn to the IT technicians, every now and then. For small and medium organizations, cloud solutions that do not require any complex installations save both time and money. It will also be beneficial if you opt for one that comes with a no-code process builder and drag-and-drop form builder. For boosting productivity, the software must have integration capability to support other systems in your organization, such as connecting with your CRM or email marketing tool. Choose a solution that scales with your organizational growth and doesn’t restrict you from achieving new heights of success.