Auth0 is a security software that helps in identity management. It supports multiple platforms and can be implemented in five minutes. The administrator can control user credentials along with deleting or blocking accounts. Authentication is performed either through social media accounts or passwordless (email or phone number as a password). It protects against multiple attacks like DDoS, unvalidated access, and unauthorized data decryption.

Top Auth0 Alternatives
  • Duo
  • Google Authenticator
  • Yubico
  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Authy
  • IBM Security Access Manager
  • PingID

Top Auth0 Alternatives and Overview



Duo is a security platform that enables administrators and software developers to enhance the protection of their platforms.


Google Authenticator

By: Google
Based on 125 Votes


This platform provides a variety of security keys and modules that further enhances the protection of your systems and accounts and reduces the chance for system takeovers.

By: Yubico
Based on 14 Votes

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

By: Microsoft
Based on 18 Votes


Authy is an identity management system that enables two-factor authentication services for the websites and apps that you use.

By: Twilio
Based on 36 Votes

IBM Security Access Manager

Based on 6 Votes


It is a platform enabling developers to integrate multi-factor authorization technologies in their applications with...

By: Ping Identity
Based on 4 Votes

Auth0 Review and Overview

Humans are unique through their identity. We pride ourselves on being the most intelligent beings that can recognize, identify, and separate one individual from another based on various factors not limited to looks or scent. So what happens if our identity, the thing that defines us, is stolen? There won’t be a meaning to anything in the human world. No name, no ancestry, no assets, and no acceptance. Identity theft doesn’t have to be so complicated as stealing your documents and imitating you. It could be as easy as having unauthorized access to your accounts and invading your privacy. In today’s digital world, where everything is online, identity should be protected equivalent to diamonds.

Developer’s Best Friend

Auth0 is a security software that is extremely easy to implement. It is highly versatile and can be enforced on various platforms like iOS, Android, java, python, etc, in just five minutes. The implementation is assisted by more than thirty SDK and Quickstarts. It saves thousands in time, money, and effort. Auth0 is in use by numerous well-established companies such as The Economist, Mazda, Arduino, Atlassian, and Siemens.

Simple and Secure

Auth0 provides a common login system for all users that links to their various social accounts for further verification. A single sign-on through the aforementioned social account, and multi-factor authentication that verifies all the devices of the user. It is flexible and works both on apps and browsers. Auth0 makes validation extremely simple by providing a passwordless configuration where the email or phone number acts as the password.  Additionally, the uncomplicated user interface allows administrators to store, modify, and reset credentials along with blocking or deleting users when necessary.

Extreme Defense

Even with every careful security measure in place, breaches and unauthorized accesses are inevitable. Auth0 strengthens its block by either notifying the user in case of a block or restricting access to the app until identity is verified.  It has proven to be every hacker’s nightmare- the ultimate defense protects against DDoS attacks, unauthorized data decryption, unvalidated access, and many more. Identity is now a lot secure than it ever has been.