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AuthorityLabs allows users to track search engines ranking for their keywords on daily basis. The tool shows accurate and reliable keyword ranks and performance insights automatically. It can also track local rankings as well as ranks for “Not Provided” keywords. Automatic rank tracking saves you from the hectic task of manual rank checking and saves a lot of time that can be used to take actions based on search results.

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Top AuthorityLabs Alternatives and Overview



RankWatch online marketing software gives a complete analysis of user website along with current search engine rankings of all target keywords.

By: RankWatch , Inc. From India
Based on 10 Votes

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a powerful SEO tool mainly used for tracking the ranks of websites and keywords.

By: Rank Ranger, LLC From USA
Based on 5 Votes


SERPs rank tracking software has been designed for daily rank tracking and analytics of websites.

By: SERPs, Inc. From USA

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics (formerly MySEOTool) is an all-in-one marketing platform designed for SEO agencies and consultants.

By: Agency Analytics From ON


AccuRanker is another keyword tracking platform which doesn’t just track keywords for search engine rankings but also track other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

By: RocketMill From UK
Based on 18 Votes


Serpfox automatically tracks and updates the rankings of all keywords of customers’ websites on regular basis.

By: Serpfox


Allows you to organize all projects in one place for easier access...

By: Topvisor Co., Ltd.
Based on 1 Vote

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker makes sure that the rankings are accurate and updated regularly so...

By: Pro Rank Tracker From Israel

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker dashboard allows users to keep track of many things such as, daily website...

By: RankTracker From UK
Based on 1 Vote


The software automatically updates keyword ranking results every day so that users can see the...

By: From USA

SEO Rank Monitor

It is a fast, reliable and accurate rank checking tool that comes packed with several...

By: From Netherlands
Based on 3 Votes


Find out which website is moving up or down for which keyword and identify the...

Based on 2 Votes


Accuracy, speed and simplicity are some of the strongest aspects of this software that ensure...

By: Kundi d.o.o From Slovenia
Based on 12 Votes


RankSonic allows users to track hundreds or thousands of keywords and phrases daily and gives...



The software allows users to track the ranks of hundreds of keywords instantly in local...

By: Rankinity
Based on 1 Vote

AuthorityLabs Review and Overview

Data is currency. And to be able to keep track of money is the job of a good bank. Authority Labs does that for its customers, with efficiency and efficacy. Data about what is more important for your business and monitoring those factors for you is called SEO tracking and Authority Labs has proven to have expertise in this area. This software tracks your rank based on search engine optimization and shows you a daily report of where your website stands.

Authority labs provide multiple solutions for Internet marketers including the SEO tracking domain- Daily data, local results, mobile-specific results, and global tracking. This software will also help you by telling you what to modify on your website for its rank to increase. A feature unique to this software is that it also tells you the keywords that have been searched for by internet users but you have not given the search engine those keywords- ‘not provided’ keywords.

The name Authoritylabs itself unveils that any service is offered only after undergoing thorough experiments in their labs. SEO practicing and modification is required for anyone who plans to flourish online. Authoritylabs provides you with hassle-free SEO rank tracking, that’s a must to enhance & monitor your online presence.

About SEO optimization & tracking you online

Irrespective of the optimization level, ranking of a certain page generally shows flimsy improvements, creating a sense of desperation within an individual or firm. To tackle with this, Authoritylabs traces your rank online and always gets you with vital ‘not provided keywords’ which rarely anyone cares about. Here, customers get their location-specific cum global rankings that makes them aware of their ‘online visibility. Keywords that may enhance the ranking are suggested and necessary changes can be made accordingly. Changes are happening each moment, but altering those changes in customer’s favor after monitoring is one of the priorities at Authoritylabs. 

How to use

With a user friendly and easy to read dashboard, you may get-in, through different logins to report at the same place which makes it real handy for the users. When you login, you’re provided with a systematic report of your website and ranking variations, on a daily basis. To start with, one can anytime take a free trial, available for 30 days, which familiarizes you with the policies and services Authoritylabs offers. This is all, you need not do anything intricate, just see the results in terms of traffic on google (or other browsers), top keyword opportunities and optimize your page correspondingly. You can go through the live demo and book your slot, in case of genuine doubt. The results are readily accessible on Mobile as well as on Desktop version.

Various tools & features

Variety of free tools made available to understand both about, Google & one’s competitor, it’s a necessity as to sustain in any market, the need of understanding different players is above all. One may navigate the way for discovering these tools by selecting the resources icon on the top panel.

Data services

Authority Labs provides its customers with two APIs- SEO API and Reputation

API. Both APIs are provided by The SEO API gives you a comprehensive set of daily SERP data points and provides access to every feature required to measure the SEO’s performance accurately.

The Reputation API gives listings data, i.e., name, phone numbers, address, etc. It also inculcates performance benchmarking, sentiment analysis of brands and products, business development opportunities and much more as a part of the API which makes it a holistic experience and gives coherent results.

Rank Tracker

This one-of-a-kind software tracks the exact location of your website and its page rank in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This ranking is done on a daily basis which thereby updates reports so you know where your site stands in the screens of potential customers. Additionally, the software recovers the ‘not provided’ organic keywords. All you have to do is type in the domains, keywords and locations to be tracked and sit back while the software provides mobile, local and global rank tracking. To gain a competitive advantage, you can also track your rival's domains.


Authority Labs provides a free 30-day trial for everyone without asking you to enter your credit card details. It propagates a trust-based relationship with its customers, allowing them risk-free subscription where they can downgrade, upgrade or cancel their plan anytime. The pricing of their plans is also affordable and value for money. The most comforting idea is to not have to give your credit card details beforehand. They also say – “No Contract. No credit card. We’ll earn your trust!”, which is an excellent way to establish business with prospective clients.


What makes Authority Labs stand out is that they are offering free SEO tools to their users. This is a generous and a novel idea. From backlink checkers to keyword rank checker, they are providing all the tools without any cost and encourage you to try them out and streamline your SEO. Along with free tools, they also provide a seven-part guide for users to understand the workings of their SEO better and also understand their competitors better.

Free Tools and Resources

The website offers tools such as Backlink Checker, Keyword Grouper, Data Services Tester, Website Crawler and Keyword Rank Checker, which are free to use. Each tool is presented with an explanation of its usage, caveats, and tips.

Free Trial and Demo

If apprehensive, you can call for a live demo or simply fill in your details for a free 30-day trial. All the features are available and no obligations or a requirement of credit card details are attached to this trial.

Ending Note

Authority Labs is a relatively new SEO software and that is what strengthens its effectiveness more. The array of features is carefully curated for the best results and with its pricing plans, potential customers can gain an enormous boost in their business.

Company Information

Company Name: AuthorityLabs, LLC

Company Address: 260 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ, USA

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

Core Features
  • 5000 Maximum Keywords
  • unlimited Domains
  • Tracking Local Ranking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Daily Updates
  • Unlimited Users
  • White-label Reports
  • API Access
  • Geolocation-based Tracking
  • Tracking Competitors
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Organizing Keywords
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Exporting Reports
  • Graph Rankings
  • Multiple Users Access