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Rank tracking tools that run on server usually trigger issues such as server loads and costs, proxy battles, and stressful server maintenance. Therefore, it will be more efficient to have a Web-based tool that can easily track countless sites at once without breaking the bank. This is exactly why you would consider Authority Labs, a scalable and Web-based SEO monitoring tool designed to track all keywords for multiple domains and across Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Being web-based, the tool is handy for SEO professionals who are on the move quite often. It is flexible enough to meet any SEO requirement through its plans that are appealing to even small-scale entrepreneurs. Regardless of the number of sites and keywords to track, Authority Labs’ architecture is such that you can expect a suitable solution quickly and affordably. All you have to do is enter your domains and keywords and the rest is taken care of, precisely.


Three plans are on offer namely, PLUS for small businesses, PRO for SEO professionals, and ENTERPRISE for SEO agencies, each differing terms of keywords and domains supported, features, and price. In common, all plans offer local tracking, daily updates, support for unlimited users, and reports. Along with these features, the PRO plan features white label ability, while the ENTERPRISE plan comes with white label and interface API features.


Setting up several sites is super easy. You only need to enter the site and domain name and the rest happens automatically, which means no need to rewrite the URL frequently as you do with a few SEO trackers. You can also easily track thousands of keywords, as the tool updates the information daily from the three search engines.

With recent upgrades, you can simply import your keywords once and share them across domains. All credit goes to the tool’s sync function that replicates keywords across domains, saving a lot of time in tracking the same keywords’ rankings across domains.

Univeral and Local Tracking

Authority Labs tracks keywords daily and do so from the perspective of a first-time visitor. It can even mention the locale of search initiation in case you wish to know local rankings. This is truly commendable!

Domain Grouping and Competition Analysis

The tool allows grouping your domains, which means you can make categories of similar sites. When you combine this functionality with the tool’s ability to analyze the competitors’ sites, the result is matchless. For example, if you add six competitors for tracking the same keywords in one group, you can monitor each keyword across all sites but the tool considers the entire set of keywords as one through its sync function. This is cool! You can even track sites across various countries through domain groups.

White Label

If you are doing SEO, Authority Labs allows establishing a white label version for branding. For clients, you can create such a versioned system for branding with your firm. You can run it from your own URL so that it appears as your system when a client accesses it.

Custom Reports

On a daily basis, you can view the average rank for all keywords in a particular search engine, along with the corresponding change from the preceding day as well as a graph showing the 30-day trend. For far-reaching analysis, you can choose keywords and view more detailed charts and data, including keyword comparisons. You can export the reports in .CSV format for different time ranges such as daily and monthly.


Choose Authority Labs if you are looking for a simple tracking solution that ensures accuracy with affordability.

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