Browser Sandbox

Browser Sandbox

By: Turbo, Inc.

Browser Sandbox is a toolbox of browsers where you can run any supported browser online without needing to install it. The program is specifically useful for developers looking to test their websites and applications for compatibility across a number of browsers. Browser Sandbox supports all the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, and other popular mobile and desktop browsers. It can open any website in any browser in real-time.

From: USA
Top Browser Sandbox Alternatives
  • BrowserStack
  • Browserling
  • Blisk
  • Browsershots
  • LT Browser
  • Ghostlab
  • Browsera
  • TestingBot
  • MultiBrowser
  • BrowseEmAll
  • Sauce Labs Browser Testing
  • Testize
  • Equafy
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Top Browser Sandbox Alternatives and Overview



BrowserStack is a cross browser testing tool that lets you test your application or website for compatibility on several real browsers at once.

By: BrowserStack Inc. From India
Based on 12 Votes


Browserling is an online live cross-browser testing tool that lets you test any web URL across a number of Operating Systems, browsers, and devices.

By: Browserling Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


Blisk is a complete browser program that allows developers to test their websites on a number of devices, emulators, mobiles, browsers, and more.

By: SyncUI OÜ From Estonia
Based on 9 Votes


Browsershots tool is used to check browser compatibility for any website or application.


LT Browser

LT browser is a website view debugging platform that allows the developers to test the website views and make changes.

By: LambdaTest Inc From USA
Based on 19 Votes


Ghostlab is a synchronized web testing and debugging tool by Vanamco.

By: Vanamco AG From Switzerland
Based on 1 Vote


The tool can also report any scripting error in your code or on the website...

By: Browsera, LLC From USA


The tool supports both automated and manual testing with access to hundreds of browsers in...

By: TestingBot From Belgium
Based on 1 Vote


It offers testing on real web browsers, devices, mobile browser simulators, emulators, and developer tools...

By: TWD Solutions Pte. Ltd. From Singapore


It runs a number of tests and offers relevant screenshots, side-by-side comparison and code analytics...

By: Position Fixed UG From Germany
Based on 1 Vote

Sauce Labs Browser Testing

The program allows developers to cross test their applications across a number of real browsers...

By: Sauce Labs, Inc. From USA

The tool tests your applications on real devices, OS and browsers that are commonly used...

By:, LLC From USA


It allows you to test your website for compatibility, structure, and performance, check reported issues...

By:, Pty Ltd From Australia


It supports both automatic and Selenium testing where you can either scan your site to...

By: Equafy SaaS From Bulgaria

Browser Sandbox Review and Overview

Testing browser compatibility for software and web-apps is a challenging task for any developer especially when it comes to various versions supporting different features. Now waiting for different versions of the browser to be installed on a computer is a big mess and too time-consuming. But the Browser Sandbox is one of the most effective ways to handle such a situation. Here you can run Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many other browsers on your computer or tablet.

Version Choices

The browser sandbox by supports a huge collection of web browsers and the different number of versions of each of them. It supports the versions including the latest ones to older ones. Enabling the developer to check the compatibility and performance of their websites on all the possible versions available with their target audience and hence can make version-specific changes to optimize their code and layouts. Hence is a great help for any UI-UX designer or Front-End developer.

Device Adaptability

All the features browsers and their versions can be tested independently on various devices whether pcs, laptops or tablets where Sandbox is compatible and helps with the wide range of browser usage. Thus, the device used by the developer is not a barrier for him as he knows the performance of code on the most probable browser on his client.

High-Edge Performance

The experience of working with the Sandbox browser is as good as working on the actual browser with all the functionalities. It is lightweight and highly efficient and the memory space is managed very efficiently by the strong architecture it has to offer. The high quality of sandbox has been tested on its usage for creating online IDEs, SQL servers, and other applications on data Science.

Company Information

Company Name: Turbo, Inc.

Company Address: 568 1st Ave S 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA, USA

Founded in: 2006