LT Browser

LT Browser

By: LambdaTest Inc

LT browser is a website view debugging platform that allows the developers to test the website views and make changes. With LT browser, one can test the website view on multiple screen sizes, especially mobile view resolutions. It provides scope for developing, testing and debugging website responsiveness on the go.

From: USA
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  • BrowserStack
  • Browserling
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Top LT Browser Alternatives and Overview



BrowserStack is a cross browser testing tool that lets you test your application or website for compatibility on several real browsers at once.

By: BrowserStack Inc. From India
Based on 12 Votes


Browserling is an online live cross-browser testing tool that lets you test any web URL across a number of Operating Systems, browsers, and devices.

By: Browserling Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


Blisk is a complete browser program that allows developers to test their websites on a number of devices, emulators, mobiles, browsers, and more.

By: SyncUI OÜ From Estonia
Based on 9 Votes


Browsershots tool is used to check browser compatibility for any website or application.



Ghostlab is a synchronized web testing and debugging tool by Vanamco.

By: Vanamco AG From Switzerland
Based on 1 Vote


Browsera is an automated cross browser compatibility testing service that tests the layout, functioning, and performance of a website across several browsers.

By: Browsera, LLC From USA

Browser Sandbox

The program is specifically useful for developers looking to test their websites and applications for...

By: Turbo, Inc. From USA


The tool supports both automated and manual testing with access to hundreds of browsers in...

By: TestingBot From Belgium
Based on 1 Vote


It offers testing on real web browsers, devices, mobile browser simulators, emulators, and developer tools...

By: TWD Solutions Pte. Ltd. From Singapore


It runs a number of tests and offers relevant screenshots, side-by-side comparison and code analytics...

By: Position Fixed UG From Germany
Based on 1 Vote

Sauce Labs Browser Testing

The program allows developers to cross test their applications across a number of real browsers...

By: Sauce Labs, Inc. From USA

The tool tests your applications on real devices, OS and browsers that are commonly used...

By:, LLC From USA


It allows you to test your website for compatibility, structure, and performance, check reported issues...

By:, Pty Ltd From Australia


It supports both automatic and Selenium testing where you can either scan your site to...

By: Equafy SaaS From Bulgaria

LT Browser Review and Overview

Although laptops and desktops are also used for casual browsing, mobile phones have made it easy to surf the internet regardless of time and location. As per many studies, the first organic listing on a mobile phone has a ten per cent higher chance of being clicked than an organic listing on a desktop or laptop. The extensive use of mobiles has led people to discover much more new brands, companies or products than they would ever have done on a laptop. Hence, any online business willing to succeed must optimize their websites well for mobile view, and LT Browser helps developers do just that.

Testing viewports for various devices

One of the key services of LT Browser is to assist the developers in testing the view on various viewports.  While LT Browser emphasizes mobile view testing, it also offers various other viewports. For instance, one can test the design on tablet screens, various laptop viewports and even on various desktop sizes. The developers can check how the website renders in pre-installed viewports of multiple devices.

Cross-browser testing automation

Before deploying a website to production, the website needs to be tested on multiple devices and browsers. However, manual testing on every browser becomes a tedious and time-consuming task. To solve this issue, LT Browser has a service called LambdaTest, which scales the testing on multiple devices and in over two thousand browsers. One can even perform parallel testing on multiple browser versions. Hence, through this service, the test coverage is greatly maximized, using which the developers can optimize the user experience and make it seamless.

Creating custom resolutions

While one can test their websites on various pre-existing mobile viewports, many developers may not find the testing to be all-inclusive. Since mobiles come in various dimensions with multiple resolutions, it can be difficult to pre-define all the possible resolutions. Hence, instead of choosing an existing viewport, developers can also create their own viewports by customizing the resolution. Developers can custom create many mobiles, laptop and desktop devices and simultaneously test their website on all these devices.

Company Information

Company Name: LambdaTest Inc

Company Address: 1390 Market Street, Suite 200 San Francisco CA 94102

Founded in: 2017

Top Features

  • Inbuilt DevTools
  • Mobile Website Test
  • Hot Reloading
  • Lighthouse Reports
  • Bug Logging
  • Network Conditions Testing
  • 50+ Screen Sizes
  • Custom Device Resolution
  • Side by Side View