Browser Testing Services

A browser testing platform or service is a software program that is used to test a website or mobile
application across several web browsers, mobile browsers, devices, and platforms. There are hundreds of browsers out there, and it is usually not feasible for developers to manually install all of them to test a website. Browser testing services offer a platform for developers to test their websites for compatibility across a number of real browsers without actually installing them.

Read here about some of the best browser testing services.


BrowserStack is a cross browser testing tool that lets you test your application or website for compatibility on several real browsers at once.

By: BrowserStack Inc. From India
Based on 12 Votes


Browserling is an online live cross-browser testing tool that lets you test any web URL across a number of Operating Systems, browsers, and devices.

By: Browserling Inc. From USA
Based on 3 Votes


Blisk is a complete browser program that allows developers to test their websites on a number of devices, emulators, mobiles, browsers, and more.

By: SyncUI OÜ From Estonia
Based on 9 Votes


Browsershots tool is used to check browser compatibility for any website or application.


LT Browser

LT browser is a website view debugging platform that allows the developers to test the website views and make changes.

By: LambdaTest Inc From USA
Based on 19 Votes


Ghostlab is a synchronized web testing and debugging tool by Vanamco.

By: Vanamco AG From Switzerland
Based on 1 Vote


Browsera is an automated cross browser compatibility testing service that tests the layout, functioning, and performance of a website across several browsers.

By: Browsera, LLC From USA

Browser Sandbox

Browser Sandbox is a toolbox of browsers where you can run any supported browser online without needing to install it.

By: Turbo, Inc. From USA


TestingBot is an online browser Selenium testing tool that lets you cross-examine your website on different mobile devices, browsers, and OS.

By: TestingBot From Belgium
Based on 1 Vote


MultiBrowser is a complete browser testing tool that allows cross-browser testing of websites for compatibility, responsiveness, layout structure, visibility, and more.

By: TWD Solutions Pte. Ltd. From Singapore


BrowseEmAll is a desktop based browser testing application that can live test any website or application on your local system.

By: Position Fixed UG From Germany
Based on 1 Vote

Sauce Labs Browser Testing

Sauce Labs is an automated cloud based testing service for web and mobile applications.

By: Sauce Labs, Inc. From USA
13 is a cross browser testing platform where you can test a website for compatibility on thousands of browsers and devices, including Android devices, iPhones, mobile phones, Windows, OSX, and more.

By:, LLC From USA


Testize is a visual website testing tool that can be used to test a website across various popular devices, browsers, and operating systems.

By:, Pty Ltd From Australia


Equafy is a web-based cross browser testing platform that allows you to test a website to find visual layout differences across different platforms, browsers and resolutions.

By: Equafy SaaS From Bulgaria