Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR

By: Cezanne HR Limited

Cezanne HR is a powerful and configurable HR management software designed specifically for international organizations, with various features that help your business to achieve more. It features flexible management, smarter pricing, quick setup, constant updates, employee engagement, and more. The pricing is set per employee per month, with core module pricing and optional module pricing.

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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

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Rippling is an HR software for small and medium businesses that helps them in managing employees, recruiting right candidates, and automating payrolls and benefits to everyone in the organization.

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It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work...

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HR Partner

With quality tools, security and other benefits, it truly is the complete HR aid any...

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This human resource management platform provides for external links to unrestricted and fee-based associated features...

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All big things start small...

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It has simplified HR's repetitive tasks and digitized the administration...

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With enough experience to back their ideas, they built Workday, the perfect solution for the...

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Cezanne HR Review and Overview

Cezanne HR is a complete HR software solutions company that efficiently provides SaaS and cloud solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of the HR department. Cezanne HR, chiefly utilized by organizations in the UK, at present, has users from around the world with more than 120 countries using Cezanne for their international markets. Organizations of any size with any HR needs can benefit from Cezanne HR solutions.

Cezanne adopts the sophisticated latest technology to provide an ultimate online solution with frequent upgrades and each upgrade automatically updated to every user's module, as and when it is released. HR teams can now work at ease without depending on IT staff for resolutions and quick fixes. Cezanne HR also eliminates the financial risk factors usually faced with traditional HR methods.

Digitizing and streamlining HR Department

Cezanne aids organizations in digitizing the HR departments completely. The administration overhead costs, that are usually part of any offered third party solution, are eliminated, as Cezanne HR is an online service, and the entire process is digital. Cezanne additionally provides exceptional features, advanced inbuilt reporting options, forms that can be configured and complex workflows designed to gently ease efforts and use less time for the work which otherwise needed more time.

Intuitive design and architecture

The innovative solutions and valuable services adequately provided by Cezanne are intelligently designed in such a way that it is engaging and progressively increases the productivity of the people who work on it. With an executive suite of effective tools and dedicated apps, it helps better communication and networking among the international groups and diverse locations. The tools are scalable to the unique HR needs of institutions of any size or organizational complexity. Cezanne HR employs an open architecture that assists companies in easy integration with any third-party applications, which in turn helps in the smooth & effortless functioning of the specific apps.


Cezanne has a clear and transparent pricing policy and is trusted by many international organizations. Advanced data protection provided by Cezanne helps protect the privacy of sensitive data at all levels of the organization. Their timely support and experienced HR management solutions undoubtedly make them next to none in the industry.

Company Information

Company Name: Cezanne HR Limited

Company Address: 46 Loman Street, London, UK

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

People Management
  • Centralised Recording
  • Streamlined HR Admin
  • Managing Documents
  • Taking Control
  • Training Management
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Sharing News
  • HR Hub Creation
Absence Management
  • Managing Absense
  • Automated Calculating Entitlements
  • Task Simplification
  • Tracking Sick Leaves
  • Streamlined Employee Performance
  • Automated Distribution
  • Custom Form Designing
  • Wider Perspective
  • Complete Performance Viewing
  • Tracking Time
  • Timesheets Creation
  • Easy Sign-offs
  • Reviewing & Approving Timesheets
  • Eliminating Recording Errors
  • Gaining Insights
  • Tracking Applicant
  • Advertising Vacancies
  • Updating Career Pages
  • Social Sharing
  • Screening Applicants
  • Searchable Candidate Pools
  • Multiple Language
  • Improving Pay Data
  • Sharing Compensation Data
  • Recording Benefits & Pensions
  • HR & Payroll Integration
Global HR
  • Multiple Language & Currencies
  • Local Legislative Supported
  • Country-specific Calendars
  • Working TIme Configuration
  • HR Portals & Workspaces
  • Advanced Data Security
  • Country-specific Forms
  • Self Service
  • HR Analytics
  • Org Charts
  • Query & Reporting