Field Nation

Field Nation

By: Field Nation, LLC

Field Nation is an on-demand freelance marketplace that offers high performing freelancers for IT, retail, telecom, management, finance, and any other business industry. As a business, you can post your job requirements on the website and find the right person to work on it. As a freelancer, you can search for your relevant jobs and get paid for the work done. In addition to online freelancers, Field Nation also provides on-site workers.

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Top Field Nation Alternatives and Overview



Fiverr is an online marketplace that works as a common platform for businesses and freelancers to meet, talk and work with each other.

By: Fiverr International Limited From USA
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DesignCrowd is an online community of freelance designers who expertise in logo design, graphic and web design, etc.

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Upwork is a global freelance networking platform that allows people to find top quality freelancers and unlimited freelance jobs online on a single interface.

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Truelancer is an online freelancer hiring service that lets businesses find and hire the best freelancer professionals, consultants for their tasks.

By: Truelancer Internet Pvt. Ltd. From India
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Mechanical Turk

Mturk or Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace by Amazon that provides businesses and professionals easy access to thousands of talented, on-demand freelancers to get any type of work done.

By:, Inc. From USA


If you can find some time to sift through the collection of great designs that you’ll receive (and you should do that given the importance of a great logo) or someone who can do that for you then Designhill is arguably one of the best places to get a new logo..



Businesses that need expert SEO freelancers to promote their online business, websites, or anything else...

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It allows businesses to choose on-demand experts to get specific tasks done...

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Their services include writing articles, Amazon reviews, blog posts, Kindle books, Press releases, eBooks, cover...

By: Bryxen, Inc. From Netherlands
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It is a community of top graphic designers who compete online to provide the best...

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The website provides businesses the opportunity to save money by hiring freelancers only when needed...

By: Xplace LTD From Israel


The website is a home of many talented, industry-validated professionals who work on the jobs...

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They have a wide range of talented freelancers with advanced degrees and years of experience...

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It accepts design jobs in the form of contents where businesses can post their requirements...

By: Think Well Limited From USA


The online marketplace can be used as a platform to find top quality designers to...

By: crowdSPRING, LLC. From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Field Nation Review and Overview

Field Nation is a platform that helps organizations connect and hire technicians for different work orders. Getting the right technicians with the required skillset can prove to be a daunting task if not approached correctly. Organizations can benefit from using technician sourcing platforms like Field Nation. The platform boasts of being the number one source for hiring technicians with over 100,000 technicians hired for 1 million+ work orders around the world. The platform provides an excellent medium for organizations to connect with the best available technicians.

Features on offer

Additionally, before hiring a technician, the recruiters can have a look at the qualifications and reviews of the technician to make a judgment on whether he/she would be the right fit for the work or not. This enables them to reduce employee turnover and develop smooth and stable workflows. The platform also offers recruiters to make a list of their preferred technicians and sort them based on their qualifications and skills. This enables them to assign work orders to the same technician for other projects.

The hiring process

The process of searching for and hiring technicians is simple and straight forward. The recruiters initially need to post work orders and mention all the project-related details with it. Details like the scope of work, offered remuneration and other terms and conditions need to be mentioned with the work order. Based on the work orders, interested technicians willing to work with the aforementioned terms and conditions revert back. Based on the skills and reviews of the interested technicians, the recruiters make their selection.

Workforce management tool

Apart from offering a technician marketplace, Field Nation also offers a workforce management tool. The tool offers a single platform to manage vendors, employees, and independent contractors. The tool helps organizations to organize their workforce into cohorts based on skillsets, location, and work experience. Additionally, the tool aids users in effective project management. It helps organizations analyze the various aspects of projects in real-time and take necessary actions to keep the project on track.

Company Information

Company Name: Field Nation, LLC

Company Address: 901 S. Marquette Avenue 2300, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • On-Demand Freelance Marketplace
  • Business Logo Maker
  • Lower Cost Structure
  • Transcription Services
  • Video/Image Processing
  • Content Writing Services
  • ATM Installation Services
  • Camera Installation Services
  • Business Promotion Tasks
  • Business Data Collection
  • Data Processing Jobs
  • Qualified Kiosk Technicians
  • Audio Editing Services
  • Human Translation Services
  • Telecom Installation Services
  • Data Verification Services
  • Information Gathering Services
  • Instant Cash Transfer
  • Minimum Service Charge
  • Highly Trusted Platform
Product Features
  • Dedicated Customer Support