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GradeLink is a comprehensive school management system that provides features for managing information about students, staff, and syllabus. It offers interfaces for students, parents, and administrative staff with separate login credentials for each of them. It ensures data security by encryption and granular access management.

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Top Gradelink Alternatives
  • Infinite Campus
  • Skyward
  • TeacherEase
  • Parchment
  • OnCourse
  • Veracross
  • IO Classroom
  • PowerSchool SIS
  • SchoolPad
  • onRecord
  • Ellevation Education
  • Spedtrack
  • Alma SIS
  • GradeCam
  • StrongMind
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Top Gradelink Alternatives and Overview


Infinite Campus

By: Infinite Campus
Based on 166 Votes


Skyward is a K-12 school management platform that allows schools to manage their functioning online.

By: Skyward Inc. From USA
Based on 23 Votes


TeacherEase is an end-to-end instructive software that helps educators, teachers, and instructive establishments encourage and improve learning inside and outside the classroom.

By: Common Goal Systems
Based on 20 Votes


Parchment is the most well-known digital credential administration, permitting students, academic foundations, and businesses to ask for, check, and offer certifications in secure and simple manners.

By: Parchment
Based on 14 Votes


By: OnCourse Systems for Education, LLC
Based on 6 Votes


Veracross provides a combined portal for all school-related information and departments.

By: Veracross
Based on 8 Votes

IO Classroom

It allows the government organization or education institutes to improve their monitoring system and provide...

By: IO Education
Based on 4 Votes

PowerSchool SIS

It allows the clients to reduce the load of keeping track of the information...

By: PowerSchool
Based on 8 Votes


The system allows the users to keep all the records in a digital format...

By: SchoolPad Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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By: Blackbaud
Based on 2 Votes

Ellevation Education

By: Ellevation Education
Based on 5 Votes


By: SpedTrack
Based on 2 Votes

Alma SIS

By: Alma
Based on 55 Votes


These assessments can be converted into scannable forms that reduce the need to check and...

By: GradeCam
Based on 3 Votes


By: StrongMind
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Gradelink Review and Overview

This system furnishes all the requirements that school administrators need to complete within a single interface. Features such as grade book management, financial billing, and incidental records are available out of the box. All the data is kept securely in a cloud-based interface while ensuring uninterrupted access any time from both mobile and desktop.

Manage attendance efficiently

GradeLink allows school administrators and teachers to effectively manage students' attendance through a set of advanced features. Teachers can create holiday schedules in advance and can design academic calendars according to them. Customized lists such as students' birthdays, events can also be created in real-time. The system automatically generates per class attendance reports as well as maintains an attendance register for daily tracking and compliance. It allows teachers to create custom reports based on the entire class or a particular student for the preferred duration. The student roster and data can be exported in a variety of formats.

Effective communications

This platform allows administrators to maintain a contact list for all the parents and personal student communication systems so that information can be sent directly to them whenever required. Using SmartSend, email blasts can be sent to the students to deliver information in a mail format as well as provide specific instructions to a particular group. Group sending is available by the SmartSend group builder feature. Prospective students can be sent the student forms and registration materials using the integration features that are provided by GradeLink. The system can also send text-based and voice messages to all the intended recipients.

Other important features

GradeLink provides a host of features that provides additional facilities to the users. The platform enables administrators to customize the interface according to their color theme. It is capable of storing medical records for all students and staff as well as keeping track of their insurance information.  Staff management features are also available within the same interface, and administrators can assign credentials and employment statuses to all relevant entries in the database. Smart systems can keep track of lesson plans and coverages so that the curriculum proceeds on time.

Company Information

Company Name: Gradelink

Founded in: 2001