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Udacity provides free online courses for anyone who seeks to nourish their technical skills or want to learn a job oriented course. Various courses offered by Udacity include front-end web development, tech entrepreneurship, android development, data analyst, introduction to programming, and many more. Through its Nanodegree program, Udacity prepares industry-ready talent by providing career-focused technical learning courses and classes by the best instructors and experts.

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Top Udacity Alternatives
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Treehouse
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Codecademy
  • FutureLearn
  • Mindvalley
  • 360training
  • Khan Academy
  • Curious
  • VTC
  • StraighterLine
  • Bloc
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Top Udacity Alternatives and Overview



Skillshare is an online learning website enriched with thousands of online courses and classes in business, design, photography, music, technology, writing, and much more.

By: Skillshare, Inc. From USA
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Udemy is a very popular online learning platform that provides free and paid learning courses in software programming, yoga, photography, and much more.

By: Udemy, Inc. From USA
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Tree House is an online learning platform designed specifically for tech learners, who either want to start in the tech industry or want to improve their existing skills.

By: Treehouse Island, Inc. From USA
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Coursera, in partnership to world’s leading Universities and educational organization, provides online access to several approved courses and education material.

By: Coursera Inc. From USA
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edX provides online education through great online courses from the world’s leading universities.

By: edX Inc. From USA
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Codecademy is an online education platform for anyone who wants to learn to code.

By: Ryzac, Inc. From USA
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With a rich database of hundreds of free online courses, FutureLearn makes it easier for...

By: FutureLearn Limited From UK
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Most of the courses are provided by the veterans in the relevant field...

By: Mindvalley Academy


These technical and business courses are ideal for companies who want to train their employees...

By: 360training.com, Inc.


It provides a common platform for teachers and institutions, who want to share their knowledge...

By: Instructure, Inc. From USA
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Khan Academy

Most of these courses are designed for school based or junior college based education...

By: Khan Academy, Inc. From USA
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The platform is ideal for anyone, who wants to learn and grow their skills...

By: Curious.com, Inc. From USA


VTC courses can be accessed online or through USB or can be downloaded to use...

By: Virtual Training Company, Inc. From USA


It offers many professional low-cost college courses and degrees accredited by leading colleges and universities...

By: StraighterLine, Inc. From USA


It is also a perfect solution for developers and web designers, who want to improve...

By: Bloc, Inc. From USA
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Udacity Review and Overview

People can now learn tons of new courses sitting from faraway places. Most of these courses can also be distributed in the form of certificate degrees or even full-fledged graduate degrees. Among such online learning centers, Udacity is one of the leading sites that offer amazing courses and degrees. Started since 2011, they have offered many IT and computer programming courses and degrees, via Stanford University. Since then, they even offer a complete master’s degree. It has over 11 million users as of now.

Udacity Courses and Learning Tools

Udacity offers sleek courses just like any other Massive Open Online Courses. The e-platform in Udacity is very simple to learn and use. The primary interface of the Udacity site is clean and informative. Learners can get access to all the important links from the bottom footer section of the site. From there, you can see the list of all the courses that Udacity can offer. Udacity also has a special page of clearing doubts about any special degree.

When it comes to the course list that Udacity offers, we can access multiple IT and programming courses on it. They include featured programs on product management, AI for business leaders, machine learning courses, and many more. Users can also get access to designer other courses of UX, Java, etc. Apart from this, Udacity has tons of courses in data management and data engineering, like data analytics, business analytics, data visualization, and many more. Programming language courses like Python, C++, Java, machine learning, etc. are present too.

There are some special courses on AI, deep learning, digital marketing, and many such tech related engineering fields. They have assigned a total of six schools to their online University. These schools are for AI, Autonomous Systems, Business, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Programming. The cost of the courses is region-dependent too. Overall, Udacity has tons of free courses too.

In the paid courses, they offer university credit courses, Nano degrees, and course formats. The enrollment process is online, along with the fee payment. Leaners are issued the certificates as per the undertaken program. Overall, Udacity offers more than 200 free courses with an excellent learning experience and quality content.

Company Information

Company Name: Udacity, Inc.

Company Address: 2465 Latham St, Mountain View, CA, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Corporate Learning Programs
  • Cutting-edge Programs
  • Trending Learning Topics
  • Transformational Digital Courses
  • Wide Course Catalogue
  • Innovative Learning Approach
  • Sample Lesson Plans
  • Intriguing Video Content
  • Industry Expert Designed
  • Online Learning Programs
  • Specialized Training
  • Personalized Course Content
  • Live Project Experience
  • Community Discussion Forums
  • Virtual Interactive Classrooms
  • Constructive Expert Feedback
  • Prompt Feedback Mechanism
  • Proactive Learning
  • Live Case Studies
  • Nanodegree Course Programs
  • Varied Career Path
  • Enterprise Aligned Goals.
  • Free Topic Resources
  • Easy Curriculum Finder
  • FAQs
  • Student Centre
  • Blog Articles
  • Talent Hiring
  • Skilled Candidate Profiles.