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Pluralsight is an online tech & creative learning platform for individuals, schools and businesses. Online training is provided by industry experts for many in-demand technical skills including, software development, ASP.NET, JavaScript, C++, 3D and much more. In addition to professional training from subject experts, Pluralsight also offers real-time learning through discussions, practice exercises, course certificate and transcript, assessment, and the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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  • Springboard
  • QA
  • New Horizons
  • FastLane
  • CBTNuggets
  • Testout
  • Skillsoft
  • Infosec
  • Global Knowledge
  • Firebrand
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy
  • Stormwind
  • GP Strategies
  • Fred Pryor Seminars
  • GreyCampus
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Top Pluralsight Alternatives and Overview



Springboard offer a varity of courses mostly in technology arena...

By: SlideRule Labs, Inc.


QA limited offers IT training courses to various organizations from all over the world.

By: QA Limited From UK

New Horizons

New Horizons is one among the largest IT training institutions in the world with worldwide locations.

By: New Horizons Worldwide, Inc. From USA


Fastlane allows people to turn their career objectives into reality through its IT certification course which can advance people’s knowledge for making them stand out in their field.

By: Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services, Inc From USA
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With CBTNuggets, businesses can expand their employees’ existing skill set or get started in Information Technology with its online training videos on tech topics.

By: CBT Nuggets, LLC From USA


Testout offers a realistic IT certification & training for students for getting certified with the best educator tools and best curriculum.

By: TestOut Corporation® From USA


It offers various business solutions, including leadership development, IT certification and training, compliance and risk...

By: Skillsoft Limited From USA
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It has been training various government agencies and tech companies on information technology related courses...

By: InfoSec Institute, Inc. From USA

Global Knowledge

It lets people to advance professionally, acquire new skills and change the way they work...

By: Global Knowledge Training LLC From USA


It does need students to study huge amounts of information, but it guarantees they will...

By: Firebrand Training Ltd. From UK

Microsoft Virtual Academy

It lets business to allow their teams to get real-world training provided by world-class experts...

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA


Stormwind offers live, HD quality training experience through e-learning...

By: Stormwind, LLC From USA

GP Strategies

It offers assessment and analysis of existing programs for companies...

By: GP Strategies Corporation From USA

Fred Pryor Seminars

It has been changing the leaning method by helping businesses to solve great challenges and...

By: PARK University Enterprises, Inc. From USA


The main categories are Project management, service management, quality management, big data, workplace tools, programming...

By: GreyCampus, INC From USA

Pluralsight Review and Overview

Pluralsight is a widespread name when online learning is talked of. Designed to offer intensive courses for IT, admin, software development, and creative professionals, it is duly recognized by many organizations. Founded in 2004, Pluralsight started as a dedicated tutor provider for various courses, which shifted to online courses in 2007. It has been helping organizations like ADP, Cerner, Adobe, Nasdaq, etc. with their courses. It has over 1500+ experts, over 17k+ business accounts, and is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Pluralsight Skills

Pluralsight Skills is their product for learning important skills in various courses. Using this, they claim to provide a more reliable and scale learning approach. It also helps in speeding up learning and improving efficiency. It has three plans at $19 monthly, $159 yearly, and a premium plan at $239. The personal monthly and annual plans offer all the core learning and assessment features, whereas the premium plan has extra tests, projects, and interactive courses. Overall, it has dedicated learning for individuals, software devs, IT Ops, and Security teams.

Pluralsight Flow

This is more of an organizational product that aims to improve the productivity in software engineering. It aids the organization with metric data that eventually lead to making optimized future decisions and changes in the coding and procedure itself. Using this, Pluralsight claims that there is a 21% rise in coding days, a 25% rise in commitments, and a 20% impact increase to the coder base.

Pluralsight Flow is designed for managers, engineers, product leaders, and executives too. In all of them, it offers features in coding like count lines of codes, refactoring legacy code, time spent in these codes, and project bottlenecks. It offers risk commitment and code churning too. It also helps in various reviews and triggers for unwanted reviews, dynamic team reviews, pattern reviews, etc. The enhanced collaborative feature improves productivity. It also uses skill improvement and connecting via Skill IQ.

Overall, Pluralsight truly offers unique courses and teaching methods. It has quite a fair pricing and is taught by many experienced tutors. Pluralsight is, therefore, quite reliable for learning various courses in software development, IT Ops, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and many such tools.

Company Information

Company Name: Pluralsight LLC

Company Address: 182 North Union Avenue Suite 200, Farmington, UT, USA

Founded in: 2004

Top Features

  • Qualified Learning Paths
  • Free 60-day Course Access
  • Expert Designed Course Content
  • Wide Choice Of Courses
  • Trending Technology Skills
  • Comprehensive Employee Upskilling
  • Free Skill Assessment
  • Gauge Current Level
  • Tailored Course Modules
  • Intelligence-based Skill Recommendations
  • Complete Skill Gap Analysis
  • Customized Content
  • Blended Learning Mode
  • Mobility Support
  • Seamless Data Export
  • Continuous Learning
  • Progress Measurement.
  • Enterprise And Professional Plans
  • User-based Pricing
  • Annual Subscription Plans
  • Advanced Analytics Data
  • Guidance Sessions
  • Analysing Learner Trends
  • Analysing Learning Usage
  • Practice Tests And Certifications
  • Multiple Learning Path Choices